How to be Successful With Women in the Wrong Way

Have you ever been around someone that made you feel less valuable, less important and most of all not as cool as you thought you were? As you travel through life there are people that you will meet that will make you doubt yourself. You can’t quite understand what it is about them but they make you very unsure of yourself. Chances are high that those people are very good with women.

Throughout my life I have met several people like that. They had very charming personalities but there was always something off about them. Something that I could never put my finger on until now. There was always an undertone of superiority to them. It was not obvious like a rich person showing off his Jaguar or a bragging type of personality. It was very subtle until I started noticing the signs.

These people would make you feel as if you were beneath them in some way. It wasn’t the words that they used or their body language that told you this. No, it was the presence that was their tell. Spend enough time with them and you will begin to hear their message loud and clear.

The subtle ‘better than you’ personalities were almost always good with women. They were able to get away with things that most men couldn’t. Women would follow their every word and every command as if these men knew the secrets to the universe.

What was it that they were doing that would get women to do whatever they wanted? How did they get women so attracted to them?

The answer to that is manipulation. These women were being manipulated into being attracted to these men.

The best way to manipulate someone is by throwing them off balance by getting them to doubt themselves. Once a person is off balance you can easily gain control and push them in any direction that you want.

Our self esteems are fragile in the beginning years of our lives . We are doubtful, insecure and unsure of ourselves as we enter our teen years. Some grow out of this phase but many don’t. These insecurities and lack of solid self esteem continues throughout their lives. These people are easily manipulated by the ‘better than you’ personality types.

When yourself esteem isn’t strong enough it doesn’t take much for you to feel off balance and become unsure of yourself. A ‘better than you’ personality will make you doubt your value or status. You will start to ask yourself what is wrong with me? around these people. When that happens your self esteem is questioned and you need to re-validate yourself.

In that moment you will do almost anything to gain this person’s validation because your self esteem depends on it. Now they have you right where they want you. You strive and you strive to regain their approval but never quite get it. You have a carrot on a stick that no matter how fast you run you can never catch.

Unfortunately many women today have low self esteems. They are bombarded with the illusion of beauty on every channel on television. Constantly searching to feel good about themselves through expensive jewelry, dieting programs and validation from others. They become perfect targets for the ‘better than you’ type of personality.

It’s quite simply and easy how he gets women to fall for him. All he has to do is take away the one thing they crave the most…validation. Once that is out of the picture women are putty in his hands, he is free to do whatever he pleases. The women strive to get his attention and validation by any means necessary. He can sleep with them at this point or dangle the carrot just a little further out of reach to make them really work for it.

The cycle of validation continues because he will always make the woman feel like there is something wrong with her. Her self esteem hangs in the balance as she strives to prove her worthiness to him. This will go on until the girl wises up or the guy gets bored.

There are four things necessary when getting people to work for your validation:

1. Aloofness
2. Subtle better than you attitude
3. Reward/punishment
4. Charming personality

The first three feed into one another. A non-reactive personality (aloof) never gives anyone clues as to whether or not you approve of them. NO ONE can get a solid read on you or your intentions will be found out very quickly.

Being aloof causes those around you to jump to conclusions about your opinion of them. They search their brains for the answer but as we all know the mind almost never gives a positive response. Your poker face and their negative minds makes people believe that you don’t like them.

Addictions are formed through reward/punishment. People don’t get addicted to gambling by winning all the time. They get hooked by winning every so often. The hope of hitting it big keeps them running back to the slots time and time again.

In order to get women addicted you must reward them every so often. This is done by giving them a small sign of your approval. If you never give them any sign of validation they will get too frustrated and give up entirely. The key is recognize when this is happening and give them a reward. A compliment will do or any indication that you actually like them.

Quickly after you are done giving the reward you must revert back to being aloof otherwise they might not work as hard to get your validation. You must always dangle the carrot just out of reach and make them believe they almost have it but never fully giving it to them. Once they know they have your validation they won’t need you any more.

The last part of this manipulation equation is a charming personality. You need to lure people into your fun little game. Without the bells and whistles no one will be drawn in. You need to be likable, otherwise your subtle ‘better than you’ attitude will come off as arrogance. Arrogance is not liked unless it is mixed with charm. Then it becomes powerfully addicting.

I tell you all of this in an attempt to not get you to use manipulation to get women to like you. In making you aware of what a ‘better than you’ type of man uses I hope you will realize what is truly going on here.

If you use manipulation on women you are taking from them, plain and simple. They spend days, weeks and even years in an emotionally unbalanced state all for your desires. You can get women this way but you need to ask yourself is the juice really worth the squeeze?

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4 Responses

    • May

      Shame on you. Pathetic to resort to something like this. You must be desperate and insecure.

      • Dima

        How exactly did you translate “Thank you” into “this is a good idea, this is how i am going to do it” ?
        Because it could have been “Thank you” now i know why the douchebag gets the girls…it is not because he is better than me, it is because he is a piece of manipulative crap, or,
        “Thank you, now i know how to watch out from this people”
        Why you chose the first option ?

  1. Adrian

    I used to be this type of hunter, back in 2008 and 2009. And the thing is, I learnt it all from a woman.


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