Your Dating Guru Lied To You.

Don’t blame him, he didn’t mean to.

He just didn’t know any better. I’m sure he had your best intentions in mind but he just wasn’t really attuned to what was going on.

And I know that what I’m saying here is controversial, but let me show you what’s going on here.

The majority of guys I train these days are the ones who paid an obscene amount of money for a bootcamp.

And that money bought them 3 days of learning tricks and techniques that would help them pretend to be the kind of Man she’s attracted to.


And then walked out of there on their bootcamp ‘high’.

After 3 weeks of running around, pretending they were invincible, the stark reality started to sink in.

Whilst they’d learned some cool and interesting stuff, they were really not any further down the path than they were before they handed over their hard earned cash.

Why? Because they’d spent their time treating the symptoms of their issues rather than the core of what was going on.


Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Humans are selfish creatures. Not in a bad way, but it’s just who we are. Every time we do something, it’s because we think it’s going to get you what you want. It’s the only motivation we know.

Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, they were all fighting to create the world in the way they thought was going to be the best. It was their internal motivations (for other people, mind you) that drove them towards their goal.

And you know what, it’s not only the big picture that you’re working towards, it’s small things too.

You only get up to get a glass of water because you’re thirsty, you only get go to sleep because you’re tired, you only do the things you do because you think they’re going to get you what you want.


This is evident nowhere more than in your interactions with women.

Before you found the seduction community, you were nice to women because you wanted them to like you. You listened to them complain about their ex- boyfriends because you wanted them to accept you.

You bought them presents because you wanted them to validate you as a Man. You thought if they liked you enough, they’d eventually fuck you.


You were wrong.

It didn’t get you anywhere you wanted to go. The ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ held you back.

Then you found the community and everything changed. Well, not really everything…

The seduction community taught you not to listen to them talk about their ex-boyfriends, not to be ‘nice’ to them, not to buy them presents, but you’re still only doing it because you want them to like you.


The seduction community has changed the ‘what’, but still not the ‘why’.

And your guru did the same: he changed the things you were doing but not why you were doing them. He changed the way you interacted with your world, but not the thing that was holding you back from getting the success you wanted.

Your actions are different but they’re till coming from the same purpose, and she can smell it.

That’s why your success hasn’t come in the way you wanted it to. You can try all the different ‘what’s’ you want but it’s not till you change the ‘why’ that you’re going to get the success you want.

So, if you’re really serious about getting the success with the radiant, beautiful women that you desire, start to have a look at the ‘why’.


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