Want to Test Drive the NEW Seduction Community Sucks?

I’ve just finished rewriting the new version (v3) of Seduction Community Sucks.

The concepts in the front half of the book are essentially the same but the back end has been filled out with 60% more concepts, ideas, and tips.

And to make sure it’s all up to scratch, in terms of spelling, grammer, and theoretically, it’s needs to be proof read.

Whilst I could get a professional to do it, they won’t know what AI really stands for or have any idea of the theory so it didn’t seem to make sense.

What did make sense was getting someone who knows the ideas and concepts and actually has real challenges in their life to overcome that the book addresses.

Someone like you, for example. 

So, I’m putting out a call.

If you dig what we’re about at AI and want to help make this new version of Seduction Community Sucks as powerful as possible…

…then send an email through to mailbag@attractioninstitute.org and let me know.

I’ll hit you back with the beta version of the new Seduction Community Sucks for you to play around with.

All you’ll be required to do is read through it, make note of any grammer and spelling errors, and then tell me what you think about the structure of the theory.

Oh, and in return, I’ll do a big conference call with all the guys who help out and we can talk through all the challenges you’re facing and what to do about them.

So, if you’re keen, hit me up at: mailbag@attractioninstitute.org 

Talk soon,





P.S. This is pretty exciting. This is the last piece in the puzzle before the new website is launched. Once this is done, it’s all cylinders GO!


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2 Responses

  1. Leigh (LoGun)

    Thanks to everyone who’s emailed in. I’ve got about 10 guys proofing it now and that’s all I’ll need.

    I’ll have this up and running asap and let you guys know when it’s ready.


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