Your Weirdness is your Greatest Gift

If you start this journey…

In fact, if you’re even interested in the journey of taking control, choosing your own destiny, bucking the tred, finding your vision, and living your own life, people are going to think you’re weird.

Trust me, it’s going to happen.

– People are going to look at you when you start to dance in the middle of the street.
– People are going to ask questions when you say “I don’t drink…”
– People are going to judge you when you drop out of accounting to study Fine Arts.

People are going to think you’re weird.

And you know what? It’s ok.

It’s ok to be weird.

The greatest people who have ever walked this earth were weird.

Steve Jobs was weird. Stephen Hawking is weird. Arnold Schwarzenegger is weird. Bill Hicks is weird. Richard Branson is weird. Will Smith is weird. Matin Luther King was weird. Ghandi was weird.

And not to even suggest that I’m ANYWHERE near the level of these guys, but I’m the weirdest fucking guy you will ever meet.

I cry during TV commercials. I dance at the train station. I do handstands on the sidewalk. I play and laugh and joke around with anyone who’ll listen to my stupid and pointless antics.

I say inappropriate things at inappropriate times to inappropriate people with unfortunate consequences.

I never ‘got’ the conversations that other guys my age had. I was never interested in hanging out and doing all the things they were into. I always felt weird. I always felt separate from the group.

It took me a long time to realise that the fact that I didn’t fit wasn’t the problem. The real problem was that I was trying to fit in with people who just didn’t ‘get’ me.

If a woman is ever going to choose you above every other guy she meets in the street, you need to stand out. You need to be different. You need to give her a reason to pick you over the next guy.

Being weird is a step in the right direction. Being weird is your advantage.

Confident, strong, beautiful, in-demand women never choose a guy because he was a vague, grey fog that she couldn’t separate from every other guy she’d ever met.

To stand out from the crowd, to separate yourself from the masses, to be the kind of Man that high quality women consciously choose, you have to be weird. It’s your gift.

If someone doesn’t think you’re weird, no one can ever truly love you. If someone doesn’t think you’re strange, no one will ever admire you.

No one was ever praised for their exceptional unremarkability. No one was ever followed by hoards who worshiped their sameness.

Your weirdness is your gift. Your strangeness is your greatest asset.

I’m in no way suggesting that being weird will automatically make you great. There are still other factors you have to take on board, but being ‘weird’ is a step in the right direction.

So, next time someone says “You’re weird”, thank them and continue to find people who appreciate your weirdness without ever demanding that you change.

If you’re looking for those kinds of people, the people who’re different, who challenge the norm, who stand out from the crowd, I highly recommend you start with our forum.

It’s full of strange, awkward, different and weird guys who just like you, are looking for their clan.

And just to let you know how weird we all are…

…here’s all the things that people say is weird about me:

– I have no interest in putting down or blaming other people for my problems in life
– When I hear good music, my feet just start moving, regardless of where I am and who’s watching
– I have no desire to get drunk
– I like rock-climbing, meditation, and yoga
– I cry during TV commercials
– I find the idea of eating junk food kind of off-putting
– I don’t like to go to parties and have pointless conversations about things I don’t care about, just because ‘everyone else is doing it’. If I’m going to talk to someone, it’s because there’s something I want to know or something I want to know about them. If there’s nothing I wanted to know, I would rather sit in silence.
– I have no desire to hang out with people, just because that’s what you’re supposed to do. If we’re not doing something productive and I’m not moving forward with my life, I have no desire to be part of that world.
– I don’t like to follow social norms. Social norms are often the most boring, pointless and useless things possible.
– I will never get a job just to fit in.
– I think fashion trends are pointless and don’t impact upon my life
– I don’t care how ‘cool’ something is, if I don’t like it, I’m not going to do it
– I like to write long lists
– That often contain irrelevant points
– Frogs
– I make lots of noise when I eat. Lots of “oh… Mmmm… Ahh….” when the food deserves it
– I believe doing what’s right is more important than looking good

This is where I got stuck, so I asked my fiancee. Here’s what she contributed to the list:

– I don’t like socialising
– I don’t know how to eat cream
– I eat really fast in a really anti-social way
– I’m very particular about cooking to the point of isolation
– I have a really weird laugh
– I speak really loudly and lean forward when I’m talking about something that I care about
– Play on my phone when someone I don’t care about is talking
– I spend a lot of time figuring out the ‘best’ way to do something so I can be the winner, even when there’s no best way to do it. I get really full on sometimes
– I want to get married, to her.
– I don’t like avocado
– I don’t drink coffe
– I run my own dating and relationship company
– I went to Colombia because I wanted to learn Spanish
– I think she was a really good catch…
– I want our kids to be martial arts experts (No, no kids yet)
– I have a white board in my bedroom

That’s all we can think of for now. I’m sure there’s more that I’ll think of when I start to read your lists. When I do, I’ll add them on.

So, what makes you weird? What makes you stand out from the group?

Share and share away and let other people know that they’re not alone in their weirdness.





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35 Responses

  1. Walter

    Kinda funny…I think I’m as weird as you are Leigh 😉 Nice post.
    Take care 😉

  2. Vince

    Bill Hicks WAS weird.
    And why you cry during TV commercials?
    I would cry if someone would have forced me to watch TV commercials.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Yeah, only during the sad ones though.

      There’s the one where this ‘overweight’ girl gets left out of the party because she’s too tired to join in and she looks so sad and rejected. Brings a tear to my eye every time…

  3. Zach

    1) I dressed as a lady for Halloween 2 years ago.
    2) This said lady is my alter-ego I used for making rap songs with friends (Lady Trecca, look dat bitch up on youtube/facebook for some sweet motha fuckin’ tunez/pics.)
    Side note: I got the weirdest fucking looks from people, like i was automatically gay or outcast. This was made worse by visiting a college campus on halloween and hitting up many parties, but god damn that was such a fun night. To bolster Leigh’s point, many real women were interested in me cause I DEFINITELY stood out lololol. I mean, I was beautiful.

    3) I sing loudly, dance randomly in public with sweet ghetto ass moves. I made a move up called The Pencil.
    4) Not a fan of drinking/partying very much.
    5) My car is missing pieces (door panel etc), but it doesn’t matter much to me.
    6) I also have a weird laugh.
    7) I’ve sort of become a social recluse cause I don’t feel like going out much anymore, just working on coaching.
    8) I sing Because I Got High by Afroman a lot at karaoke.
    9) I sing a lot of weird songs in karaoke.
    10) I go crazy when I sing them and mess around. People often get offended. Why? I’ll never know for sure. I guess I’m offending the ancient sacred art of karaoke.
    11) I have 3 nipples (just kidding, but don’t you wish you nasty mother fucker)
    12) Speaking of nipples, I have a very long nipple hair on my right nipple that I’ve been tending to and cultivating for a while now.
    13) I often make gay/unusual jokes to strangers.
    14) I love my life cause I do what I want when I want, so I’m weird.

    Hope you enjoyed that weird ass shit.

  4. Nils

    Great list. I’m weird too:
    1. I’m a crossdresser (female name: Lilly) and love wearing lady’s apparel (many women actually find that cool I found out!)
    2. I am very loud when I passionately talk about something. My friends criticise me on that haha
    3. I often put quotes from games and movies into my conversations, well, “I don’t have your stone, and fuck you anyway!”. I also act out scenes..
    4. I can’t forget this one girl I love. And I still think I will get together with her sometime, marry her and have kids with her. I feel it as my fate! People say I’m nuts and should forget her already…
    5. I dance really fast and frantic. People say it looks weeeeeeeeeird. 😀
    6. I smoke and eat mints at the same time.
    7. I can often predict what friends are going to say.
    8. I can eat the same food 5 days in a row without disliking it.
    9. I say offensive things to freak people out. I like doing a bit of attention whoring every once in a while too 😛
    10. I am 25, have a plush toy and love it very much. It’s the only thing I can cuddle whenever I want 🙂

  5. Shawn

    1.I enjoy working hard even in school. I believe in my vision
    2.I love inspirational shit
    3.I’m loud as hell and sometimes obnoxius
    4.On the topic of nips I got pepperoni sized babies(call me ladies)
    5.I hate groups,group conversations, and all their little clicks.
    6.That girl you and I used to rip on last year? Yeah I was actually obsessed with her.
    7.I love singing obnoxiously
    8.I love blasting my music obnoxiously
    9.I get pumped up and in the zone before tests and exams
    10.I sometimes just someone to talk to
    11.I think that girl who sits at the “unpopular” table would be gorgeous if she didn’t try to hide herself.
    12.I love sharing my life story.

  6. Gerardo

    “I did one better than answer your questions, I wrote a blog post just for you.”

    Dude you have no idea how much this means to me, thank you so much, I’m forever in debt with you. You’ll get your compensation in one way or another, nevertheless I’m sure it’ll be in a very weird fashion.


  7. Jammer

    Frogs. Win.

    “You’re weird”
    “Glad you like it”
    “I don’t”
    “You’re boring”

    I yawn a lot. When I’m bored I’ll yawn more obnoxiously
    I eat really fast, and most often stand when I eat
    I talk slightly louder than normal
    I climb trees
    I don’t filter out communication
    I’m hypersensitive to static electricity
    I’m afraid of male pursuit and am known to hide in closets
    I drink a lot of caffeine and then have massive sleep binges
    I’m a mix of Sheldon Cooper, James Bond and Peter Griffin
    I burp and fart freely
    I’m really laidback around things others find monumental stressors, and get really worked up over small details
    I speak perfect English, have 20/20 vision and have an IQ of 200 which is self-tested
    I can reprogram autism tests to give myself a pension
    I have questionable morals and ethics which change with my mood and state
    I find it hard to speak about myself
    I used to be afraid of girls

  8. LaBarbie

    I am very passionate about food, whisky, whine, cocktails, etc.
    I am also known to eat very very much and I also make noises when I eat..but only when it’s good or when I’m really hungry. I already got some nicknames because I always bring meatballs as lunch to work, like Mr Snack Shack and Nimmersatt (which means never sated) but I somehow like it. I heard in China or somewhere in Asia it’s a compliment to the cook when you make noises while eating because it signalizes that you enjoy it. Makes perfect sense to me!
    I meditate.
    I always make jokes with quotes from a TV comedy series only few people know. But it’s really funny.
    I like classic music, enya and madonna.
    I read books from david deida and similar authors.
    I don’t like clubs and the music they play.
    I want to travel to a foreign country for a while for the next holidays alone and with no plan.
    I have very much body hair and I love it!!
    On that aspect, I don’t like to shave my pubes completely, I like to have a little lawn in front of the house. No english lawn though.
    I sometimes just like to sit on a bench somewhere near the river alone and think about life and meditate.
    I write a journal.
    I like to talk to people, no matter what they look like, what gender or age.

  9. Andres Cm

    My laugh is like Spongebob’s 🙂
    I talk to myself loudly in the street
    The songs I usually sing on the street are from Eminen so the usually talk about “hoes” or bitches or asses haha stuff like that.
    The way I speak is kinda weird … Well some people say that to me but I think it’s pretty normal 🙂
    I can’t come up with more stuff because I have this doubt in my mind …
    the thing that I do to me are pretty normal, also since I have been thinking a lot lately about the labels then I think that none of these things makes us weird neither cool or anything it’s just stuff that we do … So why label it as weird o something ?
    Well that’s what’s in my mind :3

  10. Marcos Valente

    Thank you mate, you killed a lot of bad toughts I had. When I decided to change I started noticing people were thinking I am… weird. Well THAT IS NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE.

    I love socializing and I hate talking bad things about people. I love to share love and peace and I hate to talk about other people downsides. For many of my friends (they are ‘killing’ me and I am thinking of abandoning them) this is nuts. Well, only because I like to smile and meditate… and talk to random people on the streets too.

    Some of your posts bring me peace. This is, for sure, one of those.

  11. Christian

    I like to be different

    I don’t drink
    I don’t smoke
    I don’t do drugs
    I like to be kind to everyone
    I believe purpose is very important
    I believe that music, isn’t just music
    I believe that words are powerful
    I see good in all people
    I see deep principles in everyday things
    I forget things that I don’t regard as important
    I want to change the world

  12. George

    This blog post changed my life.
    I, for some reason, needed an affirmation like this to get me to let go of all my inhibitions and just be free and myself- fully.
    Today was the best day I’ve had in a long time.
    Thank you Leigh

  13. Marcos

    GREAT POST!! it makes me feel good about myself because I have been critized a lot about this and because I can relate to most of Logun and other guys points.
    In no special order, this is me:

    -I don’t drink.
    -I don’t do drugs.
    -I don’t smoke.
    -I don’t like nightclubs and the music they play.
    -I don’t dance.
    -I don’t like sports (except martial arts and weight lifting but at this moment I have no time for them).
    -I don’t like jewerly, tatoos and piercings.
    -I’m almost an engineer and at the same time I’m a magician (this contradiction always draws attention).
    -Because I’m a magician, I play/fiddle a lot with objects: I like to spin pens, coins, cards, etc. I do this whenever I want and brings a lot of attention to me (sometimes it is good if people ask me to perform something for them and sometimes it is bad if I drop my pen a lot in the middle of the class lol).
    -I don’t watch TV at all.
    -I don’t like to socialize/talk just because it is the polite thing to do. I just want to talk if I’m interested in the topic/person.
    -I like to be alone most of the time.
    -I hate gossip and news about celebrities.
    -I like soundtracks type of music and Enya but I also like Metallica and some other metal bands (but just a few songs of each).
    -I’m very aware of the meaning of each word when I speak.
    -I’m an atheist but I like spiritual practices

  14. Andrew

    you guys are all weirdos 😛

    I’ve had this commercial bookmarked for years and watch it when I feel like crying

    I was just thinking earlier today how people used to call me weird a lot, but lately they’ve been telling me I’m crazy. Looks like I’ve leveled up!

    hmmm… let’s see
    I hate litter and pick it up whenever I see it
    I want to learn languages so I can understand people around the world
    I want to raise a garden/farm
    I want to learn outdoorsy skills
    I want a pet penguin
    I want to hunt a deer with a knife and my hands
    I like standing in the rain and getting drenched
    I don’t like having stuff and give away my possessions any time people need anything
    I don’t like wearing clothes
    oh and I want to learn echolocation

  15. Rory Isom

    This made me smile, laugh and just feel good all round!

    I’ve got a fair few things which make me different and weird, so I’ll return here later after work today to bring my own weirdness to the party.

    Till then, great post Leigh, and the website looks awesome! 😉 🙂


  16. Rory Isom

    Well, here’s my list (The short version):

    I have no desire to get drunk. (Nor smoke or take drugs at all.)

    I’m very into soul and RnB music

    I sing at random

    I’m always the one in a group to make the cheesy and corny jokes

    I want to break the 9-5 and become a successful entrepreneur.

    I want to learn Japanese and Italian.

    I don’t lick the lids of yoghurts.

    I meditate and quantum jump.

    I accept and forgive others when they act negatively towards me.

    I don’t get angry when people disrespect me or if things go “Wrong”

    I give people money because it feels good.

    I pretty much only drink water and protein shake.

    I don’t masturbate.

    I’m into oriental foods and cultures.

    I want to travel the world and try loads of new things.

    I have a very loud, bass filled voice.

    If someone doesn’t interest me, I simply change the subject or walk away.

    I eat loads of healthy food.

    I’m a MASSIVE dreamer.

    After watching a movie, or playing a game, I always imagine myself playing my favourite character.

    I get more excited about exercising than I do going to the pub/bar.

    I love my job.

    I bought a promise ring for my girlfriend (And we haven’t even been together a whole year yet.)

    I love talking and wrestling with dogs.

    I do lot of note taking, planning, and book writing.

    And I’m going to Uni for the experience, not nesecarily the degree.

    Okay, maybe not so short, but hey, I’m a weird one.

  17. Graeme

    Thanks for the blog, I feel at the moment that I need to do things, that I don’t much care for to get friends how many of you all have lots of freinds, I feel a social outcast lots of times as I don’t have many friends.
    Ok I have come on leaps and bonds since reading NMNG by Dr Glover and Endgame, but I still feel I have problems in areas of my life.
    I sometimes talk too mch at my Martial arts club and join in conversations I’m not involved in (wanting social acceptance and to become popular).
    I’m enjoying my own company and don’t feel the need for a woman in my life would I want one yes but its not essential, however women are always interested in your social life and how many friends you have,
    I’m recently divorced and am now rebuilding my life I have 2 kids that are my priority at the moment

    Advice please I will sign p for one of Leighs programs when I have the money

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Hey mate,

      It sounds like you’re going through a rough patch. There’s a lot of information in your post about a lot of different issues. What would you say is the big challenge you’re facing?

  18. Graeme

    I seem to have no presence in social situations, last to be listened too always at the back when walking in a group, I suppose that makes me needy and then it becomes a self feeding problem, I don’t gel with people that well and yes I would like a bit more of a social life.
    But usually that means fitting in with others, i.e drinking etc

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Ok, I see. This looks like it’s going to be more of a conversation that we should carry out on the forum. Why don’t you start a thread there and we can talk this out?

  19. Enjoy

    Nice to be in a club of weirdos :))
    Weird about me:

    + I study Alchemy and other Esoteric traditions, and am into it since being 15years old
    + at one point of my life I wanted to join Freemasonery – I even sent application
    + I love yoga, meditation and all kinds of energy work
    + I dance freestyle, when alone
    + I love reading books like Deida
    + I love reading provocative stuff
    + I freestyle rap with my friend when stoned (and sober)
    + I train russian push-ups
    + I beat Dan Millam in Horce Stance (time from movie) and train it since that time 🙂
    + I learned a little smoke-trick from Pineapple express that my friend told me is impossible to do, I said “I’ll do it”, one week later I did it 🙂
    + I hate waiting in lines
    + I read Naturo & Bleach since begining
    + I’m kinda silent, but give me a topic I’m intrested in and I just can’t shut up 🙂
    + I do tantric breaths, pranajama and stretching when with my friends
    + I write. A LOT. Pages, ideas, quotes, I write A LOT down.
    + I can smoke 3balls of dope and still be quite consciousss ;))
    + I don’t like quickies. I like it longer than 30hours, and also tantric style, but after domination 😀 and mix it 🙂
    + sometimes I behave like a rockstar and to things just to amuse myself or play around
    + I do natural grouding. Daily.
    + I feel my hand chakras almost all the time, and subtle sensation. funny that I awakened them on psychedelic trips ;D
    + If someonthing doesn’t interest me, I simply change the subject or walk away. Sometimes piss people off. Badly
    + My friend who is also my manager told me once that when being and working with me he fels like Charlie Runkle. You got the point.
    + I train tummo, kundalini yoga and bioenergy work for few years
    + I write semi-erotic poetry and post it on facebook notes.
    + I got tattoos, earplugs, long hair and walk in casquete. All the time. even in bed.
    + I work on so many projects that I have hard time telling people EXACLY what I do 😛
    + I have unusuall pull towards snakes.
    + I meditate while listening to Nickelback sometimes.
    + I drink coffe with cajene pepper
    + I’m spiritual and love to discuss religious beliefs and deconstruct them. Some people don’t like me very much for that 🙂
    + I travel shamanic style few times a month, and “died” few times
    + When I first watched DaVinci’s Demons I felt immerse burst of energy all in my body, and felt like watching myself. No joke. I do the thing with fingers for almost a year now on (kinda modelled it after Eric Pearl – the Reconnection founder)

  20. jake

    I am soooo weird. Weirder as f*** than anyone else.

    1. Every time someone criticizes me, I’d mumble unclear and alien words I don’t even know what the f*** I am talking about just to win the argument.

    2. I’d pretend I am dumb when someone puts me in an awkward situation. Then I’d get mad and passive aggressive afterwards without saying anything.

    3. I’d flip shit when people think I am weird (which is about everyone, 100% if I act out my true self). Only a small, small, and small proportion of people accept me, and I thank them for that.

    4. During the day, if I don’t logically analyze what I am doing, I can be like an mosquito who doesn’t know where he is flying. I piss so many people off as a result, and people think I am annoying/obnoxious, etc.

    5. I like to do inspirational shits. I love self-discovery.

    6. I’d get emotional in conversation when interrupt pretty much every sentence the person speaks about. And then I’d worry about the consequence… which makes me suffer for a while.

    7. I’d make weird noises and cry for no reasons (well, not REAL crying…. but cry.)

    8. I don’t have any logic and probably have severe ADHD

    9. That’s it for now if you are still reading then…. cool 🙂 That’s everything I am gonna write.

    Lastly #10,

    I LOVE to be weird on my own.

    That’s all,


  21. zared

    I am 19 years old,
    Didnt go to college
    Have no job
    Only have few close friend
    Rarely go out from the house
    Spending everyday time read philoshophy stuff and entrepreneur stuff
    Comparing every event to power vs force level of consciousness
    Emotional unstable
    Workout at home doing handstand pushup and diamond pushup
    Count my calories
    People say im socially awkward but I couldn’t care less
    Road the endgame

  22. Bruce

    A bunch of weirdos like this is incredibly hard to find i love yall?.
    Well here’s my list
    :Sometimes i get lost in thought.
    I hate everything about drinking,smoking,doing drugs don’t even talk about it ugh.
    Im probably one of the loudest guys you’l ever meet.
    When i hear good music i just start to move my body doing all kinds of crazy dance moves.
    I curse all the motherfucking time don’t know why but it’s pointless to even try to find out.
    I love inspirational quotes
    I have a phobia of cockroaches seriously when i see 1 i scream like a lil hoe then i grab a flip flop and kill that bitch.

    Can’t think of anything else right now byeeeeeee

    • Michael

      A wise man once said: “It doesn’t matter if you scream like a lil hoe, as long as you don’t run and kill that bitch”

  23. Bri

    I think I’m too weird, I guess I make people uncomfortable and its starting to get to me and I don’t know what to do :c its just that I mess around a lot and also in weird ways so idk me and my friends are pretty weird but now k feel like I’m the weirdest…. What should I do?

  24. Kayden

    As someone on the autism spectrum who was actually bullied and teased thtoughout multiple years of Jr high and high school and even threatened to be shot on more than one occasion by classmates who shared my ethnicity for listening to and playing certain types of music other than what I was “supposed to” listen to because I am black, I have to kindly say that people posting “normal” things and labeling them as “weird” sort of gets to me.

    Singing hit songs for karaoke or studying subjects in school or being loud, etc. – this is weird?

    Not one person mentioned once having an obsession with school busses throughout 4 – 7th grade, to the point where people would test me by telling me duck down, listen to the bus and tell them what number it is and they would be impressed that I could tell them the number and design just by the sound of engine. Even my counselor / psychologist couldn’t believe / understand it.

    Not one person mentioned acting like a school bus, running around the playground/school field and neighborhood with my fake bus stops, roads, destinations, neighborhoods, etc. all mapped out and memorized in my head while everyone else did sports and typical things.

    No one here mentioned building airports, planes, runways and stuff of that nature with legos at home, in school, daycare, etc. and making up over 150 airlines in my mind – that all had their own symbols and airlines would buy other airlines out. I even had created my own time schedules and maps with my own city names throughout neighborhoods and “flew my planes around” by walking and holding them in my hand like their flying throughout the neighborhood – AND I enjoyed this for hours on a daily basis, for years! Then, when I outgrew legos, I used paper towel rolls and cardboard boxes to build planes, and cut out individual blades from window blinds into specific congruent shapes to create actual movable flaps for the wings.

    I also see no one mentioned building a bunch of houses and streets with legos (houses containing layered walls with paper towels stuffed in between for insulation) then created fake thunderstorms and wind to see which houses could withstand the destruction.

    No one mentioned being attracted to a woman’s scent, being attracted to female armpits, or having a strong desire to be in an affectionate, loving, physical and emotional relationship – enjoying the feeling of not only giving love, but seeing the other person feel and receive it and enjoying this feeling as if it were a hobby (of course, not with just anybody, but at least those I’m attracted to).

    No one mentioned liking songs like
    Angelina – release me
    Planet Soul – set u free
    Acid Factor – fantasy
    Jocelyn Enriquez – do you miss me (freefloor mix)
    DJ Juanito ft Jean – what goes around comes around
    Jocelyn Enriquez – a little bit of ecstasy, etc. And other electro-breaks, freestyle, Miami bass and booty bass music – and remaining fascinated with that particular style and keeping up with all the latest, modern releases for over two decades.

    And that is just a BRIEF SUMMARY of it all, the amount I can type about right now in my phone during my work break.

    I still remember when my oddness kept me from being able to keep a job this long! My ways of thinking, behaving and acting made sense to me, but not to most other people. I went over a decade without being able to find a new girlfriend and never really had a “normal” relationship with a woman who didn’t have any type of noticeable “disorder.”

    So, when I think of weird or being called weird, it takes A LOT to impress me, and liking to stay home and hating parties or not drinking or simply following the law are very tame on my list, once people get to know me more…. And that is even considering the fact that I only let people know so much!


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