How to start a movement

I know there are a lot of guys who read this blog who want to start something big. They want to make a difference to the world and are looking for a way to do it.

Here’s a short video that explains just how to start a movement.


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5 Responses

    • LoGun

      This is such an awesome video. I love it. What a dude.

      It’s so funny how the guys who originally showed up were making fun of him but he just kept going with what he wanted to do By the end of it, everyone wanted to be his mate.

      The power of doing what you want is incredible.

  1. Josef

    I will like to star a movement for heal people in all the ways in my litle country or in any place… David Hawkins says if one can reach the level of conciousness of 600 one can heal all around himself… How reach that is the question?? Leigh talk obout “turn up the volume” a thing that I really dont understand well, Now, I try to stay more conected with love or positive atracctors like: soft music, humanity arts, peace images, buda osho quotes, things like that… i think that is abut turn up the volume, I meet with people almost everday how live in sadness or heavy stress and that really kill them in slow ways, (i have days like that somedays, and really these web help so much, thanks for that), and that days people with lovely energy (males and females) really heal me a lots, and the true is, excluding all the other stuff of my life, i really will like to make people good or happy in strong ways, espiritually ways, in existence ways, like a devolution for all what i takes from them, I think thats is my north…


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