Hi guys, my name is Steven and welcome to the Inner Game Challenge. Now, by the time you’re finished watching this video, you will know exactly which inner game road blocks had been preventing from getting that kind of success with women that you have been seeking for. And the kind of success with women that you deserved.

I went through a phase that I think many of us go through. And that is, I spent some years being the ultra-nice guy to women and they only see me as a brother, as a friend, and I spent this whole time wondering – what, how am I different? Why is it that some guys can get all the girls that they want? And I, for some reason, I’m just a polite, nice, safe guy that they choose to see as a brother.

And so I started learning techniques, and tips, and routines, and all kind of stuff trying to get women into my life. And I thought if I just learn enough if these, then I will be able to finally get them and things will be okay, my life would be amazing.

I went through some time of doing that and I did saw some improvement. The thing is, what I realized after some time was that it wasn’t getting girls into my life that I was truly seeking. Sure, getting girls into my life was one of the angst. But, what I really wanted was to be myself. To have the freedom to express myself, to have the freedom to do what I want in every single moment and not feel like somebody is judging me or care about what other people is judging me about and let that dictate me how I live my life. I didn’t want all those thoughts in my head run my life. I didn’t want to be concerned with – Is that gonna make me look bad? Or am I looking good right now? Or do I…what action should I take right now to get her to like me?

Now, I just want to go – This is me. This is my internal experience right now. This is who I am. This what stand for. And project it outwards. The ultimate freedom to be myself. I realized that learning a bunch of techniques and tricks was not gonna do that.

And then I met Leigh and he was doing the stuff called ‘Inner Game’ and he showed me couple of things and thing worked out okay. I’m getting better. I can now talk to a camera. Sometimes.

So, I’m gonna bring Leigh unto this stage over here and in the next couple of minutes he will show you exactly how to eliminate your own inner game road blocks and move poast you what you think is possible for you right now. So, Leigh, come on…I will see you later. Bye, Steve.

Hi guys. Welcome to the Inner game challenge. I’m Leigh, I can’t speak very well. You guys might know me as LoGun, I hate the name, but everyone knows me as LoGun, so we just keep going with it until I can get rid of it.

Okay, so today is about helping you identify your road blocks. Whatever is preventing you from getting the kind of success with women that you are looking for. But not only that, but more. Creating the kind of life that you want. Creating the kind of world you want. So let’s get into it.

We’re gonna dig a little deep. And we’re gonna look at the underlying factors that are preventing things and driving everything else that is going on. Explore the really deep, underlying concepts so you can start to deal with them and create the kind of life you want.

This program is helping you get where you wanna go. So where do you wanna go? What is it for you? What is your aiming point? Now, when you look at one specific part of your aiming point, and that is the girl of your dreams, you get into this seduction community stuff, learning lines and routines because you want to get a specific – you have an image in your head of the girl you want. Who is she? Who is she for you? Blonde, brunette, blue eyes, green eyes. My personal weakness is Fair skin, green eyes, dark hair, curvy. That’s just me. Whatever is yours – tallish, short? What kind of things does she like to do with her life? Does she like to dance? Does she like to sing? Does she like to read? All these information are important to me because it helps you develop a clear picture of what you’re looking for.

Most important part though is – what kind of person is she? How does she engage her world? She’s strong, confident, and powerful. Or she’s scared, and weak, and reserved. This information is important because it helps you find a way where you’re going and when you know where you’re going, you need to know what you need to get there.

What kind of man is she looking for in her life? And specifically, does she want a man who changes who he is just so people will like him? Who hides how he really feels, what he really wants to do, and just who he is in the core level. Or does he freely express who he is powerfully and confidently in every moment?

The reason I’m asking these questions is that a lot of guys running around the seduction community thinking – Oh, as soon as I learn this line, as soon as I learn this routine, as soon as I have this set of weapon and trick and techniques, then I would be able to get the girl of my dreams. Really? Is that the kind of man this girl of your dreams wants? Does she want a guy who hides who he is behind these lines? Behind these structures? Behind these routines? Does she want a man who express himself powerfully, openly, just whatever he is? Just let that out.

So this girl of your dreams, I want you to visualize her, standing on a street corner, about three o’clock in the afternoon, sun is streaming through her hair, highlighting her and making her look like an angel. She start walking towards you, and walking towards her, and she’s smiling, she’s radiant, she’s beautiful.

She’s walking slowly towards you, how do you get to her? That moment happens when you need to act. You open your mouth, what happens? If you’re listening to this, then you’re obviously not getting results with women you’re looking for. You’re not freely expressing who you are confidently and powerfully. You’re hiding yourself away.

There are two, very different types of action – impression and expression. Expression is where you let out who you are. This is me. This is who I am. This is how I feel. This is what I want. This is what I stand for. Impression is where you’re trying to create an impression on her. Try to be something for her. Change who you are. If you’re not getting any results with the kind of women you desire, then you got to be in that impression category. You are trying to be something for her. You are changing who you are.

Is that the kind of man she wants? Well, we looked at the girl of your dreams. No, it’s not. She wants a powerful man, who just freely just – this is me. This is who I am. This is the life I live. This is the adventure I go on. Do you wanna be a part of that?

You go to the seduction community and the seduction community says – oh, just change your actions. Just change the way you’re acting and then you’ll be expressive. And this is the part of where the seduction community come from – just change who you are so people will like you more and then eventually you will just express yourself freely. I don’t know when that’s gonna happen.

The reason I gave you that solution is because I don’t understand that you don’t just choose an action. You don’t just wake up one day and go – You know what, I’m gonna lie about who I am right now. There is an underlying factor. And this is the second layer of the chode crustal – It’s your focus. The way you are focusing, what you are focusing on is determining the kinds of actions that you’re taking.

We are separating two very clear categories here. Are you focusing on how you feel? Or what you should be doing? Two very different actions. You’re focusing on how you feel – when you walked up to that girl of your dreams in the visualization – you see her standing there. If you’re focusing on how you feel, then you’ve got no choice but to express that. There’s nothing else you can express because that’s all you’re focusing on that point in time.

But, if you’re focusing on what you should be doing, who you should be, then when you go up to her, you’re going to try and impress her. You’re going to try and follow these scripts, these structures, these walls, these lines – whatever it is that you think you should be doing. (Avoiding a helicopter to land on your head??)

If you’re focused, your focus drives your actions. If you change your focus from what you should be doing, how you should be acting to how you feel in that moment. Then you change from trying to impress her, to trying to be the kind of man she wants. And honestly, not being the kind of man she wants because you’re just pretending. To expression, expressing who you are freely.

So is focus your inner game road block? Well, you don’t just wake up one day and – Oh, you know what I’m gonna focus on ahh…what I should be doing. I’m gonna focus on what I need to be in order to get her. That’s what I’m gonna focus on today.
It’s driven by a deeper layer. That layer is the third layer of the chode crystal. Your focus is driven by your purpose. What you’re trying to achieve in any moment. If your purpose is, I want to separate purpose in two separate categories here. Find out, if your purpose is to find out if she’s the kind of person you’re attracted to? Or your purpose is to make her attracted to you.

If your focusing on if she’s the kind of girl that you like, what do you think your focus is gonna be? It’s gonna be on how you feel. Do I feel attracted to her right now? And your focus is on – do I feel attracted to her right now? Then you have no choice but to express. Because there’s nothing else, like you can’t think about anything else other than how you feel right now. If your purpose is to make her attracted to you, then your focus is on what should I be doing right now to make her attracted to me? How can I create attraction? How can I go to that place with her?

So if your focus, if your purpose is to try and make her attracted to you, you’re gonna be focusing on what should I be doing? How should I be acting? What did they say in the DVD? What’s written in that ebook? What does Dolly Doctor tell me these days? And then your action would be to try and impress her, to try and make her like you. And that’s when you’re not gonna get the results you want.

So this layer of purpose, is this your inner game road block? Well, it is a significant one. But you don’t just wake up one day and go – You know what, today, I’m going to ah…I’m gonna try and make her like me. There’s an underlying factor. There’s a reason why you’re choosing that purpose. That’s what I called your path way, which is the final layer of the chode crystal – it’s the core of the crystal.

Your pathway, the pathway that you’re following to get what you want out of life, happiness. If you think that in order for you to be happy, to get what you want out of life, then you need to get things from outside yourself – cars, money, validation, women, acceptance, all that kind of stuff. You see, you need that in your life to be happy, then your purpose in any moment is gonna be trying to get that. Trying to get women to like you, to be attracted to you, trying to drag them into your life so you can finally be happy. Which means then that you’re going to focus on ‘what should I be doing right now’, which means your actions are going to be trying to impress people.

If the pathway you’re following to your happiness is about creating a kind of life that makes you happy, filling your life with happiness, and doing things that are intrinsically rewarding to you, things that excite you just for simply doing them, not from what you get out of them, not from trying to get the validation from people around you, but simply taking those actions and living your life by set of standards and principles.

Then, you’re gonna be living a rich, fulfilling, and exciting life. It’s going to be an incredible world that you get excited by in the morning, regardless of whether she’s part of your life or not. So then your purpose is gonna be, well, is she the kind of person that I want to bring into this rich, rewarding, fulfilling life? Do I want her in my world? You are focusing on how do I feel around her? Is she the kind of person that I want here? Your actions going to be to express who you are freely.

This is your inner game road block. This is the core of everything that’s going on. Things like neediness, attachment to the outcome, validation seeking, approval seeking, all of these core issues which you’ve been told that you need to eradicate in order to get the success with women you want, so you just internalize a set of beliefs, would actually come from this one core issue, this one core at the very very center. This is the core issue that’s preventing you from freely expressing yourself in every part of your life.

Not just with women, this is driving everything that’s going on. And until you change this core issue, the symptoms are going to stay and will just keep coming up. If you focus on changing your actions, if you just learn a new set of line, a new set of routines, a new way of acting, it’s always going to be trying to impress her.

If you just, if you try to be self-abused, just because you think you need to in order to get girls, you still just trying to impress her. If you go out in your life and do, dance, salsa dancing if you want to be one of the community guys, you work out in the gym and get big abs, get more muscle and buy a better car, and look stronger and tougher and be more alpha male, just because you think it’s gonna get you girls? It’s still impression. Still not the kind of guy that the girl of your dreams wants to be with.

It’s only when you change that underlying motivation of what you’re doing, from trying to get something from outside for yourself to trying to create the kind of life that you desire that things going to change. It’s a separation between trying to do attraction and be attractive.

This is why this thing in the community happens when attraction is fleeting. Attraction is fleeting only if it’s a set of steps you’re following trying to create attraction in her. If you’re an attractive person, it’s always there. If you create the kind of world that she feels safe and secure in, but excited and alive and passionate, then attraction is not fleeting. She’s attracted to you and with the kind of world that you bring. Instead of some set of tools that you have to try and use so that finally and at last you get a little piece of happiness and you escape this miserable thing you call your life. It’s about living a life it’s so rich and so rewarding, and so fulfilling that is doesn’t matter whether or not she wants a part of it. That’s true abundance mentality. I’m complete without her. So this is your inner game road block. This is the road block that you’re facing. And it’s not until you change this that you’re gonna start getting the results that you want.

Now, if you would like to start changing this, all you need to do is enter your email address below and we’ll start spamming you mercilessly with all the garbage we can find…no, no…seriously, we respect your privacy. We will start sending you with some tips, and ideas, and concepts that you can start to play with, which will gonna help you transform your life to the kind of life that you know you want and always deserve.




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  1. Nigel

    This makes a ton of sense guys. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

  2. Felipe

    The only one thing I wanted to say is: ‘Thanks’
    That says it all.

    You help us – you’re making the world better, happier.
    We share our happiness with others – we’re making the world better, happier by fixing our my inner game.
    And by saying that I mean the changes we are making to the world would grow in an exponential factor if many people learned this, learned the true essence of everyone and every single one.

    I like the way your ‘lessons’ are not based on Outer game or inner game itself, but on Life and Happiness in general. It has a very wider range.

    Making it for free shows you’re mature enough to share something that truly helps many, many people. As you said, it’s good the pleasure you get from distributing this knowledge and beating inner game. And I’m glad you get this pleasure. One day you may get direct benefit from doing this you are doing now. And the pleasure will be even bigger.


  3. master pi

    Hey Guys!

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!
    I’m from EUROPE so please forgive
    me for my bad english! 🙂

    Since i’ve started with PickUp my
    personality with walls after walls
    of lies!
    I recognised a feeling of emptiness
    behind my breast! No feelings and either
    no emotions! Big inner game break.
    I felt dead! I WAS dead!
    Chating with people i don’t really like
    was the daily torture of my live!

    BUT NOW i throw away this lies of
    complete shit!
    I feel the confidence i’ve never
    recognised! I FEEL real EMOTIONS!
    I feel the LIVE behind my breast!
    No inner game break!

    WOW! It feels great! I’m ALIVE!

    Great thanks to you all!

    I’ll continue a real live!
    No more lies again! No waste
    of time with people i don’t like!



  4. File

    I am so glad that someone took the time, and gave the effort to think about the essence of the problem and not about the ‘band-aids’.
    Please keep it up. Its appreciated alot.


  5. santu

    nice video. 😀
    i can see a little bit clearer now……
    what if i just want to flirt and do some hanky panky only…lol.. i know it’s not a good thing i guess//but thats what i feel right now … and do u think that ur technique will work for hanky-panky also ??
    this video rocks no matter what. 😀

    nice Ideology. i think i need to start looking at things this way … grateful for this video…. hopefully i won’t forget this inner game.

    thnak guys. 😀

  6. Mitch

    I’ve enjoyed watching the videos , but do have a comment which I’d like to get your thoughts on. The “Naturals” that I know had success with girls in their early teens. Dare I say that many guys who have found the seduction community had negative experiences early and as such have emotions like fear and anxiety and even anger around women. I don’t see how having a happy life fixes this ? For example, lets say as a child you get bitten by a dog , or a spider etc , no matter how happy you get you’ll have some issues around dogs or spiders. And we all know guys who have great lives but are pathetic around women, and guys who have pathetic lives but are great around women. Thoughts ?

  7. Leigh

    Hi Mitch,

    Thanks for the feedback. It’s something that I know a lot of guys are interested in hearing so it’s great you shared it. I’ll break it up so it’s easier to get through.

    “The “Naturals” that I know had success with girls in their early teens.”

    I didn’t have success with girls in my early teens. In fact, most of my early teens was spent watching the women I desired walk, hand in hand, with my mates, into bedrooms whilst I was left outside, clearing up the mess from the party. I didn’t lose my virginity till I was 21 (which was also the first girl I’d kissed in 7 years) yet I get more attention from women than just about any other guy I know. So whilst it’s common for naturals to have success early, it’s not necessary.

    “Dare I say that many guys who have found the seduction community had negative experiences early and as such have emotions like fear and anxiety and even anger around women. I don’t see how having a happy life fixes this ? For example, lets say as a child you get bitten by a dog , or a spider etc , no matter how happy you get you’ll have some issues around dogs or spiders.”

    I had many negative experiences with women when I was growing up and I experienced a lot of pain around them too so I know what you mean about that. The point that’s missing here is that there are a couple of realisations that are part of this journey to creating the kind of life you desire with one of the big ones being – who’s responsible for how you feel. And not just on an intellectual level, on an experiential level.

    I don’t normally lay it out this blunt but seeing as we don’t have time to go through a full coaching session, I’m just going to put it out there. Women don’t cause you suffering in your life. You do. All the pain you have experienced, are experiencing, and will experience, is simply a product of how you engage the world – your underlying motivations. When you really get this on an experiential level, you’ll realise that all the pain you’ve attributed to women in your past was actually a product of you being needy and clingy and making women responsible for your happiness. Even further than that, it was actually you that was hurting them, not the other way around.

    This might not make sense if you haven’t been through inner game coaching but I lay out all the specifics in the new book so you should check it out.

    “And we all know guys who have great lives but are pathetic around women, and guys who have pathetic lives but are great around women. Thoughts ?”

    Yeah, I’ve heard this more than once around the community. The first thing to keep in mind here is that just because a guy is doing amazing things, doesn’t mean he has his shit together. And just because a guy is doing things that seem useless, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his shit together.

    A guy can seem like he’s got his shit together on the outside but is really only acting to impress those around him. And a guy can seem like he’s living an average life yet is doing these things as a pure form of expression. But in saying that, I have met a guy or two who is living from expression and still not getting all the success with women he wants.

    In my experience, guys who really have their shit together rarely need help with women (just have a look around the community. The proportion of guys with their life together and guys who don’t is completely lopsided).

    The ones I’ve met who do have their shit together and do need help all have the same issue – unproductive ideas about women.

    Whilst they run the rest of their life doing what they need to do and living their life by what they deem to be right, somewhere along the way they’ve acquired a set of ideas relating to women that are holding them back. A 10 minute conversation is usually all that’s required to straighten them out and then I usually never see them again.

    And there are guys who are living from impression who get success. I’ve seen it many times before. But the one thing to really look at is what kind of women are they ending up with.

    Think about it, if you’re just living your life with a shiny exterior but are hollow and empty on the inside, what kind of women are you going to attract?

    If you’re just superficially attractive but internally dead, what kinds of standards will the women you attract have?

    And what kinds of relationships are you going to have?

    You’re going to attract superficial women, to have superficial conversations with about superficial things and forge superficial relationships. Is that the kind of life you want?

    Of course, this is all purely theoretical. If you have a specific example you’d like to talk about then feel free to share the specifics and I’ll go through it with you.

    I hope that answers your questions.


  8. Andre

    Dear Logun, first of all, sorry about some grammar mistakes I can do, because English is my foreign language!

    I think you’re a very good person buddy! You’re a genious!
    Definetely “Seduction Community Sucks”, “Inner Game Challenge” and your videos from the seminar in Sidney are the best material any men can read or watch about inner game and seduction!

    Even if he’s a PUA or not!

    All of this stuff can change (and will, I hope) lives around the world and it’s all free! Incredible!
    All of us know that we can trust you because you’re simply not trying to sale fake inner game products, materials, or books, DVDs…

    I confess that I was a follower of indirect methods and didn’t have great results because my inner game was terrible and I had lots of AA.

    Your book opened my eyes and this Inner Game Challenge is elevating my inner game to the sky!
    Thank you very much! I really appreciate what you’re doing!


  9. Danilo

    Man, I’ve gotta tell you, this Inner Game stuff really changed the way I see things now.

    When reading the ”Seduction Community Sucks”, I remembered everything I’ve been trough since I discovery this world.

    I went to a party last weekend, and decided just do what I wanted to do, and get one girl I was attracted to without thinking of lines and all these stuff, and guess what?

    I got her, but, this weekend I went to a bar with my friend and his girl friends, and I started to think in what to say to get my value high, avoid rejection, and what happened? Well, I didn’t enjoy the moment, I was really anxious in the enviroment trying to look cool, not showing low value and these stuff.

    After reading the e-book, I remembered every single moment that I really was being myself without worrying about the things, and just trying to have a good time with people around me, and that is how I want be after this inner game challenge, a person that enjoy making people have fun with, a person that laughs even when things seems not so good, a person who helps others when they’re not ok, a person who likes to share good moments with a special girl I might find in my life.

    And I know I’m going to be able to let my personality comes out.

    Thank you for sharing this with me.

  10. Mauro

    And thank you, its funny to see what was happening to me and why that system of seduction was not working.

    lying. that was all. to they and to me. Inner game is the way to go.

  11. Joel

    Hi LoGun,

    I’d like to thank you for these materials that you gave,

    I love this “true” approach of the game,

    Have a nice day,

  12. Dom

    This website will go down in history as one of the most impressive answers to human suffering.

  13. Kevin

    Amazing video – thanks for putting into specifics some vague ideas I’ve been chasing around in my head for years. I’ve been struggling with the paradox of “just being yourself” vs. “changing to be attractive to women”.

    It is so confusing because when I started I certainly wasn’t attractive to women, so I assumed that who I was wasn’t good enough. But the truth is that I was so full of self-doubt that I never actually gave myself a chance! As you said, there’s nothing wrong with change, just change to be a better person rather than changing to please others. You summed it up so nicely with: “it’s the difference between trying to ‘do attractive’ and ‘being attractive'”. Thanks for the enlightening video.

  14. Mike

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. It just takes the right explanation to get a solid point across. This isn’t just some solid tip, This IS IT. Period.

  15. Nigel

    This makes a ton of sense guys. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

  16. Chris

    This video does make some sense but a lot of times I simply act myself and express myself the way I am, and I still end up in the friend zone, any thoughts?

    • LoGun

      Would you say you genuinely express what you desire and live your life on those terms of is ‘expressing what you feel’ a trick you try and use when you’re out of ideas and that’s all that’s left?

      I’m asking because it’s quite common for guys to hold back how they feel and what they desire and then finally crack and let it out, only to be shut down with ‘I just don’t think of you in that way…’ In my expereince, this happens because guys don’t make it clear from the start that they’re attracted to women, and they don’t live their life in a way that women want to be a part of it, so when they finally ‘come clean’, she’s not interested.


      • Eric

        Hey Leigh!
        Once again I can’t re-iterate how great your stuff is. My question is this. How do certain skills (like flirting) come into play when a guy like me has such a hard time doing it? Where does that ability and energy come from.

  17. Pedro

    i understand the point and why anxiety and fears come from.. but i think it stills very shallow the fact that: how do you become who you wanna be? if the only thing that we need to be is oursefs, happy people, how is that possible that you just erase your fears and wake up ” free” the next morning?

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Definitely not my friend. There’s deep underlying mechanisms that you’re currently using to create the pain and frustration you’re experiencing.

      If you don’t find those, understand them, and learn how to use them to expereince what you want then freedom will just be a theoretical idea rather than an achievable goal.

      Have you heard of Endgame? It’s where I show you what’s really going on underneath and what you can do to transform them so that freedom becomes your natural state.

      You can check it out here.

  18. Daan

    The vision from the attraction university is brilliant. I have approached women in the past using routines, tricks and games but these don’t feel authentic.
    I have only just thrown all that of the table and am approaching women from a more ‘finding out who she is’ perspective. However, I am not able to completely chill out and express my true self to them.

    Why? What’s stopping this?

    I understand that the concept of approach anxiety is bullshit. It makes sense that it’s something invented by men. I still feel though, that I need to prove/qualify myself to a woman when I initiate contact with her, and also with new guys.

    What can I do to change my perspective? I know it logically, but in the moment everything changes from logic to emotion.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Hey mate,

      Great to hear you’ve decided to drop the bullshit and get real with women. Speaking from personal experience, this is the most powerful and exciting journey you can go on with women.

      Changing your perspective requires a few subtle changes in focus, perspective and action. I’m writing an article about it now. I’ll make sure I flick it to you when it’s done.


  19. Marcus

    Hey guys,

    Just writing to say that I am very glad to see somebody who is actually genuine and about helping people and not about taking the ego trip of being a guru.
    I also like that you can explain things in a simple manner.
    I myself am into teaching this stuff, and I have to admit that you outdo me and that I am glad to see that are real.

    Keep up the good work, and thank you.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Great to hear you get our stuff. It’s not for everyone but those who do get it, will see just how simple it is to get to the core.

      I’ve never wanted to be a guru and I don’t see myself as one. I’m just a guy who worked out what was in his way and now I’m sharing it with other guys around me. I don’t always get it right and I’vev changed the way I see things many times in the last 5 years but I’m always working to get it right.

      Wicked to hear you’re teaching this stuff as well. If you need a hand with anything, just let me know and I’ll see if I can help out.


  20. Troy Vayanos

    I love the sound of the way you talk about attraction guys. It seems to make a lot of sense to me and I look forward to connecting with you further.


  21. Troy Vayanos

    Thanks Leigh,

    I just sent an email to you guys.

    I would like to organise some phone coaching if possible asap. Can you send me some information.


    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Great mate.

      I got your email and have replied but I haven’t seen anything back from you yet. Have fun with Endgame for now and just get back to me when you’re ready.


    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Great to hear mate. And it’s always great to meet someone else on the same journey.

      I’ve replied to your email. I look forward to chatting more with you soon.


  22. e man

    DEAR L,

    I would like to raise an issue I have.
    To be clear, I haven’t taken “GET REAL” and I haven’t read “END GAME”

    Now, in the Seduction Community’s Defense, I would state that the Seduction Community’s goal is not to transform beta men into true alpha males. I believe that the Seduction Community’s purpose isn’t even guaranteeing true happiness or true love. The Seduction Community is simply there to provide men who have extremely low success with women, with the shortcut to attracting the women they are attracted to.

    In no way doe any of this belittle your work here at the AI. To be quite frank, I was blown away by your inspiring work and your beliefs. I ,as a future customer of end game, truly respect what you stand for. Sadly, we will probably never meet.

    I have an idea, A man can invest his time in AI, and the “END GAME”, learn how to change his destructive behaviors and his life around. Then, use the PUA’s; expertise, stories, advice, tips, understanding of psychology, to advance the man’s own success with women. So, he would be an attractive alpha male, and he would have the skills to beat off any other man in the club, on the street, or even at work.

    DO you have any evidence that can prove my idea wrong.

      • e man

        Dear L,

        I will state that the claim about how the two methods are diametrically opposite does make logical sense. Pushing and pulling are opposites, yet when used together they are capable of making a very strong force of energy and movement. A man that is a complete alpha male, who wants and doesn’t need women, can be really attracted to a female that he wants in his life, maybe for a night, or maybe for long term. Now, can you dispute that if this (hypothetical) man, uses the skills learned from the Seduction Community, as a tool to create attraction between the two individuals without changing who he is internally, that the man will still be able to quit the act he has put up for her, be who he is, without fear, the relationship can blossom. In this case, the man uses the the Seduction Community’s teachings to get a woman that wasn’t originally attracted to him, for whatever reason, and still be himself when he decides gets what he wants.

        As we know, some women also put on acts and masks. As time goes on, we are able to see who they really are on a core level.

      • Leigh (LoGun)

        I’m glad to hear that you agree about the diametrically opposed points of view. That’s great to hear.

        And yes, we could continue to have a theoretical discussion about what might happen or what could be possible, but it’s not going to help either of us.

        In my expereince, guys who find their inner strength and learn to live rich, rewarding, fulfilling lives, and have the strength to share that with those around them, don’t need any Seduction Community Tools to attract the women they want. Like I show in Seduction Community Sucks, they end up naturally doing everything that the seduction community says you should do, without even trying.

        I’m not saying that they couldn’t find any benefit in them if used from the right perspective. I’m just saying that the usually don’t need them.

        But, this is all theoretical. Yes, no, maybe, could, should, didn’t. The only thing that’s going to help you go from where you are now to where you want to be is: what do I need to do NOW to create the interactions with women that I want?

        Good luck.

  23. e man

    Dear L,

    I do agree. I’ve invested time and money into the Seduction Community, and I can see that the points you make really hit the nail on the head; the contradictory techniques, the fake it til’ you make it method, and the band-aid style approach to curing men’s success with women.

    I’m going to purchase “End Game” right away. Things can’t get any worse.

    It’s been great talking to you.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      That’s awesome to hear mate. I’m glad to hear I could help you see ‘the light’ 🙂

      Let me know what you think of Endgame.


  24. e man

    Dear L,

    Endgame was incredible. It was like I was reading a story. I almost cried when Steven began to be a true man, walking up to the girl with the boyfriend as he did, seriously, I ALMOST cried.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      That’s amazing mate. I’m so glad I could have that much of an impact on your life.

      I truly hope that you can take it and run with it now.

  25. e man

    Dear L,

    Thank you.

    I feel like I’ve just got onto a bike…
    When you first get on its a little slow, and you have to use a lot of your strength to push the pedals to get the wheels going. After a couple of tough turns, you gain momentum and riding the bike becomes effortless…

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      I does get MUCH easier, the more you play with it. And yes, it does get effortless after a while.

      Good luck on your ride 🙂


  26. pantsaholic

    I am not fully grasping what you are trying to say, mate.
    Are you saying that even if you are ugly and a broken man on the inside that you just being yourself is still better than the short term change that gets you the short term fling? I repeat, what if who you truly are is unappealing but for some reason you cannot change?
    I am in desperate needed odd something And feel that it is even too late to “Fake it till I make it”.


    • Leigh (LoGun)

      No, I’m not saying ‘Just be yourself’ because that’s obviously not working for you.

      What I’m trying to covey is that there is a very simple way to transform your interactions with women and it involves changing the very core layers you’re running.

      These are the core layers that are responsibile for the reason you’re pushing women away and by changing them, you can eliminate all your issues at once.

      I’m not saying this is a magic bullet. This takes time and effort. But if you commit to it, you can do it.

      So far, the oldest client I’ve worked with was 58 and he had great success with the concepts we teach so you’re not too old.


  27. pantsaholic

    What if who you are on the inside matches how ugly you look on the outside but it seems too late to change? Then how can being yourself work?

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      What is this ‘too late to change’ thing you’re talking about?

      You can alwyas change. That’s the beauty of the human brain.

      If you want to know more about the brains incredible plastic abilities, I HIGHLY recommend you check out The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doige.

      • Victor

        Thanks a lot! Even if you are 22 years old, having hopeness about you can always change is so motivational.

  28. Dino

    Thank you very much. You are the only of teh real use.
    Keeping it free…thank you for sharing your lifes with everyone.
    Honest people do not charge.

  29. BOB

    BORING! I think the difference between what you are saying and what the seduction community is trying to accomplish is very different. The seduction community is focused on getting sex. What you are teaching doesnt accomplish that. What you are teaching is good but it doesnt help you get naked with a chick in less than an hour. This is self-help not seduction.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      I have a different opinion. Both the seduction community and AI are trying to help guys achieve the same end point: Open, free, powerful, and able to attract the women you want, when you want them.

      The difference between us isn’t the end point, it’s the pathway.

      The seduction community focuses on lying, manipulation, tricks. We focus on honesty, internal strength, and inner-power.

      And you’re wrong, this stuff can help you get naked with women in under an hour. It can help you get naked with them in 25 minutes as well. Trust me.

  30. Jamie

    I never tried to start using lines and routines etc. as i am a great believer in being myself and making myself happy (and I’m pretty sure I’m not smart enough to cover up when i mess up my lines), but the thing with impression and expression made a load of sense.. great video dude

  31. Anthony H.

    This is the best ever taught about the Game of life and the best present a person turning 40 could ever ask for. This is more rich than gold. Thank you Leigh once again. Anthony.

  32. Lauris

    Ah! Enjoyed this thoroughly! Your advice in SCS book is really helping me practically. Recently I had a conversation with a girl I really like, and normally I’m very nervous and trying to say the right things, expecting a specific response, etc. This time I consciously reminded myself that whether she likes me the way I am naturally or not at all. So whenever I felt I was about to say something to leave an impression, I didn’t. Whenever I was scared to say something I wanted to, but was scared of leaving the wrong impression, I did. It was a long, pleasant and natural conversation. So I’m certainly on the right path.

    One more thing – the text in the e-mail said: “You never know, this next 8 minutes could be the start of you never needing to watch p0rn again.” Where did that come in? 😀 I admit I still enjoy porn, since I’m single and all that. I don’t find it acceptable when you’re in a relationship, but right now I’m not sure whether it’s wrong or harmful in any way. I might be wrong though.

  33. Carlos

    I just discover AI and your book “community of seduction sucks” 1 month ago, and I’m excited with this. I’m following you because this is what I really want to my life.. not a shallow solution to problems.. but to attack the core of them.

    I’m from Mexico and I don’t speak english, only can read it and write it with problems. I know I need develop a new skill to can follow you (and understand your videos and audios), but it’s ok, I like challenges.

    I have translated and shared someones of your articles with my brother and friends. Some of them seems interested, but they cannot read english and depends of me to translate information of you.

    This video and others are subtitled to spanish in youtube, but it’s not enough.

    I think a great amount of spanish speakers could be interested in know’s this information, but they cannot understand it.

    We need a spanish version of Attraction Institute..

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Glad to hear you’re excited about finding AI.

      And funny you should mention a Spanish version of AI. I’ve just had Endgame translated into Spanish and I’ve got guys translating blog posts into Spanish as well. Once the new site is up and running, I’ll be launching Spanish (and other languages) of AI.

      So, keep your eyes on the blog.

  34. Ayush


    Just after watching that sixteen minutes video, I realised that all this time(for about five years or so) I had been using the method mentioned on the right where I would impress the girl of my dreams(I like Asian girls by the way(“sorry to spill the beans”)) and she would wholly be attracted to me. But now, I have alter those traditional ways and just use that “simple” method mentioned on the left; I am being honest that that is the right fuel for me use against the chick of my dreams. Thanks heaps for the video and will keep an eagle for those bunch of “SPAM”(NOT) E-mails.


    Ayush Bhatnagar.

  35. Paul

    I would like to thank you for the help you’re giving us. I have only known about AI for the past few weeks but I am infinitely grateful for this guy. I’m straight and I am crazy about feminine women whom I adore … which means that the only reason I wish to hug this guy is because of the great service he is giving to humanity. May he be happy for eternity!

  36. Uday

    Great !!

    Now that is called a real stuff.

    Thanks Leigh for sharing it for free !!!

  37. Rad

    Insane in the brain!!!
    This stuff is intensely mind shifting! Thank you guys for speaking about what works!, not just what others say is right or wrong”. You guys speak about how to “be”!!! That’s permanent shit, man! Not just technique rubbish that last a micro second and leaves you floundering!
    Peace to you and keep the fires of wisdom burning!

  38. Vadim

    What you are saying makes perfect sense to me – spot on!
    Now, how do I go about living this rewarding and fulfilling life of a true Alpha male? That is the question 🙂
    Looking for advice, pointers, suggestions

  39. TEN RANZ

    AMAZIN MR LEIGH where were u all this time …I even have the ebook its helps a lot

  40. Joe

    I would like any help on how to become the person I always wanted to. Or better yet the person I am and interns makes me attractive

  41. rishesh bhat

    sir, still having problems with doing pathways. though much more real and authenticate . i still feel like shit when i m doing thing i don’t love it’s so boringand monotone .. think it’s time for change . plzz help

  42. ajisegiri olajide ademola

    send me the video -inner game challenge. and also your book end game

  43. Benkvulo

    All I can say is Thank You. I have been taking stupid advice in the past. When my true self was much better.

  44. david

    I’d like to hear a males perspective. She makes a comment to me when I introduce myself; Oh! You just want this, pointing to her groin. How do I get it across that if I don’t like you I could care less if We to the bump. the last thing I want is another fuck buddy! Try to be friends.


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