5 Pointless Trade-Off’s You Don’t Know You’re Making

Every decision you make in your life is a trade-off between two (or more) possible outcomes.

You can’t be in Rome and in Paris at the same time.

You can’t spend your cash and expect your bank account to grow.

You can’t have the best of both worlds. You have to decide.

What are you trade-offs are you making?

When you walk down the street and let the girl of your dreams strut by you without opening your mouth, what trade-off are you making?

When you’re chatting with the cute brunette at the sandwich bar and choose not to express your opinions, beliefs, or desires, because you’re terrified of being judged, what trade-off are you making?

When you’re waving goodbye and you let the possibility of rejection stop you from asking for her number, what trade-off are you making?

When you’re trying to work out what to study at college and you do what your parents want, even though you know you’re going to hate it, just because you don’t want to cause a stir, what trade-off are you making?

When you don’t push for the promotion that you know you’re worthy of because you don’t want to stand out from the crowd, what trade-off are you making?

Not sure? I’ll tell you.

Every time you decide to follow the life plan handed to you by society, you’re trading a short term hit of freedom for long term dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Every time you blame someone else for your shitty life situation, you’re trading a short term hit of personal righteousness for long term powerlessness and frustration.

Every time you seek permission from outside yourself, you’re trading a short term hit of acceptance for a long term guarantee of feeling trapped and isolated.

Every time you change yourself so that other people will like you, you’re trading a short term feeling of approval for a long term guarantee of empty, shallow, and meaningless connections.

Every time you don’t approach a woman, you’re trading a temporary reprieve from fear and anxiety for a long term guarantee that you’ll spend the rest of your days watching the women you want walk out of your life, one by one, till you realise you’re 48 and you still feel as demasculinated as when you were 19.

Every decision you’re making is a trade-off. What trade-offs are you making?


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4 Responses

  1. luisito

    Hey man, how you doing?
    I want to tell you something, but keep in mind that this is only an idea.
    It’s not easier if you answer the questions of “Ask me anything” through a quick post in the blog instead of making a podcast? Because we do not have to wait 1 month to have the answers to our questions and you do not have to record and edit anything. And you do not necessarily have to write a big, elaborate and dazzling post. You just write the answer to the question and make a post with it, and that will be archived on the blog to anyone who needs it.

    But do not take this wrong my friend, I say this simply because I think it would be much more beneficial and easy for you and for your readers. Like I say at the beginning, keep in mind that this is only an idea for you to consider. I do not want to complicate the incredible work you do. If making podcasts is easier to you instead of writing posts, so continue making podcasts. You decide what to do with this idea.

    big hug to you mate.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Definitely a good idea mate but I actually find it easier and more productive to record a podcast, edit it, and upload it, than to write an article for each of the different questions, edit them, and upload them.

      I’ve just finished recording the podcast and it’s getting edited now. It’ll be up in the next two days and I guarantee you that it’ll be worth the wait.


      • luisito

        awesome man!!! that´s ok.
        Like I say: keep in mind that this is only an idea for you to consider if this make the things more easy for you.
        Thank you for the replay mate

  2. guillermo

    Great article!. Question: (not so much in nightgame, but in daygame) approach the girl you like, the ones you feel you could be more real and free, or approach every girl you see to get the skills done? (even though sometimes you feel fake)


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