Do you REALLY want to be AMAZING with women?

Most guys will say that they want an incredible life.

They want an amazing girlfriend, a fulfilling job, a beautiful house, and great friends.

But in reality, they don’t.

What they REALLY want is something far less glamorous.

It’s FAR safer, more secure, and MUCH less challenging.

They don’t want excitement, they want comfort.

They don’t want adventure, they want safety.

They don’t want open, free, and honest relationships, they want validation and acceptance.

Now before you run off and say “Well, that’s not me, I’m different”, stop and take a second to have a good, long, hard look at your life and ask yourself “What do I REALLY want?”

Don’t turn to the thoughts and dreams that occasionally bounce through your head when you see a hot pair of legs strutting down the street.

Look at your actions.

Your actions are the key to seeing your real desires.

What actions are you taking and what does that say about what you REALLY want?

When you see a beautiful woman sitting in a coffee shop, reading a book, what do you do?

Do you walk up to her and have a fun, playful, and flirty conversation or do you watch from afar then keep walking so she doesn’t think you’re weird?

Which one would the guy who’s committed to finding the girl of his dreams do and which one would the guy who’s committed to staying nicely inside his comfort zone do?

When you’re sitting at your desk and the clock’s slowly ticking towards home time, do you push yourself and challenge yourself to see how much more incredible work you can complete or do you find ways to slowly pack up your desk and get back to your safe and regular routine?

Which one would the guy who’s committed to creating the most amazing future possible do and which one would the guy who’s committed to just getting through the days do?

Your thoughts aren’t the key to finding what you’re really committed to.

Your actions are the key.

They’ll show you what’s really going on, despite what you think.

QUICK EXERCISE: Take a moment to look through your life. Pay specific attention to the actions you’re taking in your relationships with women you’re attracted to, your work, your friendships, and your free time.

What do your actions say about what you’re really committed to?

Share your results below.

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10 Responses

  1. rodrigo

    Hey Logun
    Get ready because I’ll be very honest with you here.

    My actions with women are nothing.
    I do nothing. Shit!

    I just keep seeing them and do nothing.
    I just keep quiet and look like a wimp.

    I’m in love with a girl from college but I do not speak with her, I do not come near her.

    I do not share my attraction I just keep it for me.

    I just keep seeing women that i want hanging out with other guys.

    I wanna change it Leigh.
    I want to be strong, confident and honest.

    I want to talk to this girl. I want to tell her what I feel and how I can not stop thinking about her.

    I do not want validation, or acceptance of anyone. I just want to create the life I desire.

    I wanna be the guy I want to be.

    I’m tired of hiding me behind excuses.

    Only my actions will help me.

    Thanks for the article mate.

    • Zach

      Awesome man, that’s a FANTASTIC start. You know what you want and how you want to create your life.

      We’ve got a great foundation to work with.

      A question, first. Have you happened to read Seduction Community SUCKS? (the free ebook we offer here at AI)

      In it you’ll learn the basics of what an attractive man does, and how he does attraction naturally and effortlessly.

      It’s a great start.

  2. Breathe

    I guess my actions show, that I am – at least in some important parts of my life – way more focused on comfort and security than excitement.

    How do you change that?

    • Zach

      First, figure out how you want your life to be. Your IDEAL/PERFECT life.

      Figure out the steps you need to get there i.e. i want to be able to approach women I find attractive naturally and effortlessly so the game plan to get there is push my fear of approaching attractive women and telling them WHATEVER is currently going on with me (i’m really nervous and just wanted to tell you that I think you’re gorgeous and had to approach you etc etc)

      Continue to take these steps in every area of your life to create that perfect life for yourself.

      Watch as all your difficulties fade away.

      You change it by actively doing what you feel in every moment and creating an exciting and fulfilling life for yourself that you bring to the table, instead of a safe comfortable life that isn’t very enticing to beautiful confident women.

  3. rodrigo

    Thanks for the answer mate 😉

    Yes zach, I’ve read it, and the endgame.

    What I lacked was the will to change that.
    Now I also feel a rage I had wasted my time with some shit.

    I’ll change that.
    It’s time to act.

  4. rajat

    hey i was a shy guy but now i have started walking on path
    to develop confidence and i am succedding 2 and i can say i can be a really confident guy in few months especially after reading your boook seduction community sux
    and its great but the problem is where i work they always have seen me as a shy guy and i want to screw that image and be a guy in spotlight but all my efforts have only get into my limelight
    they are not willing to accept the new me in fact i am still the asme gut only thing that has changed is me level of confidence they are not even able to accept me as a freind
    they think i am loser,nerd,idiot,stupid,etc
    even the nerdest of nredest unattractive guy in the work place even gives a fuck abut me when i talk 2 him he ignores mostly every guy helps me every 1 thinks i am anerd but iam not a nerd infact ican do everything every attraactive guy can do nobody cares abut my jokes and every girl giggles on even the horrible jokes of the confident,attractive guys ,it seems like they have a mindset of doing that but when i go to a different they find me perfect a god freind,a comedian but when i go to that workplace i find it boring even my parents treat me almost the same as the guys and girls on the workplace so please help me man shud i chnge the workplace what ever it is please help me help me


    • Leigh (LoGun)

      You seem to put a lot of weighting on what other people think about you. Is that helping you become powerful, strong, or more confident?

  5. Swedish dude

    Lately I have asked out girls pretty random. Run after them and suggested we should do something. Even got a telephone number on the underground. Asked out a co-worker, got one date and then nothing more. Asked them out with e-mail. Asked them out face-to-face, seems to work best. Mostly “rejections”, but some positive responses. I still remember one girl I asked out before even knowing her name, the look in her eyes when I asked is still something I remember, she looked so happy and flattered, she declined very nicely though, but it was worth the look in her eyes, a pure gift.
    Told one girl that I love her, current friend and ex-lover, she was also the first I had sex with (at 29), because I simply do.
    Doing lots of work with planning my 30 year birthday party with my twin, going really great!
    Dislike my work, but still go there every day because I like my co-workers a lot.
    Spend a lot of time on facebook at work, even though I want to spend less time on facebook.
    Thinking about playing less games on the computer, but I am not.
    Thinking about cleaning my apartment, but nothing happens.
    Thinking about travelling around for a year in Europe and doing work for food and shelter, nothing happens.
    I simply do not have my shit together, yet…but overall quite happy with my life.


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