How To Live YOUR Life Plan

So, what do you do now?

You know you can’t keep living someone else’s life plan. You know your parents / societies / even my life plan isn’t going to work for you.

This might strike you as a surprise but there’s only one life plan that’s going to work for you: Yours.

It can’t be borrowed from some cool guy you know from school, it can’t be the one you read in Endgame, it can’t even be the life plan you came up with 5 years ago.

Anything less than building the exact future that you want, right now, is going to a let down.

You will only experience excitement when you beyond YOUR edge.

You will only experience fulfilment when you achieve something YOU care deeply about.

You will only experience power when you push through YOUR barriers and prove to yourself that you’re the master of your reality.

And all of these things only happen when you live your life plan.

So, the inevitable question: How?

How do you start building that fulfilling, rewarding, passionate life?

How do you stop relying on polite smiles and shy giggles to feel good?

How do you get out of your head and start moving forward with power and authenticity?

Don’t stress if this is a question you’re asking. It’s a pretty common place to be in.

One of the most frequent issues guys face through Get Real is realising that they need to start living their life on their terms, but because they’ve spent so long following someone else’s life plan, they don’t know how to do it.

So here’s the answer:

There are a few key steps you need to cover in order to make sure that your path a simple and rewarding but they all start with one step:

Your One Perfect Day.

It’s an exercise from the end of Section 2 of Get Real and it has one simple purpose: to help you discover what you really want.

And not in a vague list of kind of fun activities you could do for a while before getting bored, kind of way.

The One Perfect Day is all about discovering the kind of life you want to live – beyond all the thoughts and ideas you’ve been told you need to live and discovering whats real for you – so you can move forward powerfully and freely.

If you know that living someone else’s life plan isn’t going to help you become the kind of Man you’ve always dreamed of being, but you’re not 100% sure of where you need to be focussing your attention, this is the exercise for you.

Set your foundations now: One Perfect Day.

It’s an exercise that will take you a little bit of time to work through, especially if you’ve been focussing on living someone else’s life plan more than your own.

Some guys write 1,000 words in an hour, stick it on their wall, and walk out and start living it.

Some guys write 10,000 words over 4 days and sit and contemplate it for a few weeks more.

It’s different for every guy and every guy will come up with a different response.

But, if you have any aspirations of becoming the confident and independent Man that drives women crazy, then this is where you need to start.

Get started now: One Perfect Day







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3 Responses

  1. Pras


    Does it mean that if your are living your life plan, you become present 100 percent of the time in every moment and the mind does not drift off into other moments?

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      It’s a common side effect because it means you’ll be focussing on the life you want to live rather than on what other people tell you to live but it’s not a guarantee.

      You can still get caught up in your head thinking about everything else going on around you, even when you’re living your vision.

  2. Horny

    Yeah, good shit man! Lately I’ve been more inspired to live life on my own terms because of reading AI and seeing the first vid in your newsletter and I really gotta get that “Perfect Day” exercise done soon.

    Thx for this article Leigh.


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