How Incredible Do You Want Your Life To Be?

How incredible do you want your life to be?

Do you want it to be REASONABLY incredible?

Do you want it to feel an AVERAGE amount of greatness?

Do you dream of experiencing a bit more than half of what life has to offer you?

Now, do you think you can ever experience the extremes of pleasure, happiness, and fulfillment that you crave without going head first into life?

“A life lived at anything less than 110% is a life half lived.”

How can you ever experienced unbelievable levels of satisfaction and fulfillment without devoting yourself 100% to the thing you desire?

How can you ever experience the power of your true greatness without challenging yourself harder and harder each day?

This is something that struck me HARD tonight.

I’ve decided that there are going to be big changes at AI.

I’m not satisfied with the way just about anything is done here and I think it can be done better.

I think I can be FAR more effective at helping you transform your life and I intend to make it that way.

The first step in making this transition is working out what you’re looking for.

As part of Get Real, we ask every participant to write a vivid description of the life they desire to live. After all, you can’t take steps towards the life you want if you don’t know what it is.

To get a better understanding of what the ‘average’ AI guy is looking for, I started reading through ones from previous students.

There were a couple of very strong commonalities throughout all of them, but the one that really hit me was the level of energy that EVERY single guy engage his life with.

There was no ‘Oh, I sat on the couch, flicking through the TV for an hour…’. It was all intensity. The work was intense, the conversations were deep, the flirting was direct and overt, even the rest was purposeful and directed!

Everything about life was at 110%

This made me think about my life.

My life is pretty sweet. I have the most incredible girlfriend in the entire world. I spend most of my day doing things that I love. I laugh as often as I desire. I have meaningful conversations with many people throughout my day. But something’s been missing. Life’s been GOOD but not GREAT.

Reading through these Perfect Days helped me realise what was missing.


I’ve been cruising.

I’ve been on auto pilot.

It’s been easy, simple, fun, and cool. But that’s all it’s been.

This stops now. From now on, it’s all out.

I’m going to work hard, play hard, talk deep, flirt intensely, and then go to bed at night feeling like I couldn’t have given anything more today.

I spent the rest of the night going at 100%. I listened to people like it was the last conversation I was ever going to have. I gave everything I had to every moment. I’m even writing this post with greater focus that I ever have before!

And the change? Amazing. Really amazing.

So, this is the challenge I’m putting out to you.

Your challenge is to live your day tomorrow as intense as you can. See how much happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction you can cram into one day.

Openly pursue your desires. Challenge yourself to be as powerful as possible. Be as real as you can stomach. Push towards the life you want.

See how much you can experience in one, short day.

Take control, live your life on your terms, and see what you can create.

Oh, and one more thing.

I’m making big changes to AI and would love your input.

What do you like? But, more importantly, what don’t you like?

This place is built to help you create the life you want. So, help me help you create the life you want. What more do you want to see? In your perfect world, what would change at AI?

I’m putting this out there so you can’t complain that when you don’t get what you want.

Remember, intensity. Turn put the volume.

I’m challenging you to be as real, honest, and open with me as you possibly can.

The best suggestion will win a free copy of Endgame for your trouble.

Just message me at ‘leigh at attraction institute dot org’


PS. The doors have closed on the May 16th class. Thank you for all the great guys who signed up. I’m excited to get stuck into this with you all. I think it’s going to be fun.

To all the guys who missed out, I apologise, but we have to keep classes small to make sure that everyone get’s enough attention.

Please keep your eye’s on the Get Real page for the next date update.

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