If You Were Going To Die In 6 Months..

I had a really strange dream last night where my sister was going to die in 6 months.

That got me thinking about how I would change and what I would do if I was going to die in 6 months.

So, my question to you is:

Do you prefer orange or apple juice?

Oh, and what would you do, and what would change about your life if you knew YOU were going to die in 6 months?


Have a think about it for a moment before reading on – it will help you learn a valuable lesson.

The reason I asked you that question was because when I thought about what I would change if I was going to die in 6 months, I came to the conclusion that I would change absolutely nothing.

I MAY work at the bar less but that’s only because I wouldn’t need the money to keep me going. I’d probably still be there at least once a week because I genuinely love the people who come in.

I’d keep putting together the preseason stuff that I was working on for football and I would definitely keep working on Attraction Institute inner game stuff.

In fact, the only thing that would really change would be to focus even harder on Attraction Institute to make sure it was fully functional by the time I passed away.

I realised that this will be my legacy to the world: bringing happiness and freedom to all those who desire it.

To every Man and Woman on this earth, nothing would bring me more joy than to see them all reach their full potential as human beings.

Leaving behind this, for them to utilise when the time came right would be my greatest gift to the world.

And when I am merely ashes tumbling through the wind and my name is long forgotten, the freedom that I helped people achieve will continue to give others the hope of finding their freedom.

From my heart,



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