As you’re undoubtedly seen, there’s a lot of free stuff spread out all over the site. Here are the most important ones:


1. Seduction Community Sucks

If you haven’t done it already, get yourself a free copy of Seduction Community Sucks. It’ll show you exactly why you will never get the long term success you want by following PUA or traditional dating and relationship advice and exactly what you have to change to become the kind Man that PUA’s try to emulate.

Oh, and it’s full of big, full resolution images of some very beautiful women. If you like that kind of thing 😉

Download your free copy here

2. The Best Of…

With over 500 articles on the site, it can be hard to navigate through and find what you’re looking for. ‘The Best Of…’ is a collection of all most important articles, all collected in one place. One word of warning, every article in ‘The Best Of…’ builds on what you’ll read in Seduction Community Sucks so make sure you get your copy first.

Once you have your copy of Seduction Community Sucks and want to know more, head here: The Best Of The Attraction Institute

3. The Blog

You’ve read the best, now get the rest. As I said above, there are over 500 articles and rising every week, on topic ranging from approaching to attraction to lifestyle to confidence to motivation and overcoming fear. If you can’t find it here, it’s probably never been written about.

Check out the latest updates here: The Attraction Institute Blog


4. The Forum

Got unanswered questions? Want to meet other like minded guys? Don’t know what that rash is? This is the place for you. 1,200 members, 9,000 topics, 40,000 posts make this a comprehensive database of everything you could ever want to know about.

Join the forum here: Attraction Institute Forum


5. My Story

Abstract self-improvement concepts are so much easier to wrap your head around when you can see first hand examples of people using them in real life. My Story is the personal diaries of a group of guys who’re on the journey of becoming the Men they know they can be. You can check it out here:

My Story home page: Meet the Authors

My Story latest articles: Get the Updates 

That should keep you busy for a while.

If you work your way through that and decide that you want to go deeper or even get personal coaching to implement all these new ideas, check out our products.