What Women Find Attractive: Guide For Men.

I wish it were as simple as waving a magic wand and saying ‘All women find x attractive!’ but in reality, it’s not. Why?

Well, do you and you mate find the same women attractive? Maybe sometimes, but all the time? No?

Then why would all women find the same guy attractive?


So, to help you work out what women find attractive, we first need to nail down what kind of women we’re talking about.

Lets start with the easy one: What does she look like?

Is she tall or short?
Is she brunette or blonde?
 Does she have blue eyes or brown?
 Is she curvy or slim?

Next, what kind of things does she like to do?

Does she like to play sports or does she prefer to sit around and watch movies?
Does she like to talk about politics or does she prefer to read Cosmopolitan?
Does she like to watch football or Oprah?

Now, what kind of personality does she have?

Is she outgoing or reserved?
Is she loving and tender or strict and cold?
Is she intellectual or emotional?

And now, most importantly, how does she live her life?

Is she sitting around waiting for people to give her the things she wants or does she go out and create her life? Does she speak her opinions freely or does she hold back because she’s afraid people are going to judge her?
Is she independent or clingy and needy?

Good, now here’s a few questions to work out what what this woman would find attractive.

Do you think this woman would be attracted to a guy who waits for people to organise tings for him or do you think shed be attracted to a guy who takes charge of his life?

Do you think this woman would be attracted to a guy who asks for peoples permission to do the things he knows to be right or do you think she’d be attracted to a guy who lives his truth in every moment?

Do you think this woman would be attracted to a guy who hides his true self because he’s afraid of what people think or do you think she’d be attracted to a guy who expresses himself regardless of what people think?

Essentially, I’m asking:
Do you think this woman would be attracted to guy who sits at home researching what women find attractive and trying to emulate those characteristics or do you think she’d be attracted to a guy who lives his life, despite what women find attractive?

Something to think about…

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