Get Women To Like You.

Getting her to like you is a waste of time.

Sure she’s beautiful, and I bet you’ve never met anyone else like her before either, but trying to get her to like you isn’t going to help you get what you want.

Let me show you why…

I see so many guys worrying about trying to get the girl to like them. It becomes the sole mission of their interaction.

They tell stories they think she wants to hear, to try and find common interests, they avoid all possible tensions.

What they don’t realise is, not only is it totally unnecessary, but more importantly, it’s completely counter-productive.

Firstly, lets start with unnecessary.

How can it be unnecessary to get someone to like you? How many women have you heard of talking about the ‘arseholes’ they sleep with?

How many times have you had a female friend, especially the super hot ones, complain about the way the guy she’s sleeping with treats her, and despite all the obvious issues, she still sleeps with him?

I’m sure we’ve all heard it at least once…

What’s the point of bringing this up? She doesn’t need to ‘like’ you to want to be attracted to you or want to sleep with you.

Liking someone and being attracted to someone are totally separate and either one isn’t a prerequisite for the other.

You can be attracted to someone and hate them, and you can like someone and never have any intention of sleeping with them.

If you just want to be her friend, go mental for it. If you’re actually interested in beginning a sexual relationship with her, your time together could be much better spent.

Now I’m not advocating being some kind of Macho jerk and treat her like shit but trying to be her friend is going to get you nowhere.

Ok, so now you know it’s unnecessary, let’s move onto counter-productive.

If you’re trying to get someone to like you, how are you going to act around them?

Are you going to push their buttons and build tension, or are you going to try and keep everything very nice and friendly?

Are you going to lead her around or are you going to follow her where she wants?

Are you going freely talk about everything that comes to mind or are you always going to try and talk about the things she likes?

Are you going to openly state your opinions or are you going to wait until you find out what she likes to agree with her?

Are you going to risk escalating sexually or are you going to stay away from the risky edge?

Essentially, are you going to be the kind of Man she desires and stand on your own two feet or are you going to be like every other guy she doesn’t want to sleep with and live on your knees?


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