How To WRESTLE The Dating Power Back From Women

A very heated discussion started on the forum yesterday about women and power.

The guy who started the thread was saying that seduction / relationships are unfair because women have all the power.

I know that I felt like this for a long time so I thought I’d share the simple answer of how to wrestle back the power.

How To Get The Power Back From Women INSTANTLY!!!

I have developed a fool proof, guaranteed, one step system for INSTANTLY wrenching the power back that women have long held over our heads.

It’s controversial, complicated, but necessary if Men are ever going to rise above the bottom feeding position we’ve been handed in today’s society and find the space and freedom to achieve our potential.

My unbeatable solution for getting your power back from women in dating is:

Stop giving it to them.

Yes. It’s that simple.

Women don’t intrinsically have any power. No more than a rock, or a tree, or a fish (or a Man).

Power in relationships isn’t some kind of element on the periodic table or one of Einstein’s immutable laws of nature.

The person that has the power in dating and relationships is determined SOLELY by the people in the relationship.

The Man can have the power.

The Woman can have the power.

Both can have the power.

And, funnily enough, neither can have power.

A Man will have power when he has something the woman desires.

A Woman will have the power when she has something that the Man desires.

Both will have power when they’re both independently fulfilled yet both enjoy being around the other person.

Neither will have the power when they’re both lacking something that the other has.

Power is dictated by need.

If women have the power in your relationships, then it’s because you need something from them.

The way to get the power back in your relationships is to stop needing something from them.

When you stop using women to feel strong, Manly, important, validated, accepted, cool, worthy, or anything else you could possibly use women for, then they’ll have as much power over you as the seat you’re sitting in to read this.

ADVANCED: How To Have Power Over Women

Have a guess. If you’ve read more than half a dozen articles on AI, it should be pretty obvious.

When you stop trying to get something from women, they stop having power over you.

But it doesn’t leave you with a feeling of power in your life.

You’re still lacking what you want.

Now that you’ve decided to man up and take responsibility for what you want from life rather than demanding it from others, you are on a very empowering journey.

One that could lead to feeling rewarded, fulfilled, strong, powerful, and free.

When you start to create a life that is internally satisfying and allows you to freely share your happiness with those around you, guess what happens?

You now have something that other people want.

You have the secret elixir to drawing people in and having ‘power’ over them.

This includes women.

Now, funnily enough, when you reach this place, you’re going to have absolutely no desire to have power over anyone, including women, because you’ve already got what you want.

But, the power will still be there.


In Conclusion

The way to ‘fix’ the power imbalance between Men and Women in relationships is to stop trying to use women for anything. Stop trying to get validation, acceptance, happiness, or fulfilment from women and then they stop having power over you.

Flipping the script and becoming the kind of Man who has power over women involves becoming the kind of Man who can freely give women what they want without asking anything in return.

You won’t want power over women when you reach this place, but it’s a great place to achieve.

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17 Responses

    • tdh

      yeah, leigh really took care of his body since he posted the last video

      • Leigh (LoGun)

        Haha… Glad to know that all the hard work is getting noticed 🙂

        The surgery went well as well. I’m on hormone replacement therapy and the changes should be noticeable soon.

    • Diocletian0753

      Women have a lot of power now because men have dropped the ball. Women run the family. Women run their bodies including their right to abort. Women are in high positions in business, law, medicine and the military. I’m a man and truly believe women run things better. Men have fallen from grace by their shabby treatment of women as in multiple cases of date rape. Women are arming themselves. Why do you think judges generally rule in favor of women in cases of rape, abuse and domestic violence?

  1. ari

    “You might blow your load if you’re not prepared”. Dude I just have to say WTF.

  2. ari

    You mentioned “feeling rewarded, fulfilled, strong, powerful, and free”. That´s long for following your dreams, i guess. But I do have a doubt. Does that strong feeling involve getting famous with what you desire or just do what you desire without possibly getting famous? Famous people are natrually attractive, they have the “power” that drags people to them, right (or not?).

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      No, it doesn’t involve getting famous. There are a lot of famous people who I couldn’t stand having lunch with.

      You’re confusing what you want to experience with how you want to expereince it. They’re two COMPLETELY different things and are the fundamental basis of every problem you face, not only with women, but in any other area of your life.

      Have you read Endgame yet? I break it down in a LOT of detail in there.

  3. hopelessguy

    dude i’m a straight man who needs pussy for biological reasons, how can women NOT have something i need?

    • Ree

      You can find a blow-up doll just for biological reasons. Women are sick of being used for biological reasons as if they have no needs of their own and no other use than to satisfy your biological needs.

  4. Tothersider

    I think the manifestation of this removal of power is a lot of young men giving up on actual women, and turning instead to porn to meet their needs.

    If we’re honest, a dating environment where men had equal power would look like the gay men hook up scene. Instead, dealing with straight women can sometimes feel like dealing with a sort of Sex Mafia, who even shame those of their own as “sluts” who turn on the taps a bit too much, and make it too easy for men to access sex.

    So yes – although this article is superficially true, all you do by “not granting her power” is remove yourself from the situation. You want nothing, therefore you make no moves towards that, therefore nothing happens. After that, I suppose you hope you get noticed for how much you don’t need women.

    I think the thesis presented in this article needs a lot of work.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Thanks for your reply.

      The theme that seems to be running through this reply is that you believe that you’re not attractive to women and in order to get sex from women, you have to convince them to sleep with you. That’s why you believe that the only way to remove the power from women’s hands is to stop dealing with them at all.

      What I’m attmepting to say in this article is that if you didn’t think you were unattractive and weren’t trying to convince women to sleep with you, and instead, were just trying to find women you connect with on a real and powerful level, then they wouldn’t have the power.

      Obviously, this would require for you to eliminate the barriers that are causing women to find you unattractive, but that’s a conversation for a whole other thread.

      • Tothersider

        No Leigh, I’m saying that if there truly was equal power, the straight dating scene would resemble either the gay or lesbian dating scenes. It does not.

        I’m only pointing out that the option a lot of young men are taking instead lies in the 70% of Internet traffic that is used to access porn, and the sad reflection of this in young women, who now seem to feel compelled to become part of this scene because that seems to be where many of the men are going.

        I read another expert recently who was convinced of the opposite problem – that young women were putting out too freely to unsuccessful young men, which was harming society because they were therefore not driven to succeed in order to receive sex!

        I think it’s a bit unfair to rote response me as if I’m projecting – personally I have few issues TODAY with my relations with women, but like a lot of young men, had trouble negotiating the dating maze when younger. To this end your site is excellent.

        However, maybe it’s useful to acknowledge the power disparity and move on. At least that way young men won’t wonder what’s wrong with them when the power of veto always seems to lie with the ladies. You’re not a loser if you’re not appealing to women your own age; give it a few years and your stocks may rise while theirs plateau. For what it’s worth, men’s power seems to lie in nothing happening unless they/we want it to – you don’t get hassled by unwanted attention, and the ball is generally in your court to advance proceedings.

      • Leigh (LoGun)

        I understand what you’re saying and I can completely see how you would see it like that. There was a time in my life where I felt like I had no power in my relationships with women.

        What I’m suggesting though is that it doesn’t have to exist that way. I know this because I now sit on the other side of the equation.

        I’m incredibly fortunate to have a lot of incredibly attractive women in my life who I know I would be able to start a relationship with if I wanted to.

        This isn’t because of some kind of magic trick or genetic abnormality, it’s because I worked on becoming the kind of Man I’d always wanted to be and it happens to be the kind of Man that a lot of women are attracted to.

        Yes, from a particular perspective, it can seem like women have all the power. But, I can say with 100% conviction, that it is possible to be on the complete other side of the spectrum.

  5. Ree

    This article is BS. Most women sit at home hoping that one of the many men who asked for their number will eventually call. Men ask for women’s numbers, we give them to you, and then we never hear from you after that. When the ball is in your court, kick it.

    • carl

      That is complete B.S. most men get rejected and not get numbers! As a matter of fact most men have to go through heaps of rejection just to get a few numbers so no that is not true.

  6. LuciferNiggerbastard007

    Maybe women wouldn’t be so obsessed with having power over men if men wouldn’t treat women that liked them like shit. But that’s not what happens.

    Our culture in the USA has had male and female children in famous TV shows treating eachother like shit all the time. Shit like Married with Children and 7th heaven and other things basically call a family’s might and their ties into question.

    When you listen to that you get compelled to “Keep up with the Joneses” and then you model lack of confidence.


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