Attracting Women: Does Your Height Matter?

Of course it does!

Just ask any woman – and almost every single, without fail, will say…

That she wants a lover who’s taller than her.

If you’re short, you’ve got almost no chance. Or so it seems on the surface…

I remember sitting in one of the local Sydney bars a couple of years ago.

This was when Steve and I first started going out. As usual, I’d arrived on time (as I said I would), and Steven was running horribly late.

I’d been working on some new material over the last couple of weeks, and I thought his would be a perfect opportunity to test it out (because the words that I use are the most important thing in any interaction…)

I spotted two beautiful women sitting on a couch and decided it was time to unleash the fury! Without hesitation I hit them with my highly secret and patented ‘Hi!’ opener.


After this hooked, I used another secret technique to transition into a normal conversation because I’d developed 9 points of calibration in the last week…

So I could tell that this is what the set needed if I was going to be able to execute an f-close (I’ve got an eBook on this is you want more details, hehe).

Things were going smoothly thanks to my accelerated calibration when I hit my first roadblock.

Mid sentence, they both stopped talking and turned their attention towards the entrance like Brad Pitt walked in, naked, with $100 bills stick to his body with chocolate body paint.

Turns out it wasn’t Brad. This was my first exposure to the sway tall guys hold over women.

Some 6’6″ pretentious bastard came swaggering through the entrance and women started wetting themselves all over the place.

Slosh, slosh, slosh, you could hear his feet hitting the libidinous puddles as women start dropping like flies. It took half a dozen ambulances to clear the sexual carnage strewn across the bar.

I didn’t need to listen to him talk to know that he was completely full of himself. You could see it in the way he walked, the smug bastard…

So I called Steven over.

“Is that your friend? He’s so tall!” Apparently blushing was in this season…

But having my advanced diploma in micro-calibration and sub-communication I knew exactly what they were trying to say and was able to respond appropriately to their intended message.

“Yes, I agree that he looks exactly like a praying mantis…’

Thank god that Steven’s lack of game managed to get him blown out in 30 seconds and I was able to get back on track with deploying my ultimate, killer, fire, destruction, death bomb routine.

“So what is it about tall guys…?”

The girls responded with a degree of self awareness that I was a common theme with these girls “Umm… He’s just so tall”

Time to try a different path:

“OK, so how do you feel around tall guys?” It turns out this is a much more effective question to ask these girls.

“I just feel so safe, so secure, so protected around them. I can just be girly when I’m around them because they can protect me.”

And this is where this whole height mystery started to unravel for me.

This is where I started to see why there are some guys out there who aren’t the tallest in the world yet have hoards of beautiful women literally fighting over them.

Like every object you desire in life, there’s an underlying feeling that you’re chasing.

The same rings true for women and tall guys. It’s not the height that they’re actually attracted to, it’s the feeling of safety and security that they’re after and they just automatically associate it with tall guys.

So, what’s the good news for you?

Well, you can now get surgeons to painfully sever every bone in your body and set them a few millimetres apart so that when they heal, they fill in those spaces, making you just a few centimetres taller.

If they do this enough times, you’re going to be the height that most women swoon over.

Or, you can learn to create a space where women feel safe, secure, and protected and you’ll never have worry about going through months or years of painful studying, learning, watching DVD’s, field testing new structures, boot camps and posting on forums…

Sorry, I mean painful operations.

And how do you do that? Start by downloading your free copy of Seduction Community Sucks from the side bar on the right.

And just one more thing to consider, if this applies to height, what do you think it says about money, cars, powerful jobs?



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