What A Woman Really Wants (right from her mouth).

I know the pain that can go with getting out there, meeting new people, and not getting the success you want.

It can be rough.

Be I have to share something with you that will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m very lucky to have many incredibly beautiful women in my life.

This morning, I got to spend it with one of the most beautiful. She’s an incredible woman by all standards. If you saw her in a club, you’d probably wet yourself.

I know because I did. Just a little (It’s actually a funny story about how we met but I might save that for another time).

She’s stunningly beautiful. I’m not into blondes, but she’s got that classic northern European ‘blonde hair, blue eyes, great… Umm… Personalities’ thing going on.

Simply stunning.

She’s strong, bubbly, and has a radiant personality. She could have just about any Man she’s ever wanted. And you know what? She’s single.

And has been for over a year.

Did you hear that? A YEAR.

Sure, a bit of this has to do with the fact that she’s only 20 and loves to go out partying. But the majority of it is because she simply hasn’t met Man who’s worth settling for.

As we were chilling out over our breakfast this morning, she told me that if she met a Man who was so strong, so powerful..

So directed and passionate that she knew he was a one of a kind, then she’d give it all up and settle down, right now.

But she hasn’t. And so she keeps going out, every weekend, in search of this illusive ‘Man’.

The reason I’m telling you this is twofold.

Firstly, it’s to let you know that there’s still some amazing women out there in the world who are looking for the Man of their dreams.

They still want to find that incredible guy to create an incredible relationship with.

And secondly, it’s that she wants the same thing you do.

She wants you to be powerful, she wants you to have ambitions, she wants you to realise your potential, and she wants to come along for the ride.

She wants you to take her on the adventure that you choose your life to be.

She wants you to be the greatest you could ever possibly be, and then she wants to be swept away by courage, determination, and strength.

She wants you to be great. And then she wants to be allowed to be part of that greatness too.

So live your life, be powerful, be amazing, fill it with all the joy and wonder you’ve ever wanted, and give her the gift of being part of your journey.


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