Why Relationships Fail.

We meet a woman.

A temptation exists to see her as the solution to our dissatisfaction; as a missing piece of a puzzle that now just became that little bit more complete.

We project that expectation on her and fall in love with it.

Essentially, the girl becomes a channel through which we can see a part of ourselves. A channel through which we obtain our needs.

But she is just a girl, not a Messiah sent down to rescue you from yourself.

You must realise, that there is a complete, individual person underneath the persona you have created for her. And that persona is going to manifest itself, as soon as the honeymoon period ends.

That person will not be everything that you like.

And sooner or later you will have to embrace this woman for who she is – warts and all. And love her for who she is, not for what you expected her to be.

That’s where love, manifest as a steady wish for her ultimate good, becomes evident as the only path to a successful relationship.



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