What do you love?

A friend of mine shared this great blog with me. It’s written by his boss.

Every few days he writes a post about something that he loves. It’s really beautiful.

You can check it out here.

It reminded me of the power of focus.

There are beautiful things and terrible things that are going on around us, all the time. The ones you choose to direct your attention to are going to determine your experience of life.

If you focus on the terrible things then your life is going to be filled with pain.

If you focus on the beautiful things then your life is going to be filled with joy.

You can experience more happiness, joy, and satisfaction in your life by simply choosing to direct your attention to the things you love.

So, what do you love?

Share your loves below

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12 Responses

  1. Zach

    You, Leigh. I love you. And your tight buttocks.

    Seriously though, I love life, being alive, and heading in the right direction towards being all that I can be as a Man.

  2. Jhovanni

    I love the beach, I just arrived to Cancún two days ago. So I went for first time to the beach, it’s amazing and makes you forget all the world (at least when you are there)

  3. Lucian

    I love Eckhart Tolle.

    I love David Hawkins.

    I love End Game. 😀

  4. Ramon

    I love the goth subculture of heart, but where I live (a city in Brazil) to date have not met anyone like me (especially women) do not know what to do, have walked and searched everywhere imaginable and several ways.
    I feel very lonely and sad, much like what I like to share with female devotees of the subculture, but find no one!:(
    I tried to stop being a part of the subculture, but I could not is something I strongly identifies.

    What do I do? ever think of suicide…

    • LoGun

      Hey mate,

      It sounds like you’re in a tough place. Firstly, if you’re having thoughts of suicide, then you need to speak to a trained professional about this. I’m not qualified to help you work through these things and you need to speak to someone who is. I know there are plenty of resources available that can help you work through this. Please talk to someone who can help.

      I know what it feels like to be lonely. Spent a long time feeling the same way that you do. I know it can be painful but I also know that it’s possible to work through it.

      If you can’t find goths in Brazil then I would suggest that you’re not looking hard enough. I just typed ‘goths in Brazil’ into Google and found a whole lot of articles and links. Here’s one you might be able to read. I can’t but then again, I don’t speak Brazilian Portuguese!


      Let me know how you go,


  5. Marcio

    I love music!! I relaxes me, and inspires, and I just love the unique sounds of differnt genres, and their lyrics, specially when their colorful.

  6. Ramon

    Hello Logun,

    Thank you for returning

    I’m a little better, maybe you’re thinking that because I’m so goth has anything to do with the fact of wanting to kill me, but not actually goths are depressed and not suicidal, it’s just a common myth about the subculture The problem is that people find where I live for the affinity that I know is very difficult …

    Like my personality is strong and defined, my expectations do become frustrated … so you have an idea in my town has a population of about 320,000 people, yet not found anyone with similar tastes and I’m not expected to be out of it and live in another location, ideally in Europe, but financial conditions are bad . 🙁

    How is regional holiday season, I hope to find goth girls. I walked through the places of greatest flow of people, but unfortunately things are not real exciting.

    I want to make clear that it is not because of being gothic lurking these suicidal thoughts in my head, but for what I mentioned in the text above.

    I’m thinking now in place on my social network to see if people here start to become interested in urban tribe and thereby begin to associate myself with.

    Sorry for my English is that I’m using the google tool to write the text.

    Thank you for taking the time!

  7. J. Martinez

    I love a great sunset. As I was driving across the state of New Mexico, a near by wildfire filled the sky with dense smoke. The sun could be seen behind the smoke with an eerie glow. It was beautiful. I was driving literally into the sunset. Moments like those, ones that are richly singular, I love.

    Ramon: I’m Goth at heart, too. I have also felt so lonely that I contemplated suicide. You are not alone in those feelings. It can be very difficult. And, you are right, contemplating suicide has nothing to do with the goth culture. And you are also right: Goth girls are beautiful, the one’s I’ve met. I wish you the best, man.

  8. Que

    What an inspiring article. And what an inspiring blog that guy has.
    Been missing a bit on inspiration lately and this love article helped me find it again.
    What really pushes us?
    And why it does?
    Is it love? I think it is.

    Ramon, hold up bro. We all have been lonely.
    And how much it may seem right, suicide is never the answer.
    Look around and see what other things you love or love you.

    What I love? I simply love life and all the shit that goes through it. I’m happy that I’m alive and here this very day. I love the people I stay with, and i love my family. I love doing things which I love and..ah well..am stopping here before I make an article myself. 🙂

  9. Harold

    I love being me. I love being thankful. I love being in the moment. I love being nice to strangers. I love being self-sufficient. I love living quietly. I love getting out and doing things. I love bringing things into existence. I love expressive writing. I love looking after my body. I love close comfort and affection. I love mood matching. I love keeping busy. I love developing knowledge and skills. I love looking good. I love seeing and connecting to good things. I love seeing the other side of things. I love wanting what I have and can get. I love shopping! I love satisfying needs. I love accepting people as they are. I love expressing unconditional love to everyone and everything. I love doing different things. x


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