Want to be the First to Read the Brand New Addition to Endgame?


As I wrote in this post (yes, I concede that my time estimates might have been a little off target), I’ve been wanting to update Endgame for a while.

Well, that ‘while’ is almost here.

After months of fine tuning, tweaking, editing, and revising, the new Endgame Addendum is almost ready for it’s public release.

But before I launch this into the stratosphere, we need to make sure that it not only makes sense to the coaches and Attraction Institute graduates who have been lucky enough to read it.

We need to make sure that not only do regular guys ‘get’ it, but also that they can use it to make a difference to their lives.

This means that I need 5 regular guys, just like you, to go through it and see if you’re able to use it to start making changes to their lives.

So, here’s the deal:

The first 5 guys to post their email address and their Endgame purchase receipt number in the comments below will get an advance copy of the Endgame Addendum to sink their teeth into.

In return, you’ll be expected to provide feedback on the basics (spelling and grammar (we both know I’m terrible with those)) but also on usefulness of the new concepts, structures, and tools in there within the next 7 days.

Yes, this is only open to guys who’ve purchased Endgame in the past.

The new chapter builds on everything in Endgame and so sending it out to guys who haven’t read it is a waste of time.

And no, if you’ve borrowed it off a friend then you’re not eligible.

So, if that deal sounds good to you then get your details in the comments below and I’ll send your copies to you.

EDIT: TOO LATE!! All the spots are taken. If you want to read it, you’ll just have to wait till it comes out in a few weeks.




P.S. If you’ve already purchased Endgame and are wondering if you’re you’ll have to buy a new copy to see this, you can stop worrying. I’ll be sending this out to all previous purchasers of Endgame as soon as it’s released. This is a product you’ve purchased with a 14,000 word addition, not a new product.

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17 Responses

  1. Leigh (LoGun)

    Wow. You guys got in fast. 2 spots left.

    I’ll email it out when I get the last two guys on board.

    Zach – you’re fine mate. I know you’re in the system.

    • Zach

      thanks man, hope you’re doing well.

      just a quick update on me, making leaps and bounds in my life since I left AI. massive comfort zone pushing, growing etc. Good stuff. Looking forward to reading the new addendum on one of my favorite books.

  2. julio

    I cant buy it from my country. And a friend of mine that came from the u.s. lend me his copy and i read the book. I would love to read this and even translate it to spanish and cooperate with you. The book helped me so much. Please give me a chance to do this! Thanks a lot for everything Leigh!

  3. Damian Wilson

    Hey mate, its Damian,
    And my order date was 17/07/12
    And my order number was 1403, for Get Real

  4. Mario

    Yeah I’d love to give it a go. Ps I can’t find my Engame receipt, but I got it via Lulu ages ago(2 years?). I’ll have another look for it, It’s surely in my inbox somewhere.

  5. Leigh (LoGun)

    Alright, copies have been sent out. Thanks to all the guys who volunteered.

    Check your inboxes and let me know if you don’t get it.

    Enjoy! 🙂

  6. Joe Gaebel

    I bought it from another site and can provide any further information you need, My shipment date was 2013-02-22T18:20:43
    Just adding more info to my comment above ^

  7. Roy

    Looks like i’m a little too late. can’t wait for the new insights. hope my purchase of endgame is in the AI system.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Sorry mate, too late. They’ve been sent out and I’m already starting to get them back in again.

      You’ll have to hang on till it’s officially released.


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