Which Seduction Method Is Right For You?

I’m going to be honest with you here:

I have no idea how many different seduction methods there are out there.

If I was to take a conservative guess, I’d say maybe 100 or 200 … who knows?

It’s safe to say that there are many seduction methods … and I’m sure that every one works, at least for the guy who made it.

Otherwise he wouldn’t be selling it.

But with all these seduction methods out there that are at least working for some guys, which one should you choose?

To make your choice easier, I’m going to help you understand a few things –

And hopefully you’ll be able to make a choice which is going to help you get the success with women you’ve been looking for.

So, first things first.

If you want to know how to get somewhere, you first need to know where you’re going.

So, where are you going?

What kind of women do you want to attract? Here’s list of elements that might help you narrow down your criteria:


o Height
o Hair colour
o Eye colour
o Skin colour
o Curvy or petite


o Movies
o Sports
o Dancing
o Long walks on the beach
o Music
o Art


o Passionate or apathetic?
o Shallow or deep?
o Introverted or extroverted?
o Outgoing or reserved?
o Aggressive or passive?
o Confident or insecure?
o Needy or independent?

Sure, she may fall somewhere in between, but these are just two ends of a spectrum that you can decide which side she’d fall on.

Great, but that’s not really the whole end point.

There’s a little bit more to it.

In order to attract this kind of woman, you need to work out one more thing: What kind of Man do you think she’s looking for?

For now, let’s exclude looks, because you can’t really influence that too much. Which leaves us with just a few things to consider.

Particularly, is she looking for a man with a personality that is:

o Passionate or apathetic?
o Shallow or deep?
o Introverted or extroverted?
o Outgoing or reserved?
o Aggressive or passive?
o Confident or insecure?
o Needy or independent?

And lastly, there’s one more thing I want you to consider:

Is he the kind of guy who changes who he is, what he does, and what he stands for –

– just so that women are more attracted to him?

Or is he the kind of who lives his life, on his purpose, following his beliefs and standing up for what he knows to be right?

This is the crucial point that I want you to have a think about – because it’s the key to determining what pathway you choose.

In case you haven’t noticed, the fundamental basis of the seduction method is:

“Change who you are and what you do so that she’ll be attracted to you”.

It’s what every seduction method, technique, tip, trick and mindset out there are based on.

Is this path going to give you long-term success with women, satisfaction and happiness? Hmmm…

Now, I’m not trying to tell you that moving down the path of learning seduction methods is a waste of time…

But before you embark, it’s important to consider where you want to go, what you need to do to get there, and the underlying motivation of your journey.



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