Thanks for all your great questions. Unfortunately, there were just too many to answer them all individually, so I’ve put together a special podcast for you.

If you’ve ever:

– Seen a girl in the street, but didn’t approach because you thought it would be embarrassing if someone saw you get rejected…
– Had a girl really into you in you but then all of a sudden have her lose interest…
– Been totally free and unrestrained around girls who you’re not that into, but crumble as soon as you see a hottie…
– Wanted to have relationships with multiple women – without lying to them…
– Been curious what we think about RSD and Mehow…

Then this podcast is for you:



Or you can download the file to your computer.





8 Responses

  1. David

    I’m separated from my wife, going through a divorce. It’s been hard trying to reconnect with other people,especially women. As simple as it sounds,it took hearing you say being your true self will make me attractive to others.I finally realized it exactly what I’ve been doing wrong in my life and why my marriage failed. Thank you!

  2. Johnny

    It seems to me thatyou seem to recommend that me should be very open and honest with women. I don’t understand this. I have always thought and thought you did also that being open and honest with a women is the worst mistake you could make?

  3. K

    Soooo good! Especially the bit about focusing on how I’m feeling at the moment and not how other people will see or think about me. Time to go and put this into practice!
    You know I saw this amazing girl a few days ago at my friend’s dorm and I gave her a full and confident smile. She gave me a lovely smile back. I was lifted. However, I did not go and talk to her just because 1. she was with another girl friend but more importantly 2. I was with four of my guy friends and I worried about what they would think if they saw me approaching her. That was f*cking dumb, I know. I still feel like shit every time I thought about it. Well, nevermind, every new day is a new dawn of chances. Time to brush off the past and move forward!
    Thanks for the awesome podcast guys!

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Mate, it’s awesome that you can recognise that it’s only you holding yourself back. That’s an amazing place to be because it gives you the power to change things.

      Glad you enjoyed the podcast.


  4. B

    Incredible info… thanks for it. Especially the multi relationship stuff.

    I have a scenario that I’d like to have your opinion on.

    I have a girl I see like maybe once a month sometimes more sometimes it can be 2 months before I see her.
    She text me at least once or twice a week I don’t answer her till I want to see her & well, to be honest get what I can from her, sexually that is!
    Well, We don’t have sex as such she does take care of me you know what I mean?
    My questions are
    What do you think her game is like is she doing it with other guys? Do you think she expects more from me?
    It’s hard to tell with her, she keeps telling me I’m the only one, yeah right how can I believe such lines?
    I do see her on dating websites every now and again, she doesn’t leave her profile up, so I’m trying to work out her game, you know where she’s at?
    Dam women are hard to work out!

    Any info would be appreciated.

    Thanks once again for the podcast it made me think.

    • Vardenaar

      Depending on your relationship, sanity (beware of sarcasm) and such you could always just ask her. I mean I don’t know your relationship but as Leigh likes to say: It’s only as hard as you make it.

      Usually you can talk to people since you can’t always ‘read’ everything between the lines. Or just make a clear statement about what you want and see how she reacts. If she doesn’t like it/brekas contact or similar you can move on.

  5. Kennedy

    Hey guys

    Thanks for this podcast. All the questions fit exactly into where I am now. I’ve had relationships in the past and for the most part when I look back all the women chose me and not the other way around. I struggle with opening (I see a girl on the street or at a book store – I don’t drink so bars and clubs are out of the question for me) but I freeze. I also don’t get the women I desire…I compromise virtually everything about myself to fit them into my life and I end up not pursuing my own interests and what makes me happy.


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