Inner Game 101 (FREE PODCAST).

– Have you ever seen a girl in the street, but don’t approach because you think it will be embarrassing if someone sees you get rejected?

– Have you ever taken a girl on a date, walked her home, got a kiss on the cheek and never saw her again?

– Are you free and unrestrained around girls who you’re not that into, but crumble as soon as you see a hottie?

– Do you want to have relationships with multiple women – without lying to them?


– Are you curious what we think about RSD and Mehow?

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then you can get the answers in this podcast:



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  1. Chris

    Hey guys. I was actually really curious to hear your thoughts on RSD and their teachings – listened to the whole podcast though and either it wasn’t in there or I just zoned out and missed it.


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