Best Confidence Course for Men? Pitfalls To Avoid.

Here are some pitfalls to avoid when choosing a confidence course:

3. Be wary of NLP.

I’m not saying NLP doesn’t work. It may help you to produce some results – but its a poor choice for a confidence course if you want to expand, grow and realise your full potential as a Man.

Look for a confidence course which focuses on discovering your purpose, rather than just “getting the girl” or “being an alpha male”.

3. “I’m a confident superstar!”

Affirmations are a form of “band-aiding” because they try to plaster some confidence OVER THE TOP of your existing roadblocks.

A good confidence course will first focus on removing roadblocks which are stopping you from being confident.

1. “Just be confident!”

This is another form of band-aiding. A confidence course which tells you how to act differently add confusion and weridness to your interactions with people.

Look for a confidence course which lets you become at ease and comfortable with yourself. That is the true secret to being confident.

And to take a first step in building your confidence, check out the free goodies below.


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