How To Impress a Girl: One Secret They’re Not Telling You

Impressing a girl is easy.

VERY easy, when you know what you’re doing…

And if you’re not impressing women right now, it’s because you’re listening to advice that misses the most important point.

There’s plenty of advice on how to impress a girl floating around the internet.

Apparently, the way to impress a girl is:

–       Buy her flowers

–       Take her to expensive restaurants

–       Brag about the important people you know

–       Tell stories about the exciting things you’ve done

–       Learn to be a good listener

Have these worked for people in the past? Sure they have.

I’m sure there’s someone who’s bought a girl flowers, or taken her to an expensive restaurant and she’s been impressed.

Will they work for you?

No, and here’s why.

Have you ever spent time with someone who you could tell was doing things just to impress you?

The kind of person who exaggerates stories, changes the way they talk, even changes the way they act, just to impress you…

The kind of person who just reeks of neediness because they’re trying SOOO hard to impress you…

Did you find them impressive?

Did you even want to hang out with them?

No, I didn’t think so.

Now, flip that around.

Think of the most impressive people you know.

They ones you hang out with and just think ‘Wow…’

Do they do things just to impress you?

Do they change the way they act or talk just to try and change the way you think about them?

No, they do what they want, when they want to, because they want to do it.

They’re not worried about what changing the way people think about them because they don’t care whether or not they impress people.

The reason that none of these tips on how to impress a girl will work for you is that you’re trying to impress the girl.

You’re making yourself needy, clingy, and dependent on her to feel good.

You’re making her feel the exact same way you feel when someone tries to impress you.

Is that what you want to do?

Do you want her to feel repulsed in the same way you feel repulsed when someone tries to impress you?

The act of trying to impress her is the very thing that’s preventing you from impressing her.

Here’s the secret of how to impress a girl – stop trying to impress her.

Stop trying to change the way she thinks about you just so you can feel good.

Stop being needy, clingy, and pushing her away by trying to trick her into being impressed by you.

Learning tricks to impress her isn’t going to fix the fact that you’re not impressing her.

It’s not going to fix the real problem.

Something deeper has to change to become the kind of Man who is naturally impressive to women.

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14 Responses

  1. ez_attraction

    Good article. It really is counterintuitive. The way to impress a girl is actually not to try and impress her. The last thing to do as a guy is to start acting needy and clingy.

  2. Aimee

    Flipping the script is a brilliant way to get the girl investing and chasing you which increases attraction.

  3. ebony eyes everly brothers

    This will show your weak side and she’ll keep on pushing you away.
    Chances are, you will probably adore the attention lavished on your freshly pedicured tootsies too.
    You’ll sometimes have access to unique dialogue options when dealing with the opposite sex.

  4. Randall

    I don’t try and impress girls, or anyone. The results have been nothing- literally. This advice is counterintuitive for a reason.

  5. Deepak

    Great post that was very helpful. I loved the way you explained everything so nicely.

  6. Akshay Zingade

    How To Impress a Girl: One Secret They’re Not Telling You is very wonderful article i like this. and this is actual true. i followed same instructions it works very well. thank you


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