How To Text Women: AI’s Ultimate Texting Guide

When you first locked eyes across the crowded bar…

…your heart jumped, your stomach twisted, and for some obscene reason, your feet started marching across the bar towards her.

You flirted, you played, she giggled, you felt more and more confident.

After 3 trouser-straining hours, her friends dragged her away but not before she slid her number into your hand.

You go home, wake up, dig the number out of your pocket, now what do you do next?

It doesn’t feel right to call so soon, but how do you craft a message that not only conveys your personality but reminds her just why she gave you her number in the first place?

I’ve just spent an hour, chatting with my girlfriends best friend as she sips red wine and tries to craft the perfect text to allure the cute but frustratingly aloof guy-next-door.

(He literally lives two doors down)

I was going to share some of the ‘text to success’ secrets I gave her, but after reading it, it just felt like another PU manual designed to pretend that you’re someone you’re not.

So, I scrapped it and went for the AI take.

Far simpler. Far easier. And FAR more too the point.

The secret to crafting the perfect text message is:

Be the same cool, fun, charming guy you were when she met you.

That’s all there is to it.

She didn’t give you her number because she could tell you read some PUA text manuals and thought you were going to send her some funny texts.

She didn’t give you her number because she could tell you were going to do lots of study before you first texted her and that would make things more interesting.

She gave you her number because she liked you and wanted to talk to you again.

Read that again: She gave YOU her number because she liked YOU and wanted to talk to YOU again.

Not me. Not Mystery. Not mPUA GrandSexWizards Guaranteed Text Success.


If she’s interested in YOU and gave YOU her number, then she wants to talk to YOU.

The ONLY reason you would ever need to memorise some PUA text guide is if you spent the night pretending to be someone else, and she was drunk enough to fall for your charade. If you got her number by using someone elses personality then you’re going to need their personality to keep her interested.

But, if you’ve been applying anything you’ve read on AI to becoming the kind of Man that women are naturally attracted to, then reading and using text guides is a complete waste of time.

So, if you’re staring down at a blank screen, wondering how you can craft an interesting and engaging text…

…just think back to the version of yourself you were being when she gave you her number and go from there.





P.S. For anyone who cares or wants actual pointers on this, here is the text guide I originally wrote (You’ll see the AI twist later in the article).

1. Always use English

It’s never OK to use text speak. Ever. You’re not illiterate so don’t pretend to be. Use full words, punctuation, and proper grammar.

2. Keep it light

If you have something deep, powerful, real, and meaningful to share, talk over the phone. Text is for quick, light, and fun communication. If you want to discuss anything deeper than trying to organise a time to see each other or some playful sexting, call her.

Texting is a fast and fun way to share exchange short pieces of information. That’s it.

3. Be specific

Saying things like “Do you want to meet some time?” just means she has to then text back and tell you when she’s free before you can say when you’re free and it just takes too much time.

Say things like “I’ve just had the pope cancel our Thursday 3pm and Bill Gates has the flu so my Friday’s free as well. Which one works for you?”

It makes it faster, easier, and saves a whole lot of mucking around.

Also, making vague statements comes across as indecisive and needy.

4. Share your journey

If she asks you what you’re up to on Thursday and you’re busy, don’t just say “I can’t meet up.” Share something about yourself and give her a reason to want to talk to you.

“I’m taking 95 year olds on a magical journey through sight and sound (I don’t know if you know this, but I’m kind of a big deal)” (This is the exact text we just sent her neighbour) is so much more exciting than “Sorry, I’m busy tomorrow”.

5. Be playful

Most of the time, real life is kind of mundane. Don’t be afraid to embellish your adventures to take her on a magical journey.

If you’re doing it to impress her, stop immediately. If you’re doing it to make things more playful and fun, you rock.

6. Have a purpose

Conversations over text and difficult, long, and frustrating. Have a reason to text her and keep that in mind. Deal with the issue at hand, get it done, and get out.

There’s FAR too much room for miscommunication and misinterpretation in written communication and you want to avoid it as much as possible.

“But isn’t AI all about not using tips and techniques?”

You’re right. 100%. These tips aren’t answers, they’re signposts pointing you to something deeper.

Can you see any commonalities that run through these points?

Can you see how they might relate to everything else on AI?

If you’re struggling, answer this: How would a guy have to live his life to naturally communicate like this?

What is the deep core that drives this kind of communication?

In order to naturally communicate like this, would a guy have to live a lonely, depressing, and frustrating life or would a guy have to live an exciting and exciting adventure?

In order for a guy to naturally communicate like this, would a guy have to sit around on his arse, waiting for happiness and fulfilment to fall into his lap or would he have to be in the field, taking action, pushing through his fears, and actively creating the life he wanted?

In order for a guy naturally communicate like this, would a guy have to be paralysed by his fear of rejection or would he be comfortable openly and frely expressing himself?

He would have to:

1. Be living an intrinsically rewarding life (so that things would be fun and light)
2. Connect easily with people (to eliminate a fear of rejection so that he wouldn’t be afraid of sharing specifics about his life)
3. Have a clear image of what he wants and not be afraid to go after it

Funnily enough, these are the exact same qualities that women are attracted to in the first place and all seduction techniques are born from.

Interesting, isn’t it.

Bonus tips:

1. Remind her

If it’s the first time you’ve messaged her, make sure you mention an in-joke that you had so she knows who it is. She might have given her number to 5 guys that night and you want to make sure she can tell which one you were.

If you want to make it even more fun, tell her a random or strange name to write your name under in her phone.

2. Advice line

If you really want to get her to remember you, as soon as she puts her number in your phone, call her.

If she looks at you weirdly, tell her to pick up.

When she does, tell her: “Hey, I just met this really cute girl but I’m worried she’s just going to use me for sex. Do you think I should see her again?”

It’s funny.

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  1. Jammer

    Most women (and men) are extremely boring texters. That is, until they meet me.

    I’m sure I’m saved as “Jack’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome”, “Jack’s Haemorrhoids” and “Tyler” somewhere.

  2. Mr. M

    The are becoming so easier for me here in AI. In other times, i would spend a whole day thinking about what to message and reading the “ultimate flawless powerfull insane text guide”. Now i will only say what i’ve gotta say.

    Fucking awesome.


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