Why are we here?

We started the Attraction Institute with a vision.

We wanted to create a community of Men who were dedicated to creating fulfilling, rich, deep, and meaningful relationships with equally fulfilled, rewarded and open Women.

Out of that was born our mission..

Not to rest – until the world is a place where Men feel free to be themselves. A world where they don’t feel like they can’t be straight with Women – and people in general – about who they are.

A world where Men can own and freely, authentically express their desires – as a true expression of who they are, and as a gift to the Women who cross their path.

A world where we as Men do not feel the need to hide behind our fears, doubts, and insecurities. But rather, one where we accept who we are, as we are, and share ourselves authentically with others.


Who are you to us?

We see you as much bigger than your identity, your nationality, the appearance of your body, the consumer products you own and the title printed on your business card.

We believe that you have an unbridled potential for personal power, personal freedom and love.

And we are committed to removing the barriers in your life which are stopping you from interacting with Women – and people in general – in a way which is rich with fulfillment, energy and passion.

We are committed to you unearthing, connecting to, and living from, your unique sense of purpose – for your life.

And we believe that you are amazing and unique. Which is something that you probably also know – somewhere deep inside.


Who are we?

You have no doubt seen your share of self-improvement, coaching, transformation, dating, confidence and personal development advice.

Our blog posts and coaching programs are not like any of it. However, you may notice that we have massive debts to great Masters, whose ideas and disciplines made our work possible.

And we would like to take a moment to acknowledge them. The inspiration for our ideas has come from, although is not limited, to these people and philosophies:

David Hawkins
David Deida
Werner Erhard
Chandra Mohan Jain (Osho)
Landmark Education
Steve Zaffron
A.H. Almaas
Simon Sinek
Steve Jobs
Chogyam Trungpa
Brad Blanton
Benjamin Hoff
Michel Fortin
Steve Pavlina
Seth Godin

The people you see on this list have consistently demonstrated a commitment to stepping over their own personal needs, fears and wants with the aim of serving humanity.

And for their gifts we are forever grateful.


What are we up to at the moment?

We have a history of releasing provocative, eye-opening books. Seduction Community Sucks was the first, and it was free. And we just released the follow-up EndGame.

We are also in the process of upgrading our already powerful coaching programs.

If you are considering taking us on as your coaches, we thank you for your trust. Working with you is a responsibility we don’t take lightly, and we will not stop until we exceed all promises we make to you.

And if you choose not to buy any of our product and to simply remain a casual reader of this blog or a participant in the forums, we thank you for your continued attention.


Your interest and support means a lot to us.

However, if you choose to walk along a different path, we thank you for your time here and wish you well on your travels. Our paths may cross again one day.

And finally, we want to acknowledge you for your commitment to do what it takes to realise your potential as a Man.

We believe that the way forward for humanity is not through pursuits of the ego, but through expansion of our collective human consciousness. And in that sense, who you truly are is much, much bigger and more important than you might at first choose to believe.


Do you want to become part of the AI Team?

If you are in alignment with this vision, we want to invite you to become part of our growing team which is dedicated to sharing this vision with the world.

Just contact us here to express your interest in coming on board.

We are very aware of the personal limitations in skills and knowledge that we face, as well as the wealth of passion, talent, and commitment that you have within you.

Which means that your skills could be the much needed missing link which will make the difference in making our vision as big as it deserves to be.

We’ll contact you to let you know about the opportunities which are currently available.


Leigh Louey-Gung
August 2010