7 Reasons Why Dating Advice Makes You WORSE With Women.

If you’ve just spent a year of your life learning reading dating advice…

..And haven’t seen the results you want, you probably are starting to realise that:

7. Learning routines hasn’t helped you to talk to women.

6. Learning qualification has not *really* helped you attract women.

5. Learning calibration .. doesn’t make you more calibrated.

4. Trying to be confident? Well, you still get nervous when you approach women.

3. Learning to demonstrate traits of an Alpha Male didn’t make you feel like an Alpha Male.

2. Doing affirmations … hmm, does that even work?

1. Trying to be high value … did not make you FEEL like you’re truly high value.

Why is that?

Why haven’t you seen the success with women which you thought you would?

Well, put it simply, dating advice you see everywhere on the Internet only treats the SYMPTOMS of deeper inner game issues.

They never actually get to the core. That’s why your “results” are only temporary (and mostly depend on your state, right?).

And that’s why the real, solid results with women are still “Just around the corner” for you.

You just have to read more seduction theory, maybe buy some dating guru’s DVD series… maybe do a bootcamp or two.



You can put a stop to this charade now.

You can stop wasting another year of your life in the “seduction community”.

Seduction Community Sucks – What Every Real Man Knows is a 67-page digital book which will show you the traps you’ve been falling into all this time.

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Seduction Community Sucks – What Every Real Man Knows
(and what you should have known all along)

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And this is a sneak preview of the chapters which you’ll find inside the book:

– Double Your Rate Of Improvement
– Unusual Trends In The Seduction Community
– What You Haven’t Been Told About Being A Natural
– Eliminating Your Limiting Beliefs
– Your Inner Game Brain Transplant
– How To Become A Man Of Her Dreams
– Why Learning Pickup Is Preventing You From Being Great At Picking Up Women
– The Ugly Truth About Approach Anxiety
– Inner Game Chapter I
– Advanced Inner Game Chapter I
– Advanced Inner Game Chapter II


And these are some of the REVIEWS the book got in the first week of its release:

(people’s names have been changed, but source can be verified by visiting a torrent site we put the book on – email me for details):

“This book reeks of authenticity .. it’s a refreshing change of pace” – Toby

“Puts seduction in its rightful place” – Michael

“Makes you realize what pitfalls you should avoid when learning this whole “seduction” stuff” – James

“One of the most useful and awesome independent books I’ve read”- Corey

“Truly a great peace of work, likely the best I’ve come across relative to *wink *wink…” – Alex T

“I so want to fuck you because it brings tears to my eyes knowing that there’s someone out there who has the ability to explain the R E A L shit! – Glenn

“I simply applaud you on the creating that you have done.” – Alex T

“I summarize the book in one sentence: solve your problems at the core and the rest will be taken care of” – Mr Chan

“Spot on. Really hit the nail on the head.” – Jamie

“The message I’m hearing by page 25 is “be an iPod in a Walkman world … If you were an iPod you would not *be* in a Walkman world” – Santiago

“Highly recommend it” – James

“When the author says: “Don’t fake it – actually make it”, he has created a new classic quote” – Santiago (more)

“The concluding chapters … are too precious…” – Santiago (even more)

“WORD … nothing else to add!” – Toby


Just click on the link to start downoad:


Free Download:

Seduction Community Sucks – What Every Real Man Knows
(and what you should have known all along)

Click To Download
(No pesky opt-ins required)


The book is 100% free – you don’t need to pay anything, perform any ritual sacrifices or subscribe to any “membership sites” to get it.

Still want more weird Seduction Community Sucks stories? You can get more info on the Seduction Community Sucks Blog.



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