What They Don’t Tell You About Your Inner Game (VIDEO).

This footage was recorded during an exclusive inner game seminar we ran recently in Sydney..

And no money in the world would get you admission into that room.

The seminar’s purpose was to sharpen up the skills of a small group of senior seduction community members whom we hand-picked to become student field instructors.

And it was our job to pulverise their current reality and re-program their heads to make them exceptional enough to take on that job.

We weren’t sure about releasing this footage to the public, but after the news of this seminar leaked and we got swamped with requests, we decided to cave in. So here it is in full. Enjoy!

Part I

Supplementary video: What Are Your Inner Game Roadblocks?

Part II

Supplementary video: What Are Your Inner Game Roadblocks?

Part III

Supplementary video: What Are Your Inner Game Roadblocks?

What Next?

If you liked these videos, then you can continue your inner game education with the Inner Game Challenge.

You probably realise that you have certain “internal B.S.” roadblocks which are preventing you from putting your best foot forward around women.

And that is perfectly normal – most people have limitations.

The trick is in finding what they are, so that you can then easily and systematically remove them. The Inner Game Challenge is designed to do just that – pinpoint your own individual inner game roadblocks.

You can learn more here:

Inner Game Challenge Blog.

It takes 10 days to complete and the best thing is – it is still free (for now). Yup, no fineprint, no sneaky conditions.

We are planning to charge money for it later, but for now all we ask is that you give us a short, honest testimonial once you finish.

So, to sign up and to begin moving towards realising your full potential, go here:

Inner Game Challenge Blog.

Steven & LoGun


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