Why Inner Game?

Inner game has every answer you’ve been searching for.

Big statement, I know.

There’s so many gurus out there telling you need their outer game techniques.

And their methods, their routines, their ‘secrets of seduction’.

Well, I’m about to show you just how wrong they are.

I’m not going to waste your time with in depth theories about evolutionary psychology to add to the layers of junk covering over who you really are.

I’m going to call it as it is, right now, so you can see straight through all that bullshit and find the answer to every question you’ve ever asked.

Let’s start with approaching.

There’s about 1,000,000 different techniques out there for approaching but really, what do you need to know to do this?

What insurmountable challenges do you actually face in starting a conversation with a stranger?

They have to be able to hear you. Can you get in physical proximity of another person? Yes.

You have to communicate information to them. Do you have basic language skills? Do you have a vessel to create this information with? Say, a mouth? Yes.

You have to be able to receive information from them. Can you understand basic human to human communication? Yes.

What other challenges are there?

Nothing. The only reason you find it hard isn’t because the task is extremely complex, it’s because YOU THINK it’s complex.

You make it much harder in your head than it really is and that causes you to get all nervous.

The limiting beliefs inside your head are holding you back from expressing who you are on the inside.

You don’t need techniques to approach because you already have every one you need. You only think you do because of the crap that society and the seduction community have been feeding you.

If you use inner game techniques to uncover that crap, break it apart, and resolve the underlying issues, you’ll never need another technique again.

The next question I get after this is always, ‘what do I say after I approach?’

And I always reply with the same answer: ‘well why did you go over there?’

It’s not rocket surgery.

You only need to come up with some kind of convoluted story or half arsed line if you have things in your head preventing you from saying what you really feel.

If you didn’t have these inner game barriers, you’d just let yourself out.

To illustrate just how easy it can be, here’s an example from just three days ago.

Steven and I were sitting in a park In Melbourne, eating our lunch, when we noticed a stunning brunette sitting just 10 meters away from us.

I’m halfway through making my sandwich when Steven jumps up, strolls over squats down next to her and says:

“I was sitting just over there trying to make my lunch but you were just too much of a distraction. I kept missing the roll with the ham. If I ever want to finish that sandwich, I have to get this out of the way.”

No barriers, no bullshit, no lines, routines, or techniques, just him: raw and out there.

She giggles, stares and turns out to boring as bat shit. He gets up, walks back and finishes his sandwich.

To easy.

Nothing lost.

This doesn’t just stop there, you have the answers to everything you want to be able to do.

Want to know what to say next?

Well, what do you want to talk about? Did you go over there to talk about celebrity gossip and the weather? No

You went over there to find out what she’s like, so find out what she’s like.

Want to know when to ask for her phone number? Well, when are you satisfied that she’s the kind of woman who’s phone number you want?

When you are satisfied, then ask.

Want to know when to kiss her? Well, when you’re sufficiently attracted to her and you want to kiss her, then kiss her.


You have every answer you’ve ever wanted. It’s only because of the bullshit flying around your head that you think you don’t.


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