A Life Worth Risking.

It’s commonly known that Apple was started by two Steves: Jobs and Wozniak.

But did you know that Apple had a little-known third founder?

Third guy left the partnership two weeks after Apple was incorporated, selling his 10% share for less than a grand – a share which would be worth billions today.

He cited “too much risk” as the reason for leaving.

Some people say he is foolish, and describe his decision as the worst investment decision in history.

They miss one vital point – his decision looks foolish LOOKING BACKWARDS. But in that moment, he made the best possible decision he could.

He chose not to take that risk. And it cost him dearly.

But his misfortune is only so palpable because it is so directly measurable. Each one of us is this guy. He is you. He is me.

How many risks do you NOT TAKE – each day?

That amazing woman strutting past you? Could be your wife. But you choose to not take the risk of approaching her. Could be embarrassing. Others could think you’re an idiot.

What’s the cost of that loss? You’ll never know. You’ll never be able to measure that.

What about that time you had a chance to speak up in front of your boss and show him the holes in his current strategy?

Could have landed you a $50K payrise and a step up into his inner circle. But you don’t speak up. You just shuffle papers, and tell him what he wants to hear.

What about that mess you made once upon a time?

You could find that person, apologise and admit that you were wrong. But you don’t, because you don’t really need to.

And that person could be the missing link in your network. That person could be walking around her life, telling people about how great you are and creating opportunities for you without you even knowing.

Instead, she is telling everyone how much of a dick you are and is spreading venom .. without you even knowing.

So, how many risks did you take today?

Did you put out an idea that attracted criticism? Did you do something which was not the “done” thing, but you felt it was the right thing to do?

Or did you live comfortably, in a cocoon you created for yourself?

Each kind of life one is a perfectly good way to live.

But each one brings its costs and rewards. Which one do you choose? And what is it costing you?



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