Why "Faking It Until You Make It" Makes You Worse With Women.

Imagine you’re standing in an electronics store.

Look around you – look at all the plasma TV’s, the LCD TV’s, look at all the laptops, the white goods…

…this is the imaginary playground that we’re going to play this out in.

Now, I want you to imagine yourself as a salesman in this store.

You’ve just joined the sales floor, you’re quite new to this.

You haven’t really had much experience selling anything before.

So you get out there and you start selling the products you have.

After failing a few times, you start to realise there’s an art to this, so you enlist the help of a ‘community’…

(yeah, I’m making really subtle making analogies. It’s a skill. Deal with it.)

… of guys to help you get better at selling.

You very quickly work out your issue. Most of the potential people in your shop are ‘just browsing’.

Many of them just come in to kill some time. They walk along the shelves which are creaking with your goods. They pick up a box here and there and look at the packaging.

And, as you’re hoping they’ll take this box to the cashier, they put it back down again. And walk out.

Most of the customers who walk in never end up buying ANYTHING.

Your problem is compounded by the fact that there are 4 more shops, selling goods just like yours, in the area.

So, just selling it on the features isn’t going to work well as a long-term strategy.

You need to find a different way – a better way!

This is where your colleagues – more experienced sales people step in. They give you the low down on how to be more effective on selling the products you have.

You reduce the price. You throw in some little bonuses. You learn some really cool sales techniques.

And you hope to god that these tricks will do the job.

After all, you know that selling is an emotional process – and if you can shift the emotions of your customer, then he is likely to buy something.

Err, buying is not a choice – your colleagues tell you 😉

And you hope that over time you’ll become REALLY good at applying these tricks, so that you’re so effective at shifting your women’s… err, I mean customers’ emotions that most of them do not, in fact walk out empty-handed, but having bought themselves one of your products.

BUT – and here’s the limitation – doesn’t matter how good your selling techniques are, you’re still selling the same old product.

You’re still just trying to move stock that the customer could walk next door and buy.


This is what the seduction community is trying to teach you to do.

It’s teaching you to take whatever product you have, right now, and try and sell it better.

To take the same fears, anxieties and doubts, wrap it all up in a nicer paper with a nicer bow, and try and find people whose emotions you can shift to persuade them to buy it.

Sure, you may have better sales techniques, sure, you may have better bonuses, but you’re still selling the same thing.

And I’m not saying this can’t work. There’s heaps of evidence to support that it’s worked for some.

(And a lot of salesmen make a living using that approach – simply because they don’t know there is a better way)

But does it really sound like the most effective method you want to live by? And do you think that becoming a better salesman will ever, EVER change your product? You might make it SOUND better, but in the end, under the surface, it’s all the same stuff.

You don’t have to do it this way. There is another, far simpler, far faster path to getting what you want – the inner game AI way.

So, imagine yourself back in this store again. You’re just running the same old tricks, trying to move the same old product. Some people are looking, most of them aren’t buying anything.

But it’s just a numbers game, right? RIGHT?

Then one day, a brand new store opens up across the road from you. It’s also an electronics store, but there’s something different about it.

It’s not flooded with staff, it’s not piled high with boxes, and it doesn’t have signs screaming ‘Crazy, crazy, sale time!’ and a guy standing with a microphone out the front telling passers-by all about the ‘amazing’ specials inside.

It’s just one sales guy, with one item and one line of happy customers lining up to buy and are stoked when they do.

He’s not desperately trying to convince everyone to buy his stuff.

He’s not desperately trying to compete with everyone using the same sales techniques and bonuses.

He’s simply chilling out. He doesn’t even seem like he cares if people buy his stuff or not.

And yet they do!

In fact, it seems like he has to urge people to slow down because he has more customers than he can handle.

On your lunch break, you wander over to have a look around. And this is when you see the real difference.

He’s not selling the same things as you.

His products are also electronics goods, but they seem stronger, more complete than anything in your store.

You finally get to this sales guy and ask him about his wares.

“These electronics are the only of its kind the world. If you’re interested, put your name on the list, write down what you’re willing to offer, and when I have some time, I’m consider it.”

He’s not resorting to trying to dress up the same thing that everyone else has, he’s not resorting to underhanded, manipulative sales techniques, he’s not resorting to dropping the price to get it to move.

He’s not really even being a SALESMAN, he’s being a CUSTOMER. He’s shopping around to find the person that he decides is worthy of having his wonderful and unique products.

Sure, he could probably get a higher price if he learnt some fun little tricks. But he doesn’t need them.

Is everyone who walks past going to be interested? Of course not.

But his product is not for anyone, anyway.

Instead of struggling to move the exact same product as everyone else and just varying your sales pitch, why not invest some time in making a more solid product?

Something so unique, and so incredible, that instead of having to try and convince anyone who walks through your store to buy it, you’ve literally got people lining up that you can take your pick from.

This is the AI difference.

We’re not showing you to be a better sales man.

We’re not showing you how to compete with every other guy out there and try to sell you products better than him.

We’re getting you to be a customer. So that you can go out and ‘shop’ for women, letting them tell you why they’re good enough for you.

We’re showing you how to find the unique, confident and rock-solid you.

So that you don’t have to waste months of your life pouring over confusing techniques, just so you can condemn yourself to hoping that one day you’ll internalize and women will sleep with you.

This isn’t about faking it. This is about actually making it.

Now some guys of those gurus out there are telling you to pretend like you’ve got a unique product and eventually it will be a unique product.

Their rationale is that if you pretend enough, it’s magically going to transform itself into something brand new. Sounds solid, right? RIGHT?

Well you can believe it, and buy into one of the biggest lies that the world tells us.

Here’s the lie: “Learn more theory and go out and act differently, until you ‘internalise’ the stuff and become the NEW you.”

When you accept this lie, you’ll end up in a situation where 50-95% of the women you approach lose interest in you. Some within a minute.

Others after a few days.

It’s that ‘conversion’ problem I was talking about in the videos I sent out a few weeks ago.

It doesn’t how much time you spend pretending that your TV can wash the dishes. As soon as you pour some water into it, it will not work very well.

It doesn’t matter how long you long you spend telling someone that your washing machine can knit jumpers. Once it’s put under pressure, it’s going to crack.

Pretending that your product is a fun and exciting roller coaster doesn’t change the fact that underneath it’s still shit-scared, wanting, and looking for something else to complete it.

(ok, I’ll drop the metaphors .. hopefully you get the picture)

If you want to spend the next 6 – 12 months continue trying to fill your head with more ‘seduction theory’ and hoping that your ‘conversions’ improve then go ahead.

But, if you get to the end of that time and you’re sick and tired of having most women you approach lose interest in you then I invite you to come and sample the AI difference.

I invite you to come and discover that last big breakthrough that you’re looking for.

The one which will take you from progressing at snail’s pace to marching briskly and effortlessly in double time towards the finish line, and way beyond it.


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