My 19 Day ‘No PMO’ + Meditation Report

If you missed the memo…

…I recently set myself a challenge of going without porn, masturbating, or orgasm for 19 days and meditating for at least 15 minutes every single one of those days.

After working my way through, with some strange and unexpected side effects, I’m ready to report my results.

Here’s what I learned:


Details: Get all the challenge details on the original post here.


Expectations: Heading into this challenge, I didn’t have many expectations of what was going to happen or what I was going to achieve.

The only two really worth mentioning were:

1. Becoming more aggressive, masculine, and driven (result of no PMO)
2. Becoming much more focussed and productive (result of meditation)

When I’ve done these kinds of challenges in the past, I’ve experienced some really trippy shit – including hallucinations and states of consciousness that defy description – but I wasn’t focussed on that this time.

My priorities in life have changed and so have my desires along with it.

All I was really hoping to do was find more drive and the focus to harness that drive.


Report: Firstly, I have to own up – I failed the challenge.

I managed to meditate the entire time, I managed to avoid the P, and the M, but I failed with the O.

Yes, this might seem weird, but it’ll make sense when you understand how it happened.

When I first set this challenge, I thought I would be travelling for 19 days – away from home, away from friends, away from family, and away from my girlfriend.

I got this wrong.

The project I was working on was 19 days. I was only travelling for 14 of it.

That meant that after 2 weeks, I was back around my home, my friends, my family….

…and my girlfriend.

14 days is as long a time for girls as it is for guys.

I tried to fight her off. Honestly, I did. But she can be very persuasive when she wants to be.

But other than that minor indiscretions(s), I was successful.

Here’s what I learned:

1. The real power of meditation lies in consistency

Doing 4, 1 hour meditations is FAR more powerful than doing 1, 4 hour meditation.

The more you do it, the easier it is to drop deeper, faster. The first few times I did it, it took me nearly 15 minutes to really zone in. But as I got further and further into the challenge, it started to happen far quicker. There were some meditations I did where I could feel myself dropping down deep within the first minute or so.

Really powerful stuff.

2. There’s no point in meditating if you’re just going to be all over the shop throughout the rest of the day

Meditation sets great foundations for being very still, calm, and centred but it means nothing if you don’t consciously carry it through your day.

If your meditation timer expires and the first thing you do is jump up, turn on the TV, open an internet browser and start listening to your favourite radio station, you’ve basically wasted the last 15 minutes of your life (and you’ll probably be wasting most of the day as well).

Meditation isn’t an end point or a guarantee – it’s a platform. You have to choose what you do after you finish.

3. When you stop looking at the big picture, you really start to notice the small details

One of the things that I didn’t expect to notice but became very apparent was how much my level of appreciation for the small details in women increased.

Before the challenge, a girl would have to be the complete package to really get me going – smile, attitude, eyes, walk, everything would have to be right. This changed significantly as the challenge went on.

I started to get really turned on by small things – like the way a girl flicked her hair, or the rocking of her hips as she walked, or her shy, downward glance as I played with her.

And it wasn’t only with the super hot girls, it was with ordinary girls as well. As long as it was real, sexy, and feminine, they had an effect on me.

4. Aggression

Unsurprising, but worth noting. The longer the challenge went on, the more I was drawn towards taking on challenges. And the more rewarding I found taking on challenges.

Instead of passively sitting on the sidelines watching (which is what I will usually do when I’m getting laid regularly), I was throwing myself in the mix and taking it head on.

This resulted in me getting more work done, at a faster pace, with far less pauses and interruptions.

5. I became much flirtier

Not surprisingly, the more aggressive, focussed, powerful, and centred I became, the more natural it became to flirt with girls.

I didn’t matter that I wasn’t trying, when I’m that horny and that direct, it just happens.

As equally unsurprising is that the more natural this and effortless this was, the better women responded to it as well.

You could argue that they responded better because being more present allowed me to notice the women who were more receptive to it but it would all be theory.

6. The difference between analysis and experience

The more time I spend in my body, paying attention to how my experience changed and moved throughout the day, the more I started to notice the MASSIVE difference between experience and analysis.

Like, I could actually physically feel the difference between when I was centred in my body and when I was centred in my head, and chop and change between the two as I pleased.

I’ve experienced this before but I’d completely forgotten about how extreme it can get.

7. Using ‘I made a promise to some guys on a forum’ as a reason for not having sex with your girlfriend, who hasn’t seen you for 2 weeks, is not acceptable.

Just ask her.


Conclusion: Really interesting experience and very worth while. If I’m ever in a place in my life where I feel I need to be more aggressive, focussed, directed, and powerful, I’ll know exactly where I need to start my journey.

And if these are things you feel like you need, I highly recommend you start here as well.


So, how did you go?

Were your experiences anything like mine or did you have a completely different set of experiences?

Share your results below.




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24 Responses

  1. d'Evecque

    I disagree with you on the “don’t go shopping, don’t watch tv after meditating” part. You’re not supposed to become a monk, sitting around and washing dishes every day after you meditate. It’s about mindufulness. As long as you’re mindful, go shopping, watch tv, read a book, take a walk, play some video games.

    Meditation helps you concentrate (long term) and being aware of what you’re doing, regardless of what it is. You don’t have to change your lifestyle, unless you see reason for it.

    Anyway, congrats on the challenge! You have an awesome insight and know how to pass it to us very well.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      It seems I didn’t explain myself very well.

      I wasn’t advocating sitting in a cave after you meditate, away from the temptations of the capitalist world.

      I was simply saying that I noticed that if I dedicating all this time to taking conscious control of my focus and then immediately putting myself in positions where my focus was required on multiple things at once (watching TV AND browsing the internet AND listening to music all at the same time), it was basically a waste of time.

      It’s not about what I can and can’t do, it’s about not doing more than 1 thing at once.

      I hope that clears it up.

  2. Mariano

    How much time per session (doing one a day in the morning) do you think is a neccessary minimum? I’ve been doing 15 min. but I intend to take it to 20 for some days and then 30 every morning.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      It was say 15 minutes as a minimum for most guys but it really depends on the individual. Like I said in my report, when I first started, it took me 15 minutes to start to drop deep but by the end, it was taking a minute or two.

      After that, it really just depends on how deep you want to go.

      And trust me, you can go deep…

      • Wim

        What kind of meditation do you do? Zazen? Guided or unguided?
        I meditate daily for years now but haven’t felt going deep.

      • Leigh (LoGun)

        I started out with a guided meditation but after a while, it felt like more of a distraction than a benefit.

        These days, I just focus on the physical sensation of breathing and start to play with that. I just see how deep and how wide I can feel that sensation and then things usually go from there.

        In my experience, the guys who don’t drop deep are the ones who meditate on thought rather than physical sensation. Not saying that’s what it is for you but that’s what I’ve noticed.

      • Wim

        Thanks for the info.
        I’m self-taught in meditation. I started out focusing on being in the moment (physical sensation). Then after a tantra course I shifted to watching and allowing thoughts and emotions. Now I use the one that is most helpful for that day.

        I do notice if I stop meditating I get more antsy and emotional, so maybe the effect is there but I’m already used to it.

      • CiPo

        I know this article/comment was made almost 2 years ago now, but could you clarify what you mean by going deep? Any useful links for beginners?


  3. Jammer

    I just had two days of regression. First was mind-blowing and second was lacklustre, though lack of sleep could’ve been a factor, though I wound up reorganising some clutter in my life despite being a bit down about the lack of general energy and results.

    Does “sex” always = orgasm for you?

      • Jammer

        Not sure about the “doing” part, maybe it’s my definition. Otherwise, I’m following some Mantak Chia principles.

  4. ziu

    Why am i shy? Although i am already 26 years old, my friends say i am so shy to talk to people especially girls. They discover that i cannot speak properly when telling stories and they find it is hard to understand what i am talking. I admit i would rather talk less and listen more. I am that kind of behaviour and it is nature to me. They want to help me to change myself.

    • Jammer

      Hey dude, you’re shy because your friends say you are and everything they say should be taken 100% and never doubted once.

  5. Vivek

    I also experienced the thing about finer details in women. Other than seeing them as while package, small things like eyes, or hair, or the way she’s standing, etc gave me sexual sensations.
    I started appreciating the statement’ beauty is in the eye of beholder’

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Great to hear mate. It’s funny how much more amplified things become and how it’s not till you really expereince something like this, that it really makes sense.

  6. phoenix

    🙂 There seems to be something about being a human that makes us all a little mad! 🙂 We shouldn’t have to be doing this – making and reading sites like this, trying crazy happy ideas but it seems trying to conquer life, relationships, ourselves and even women drives us slightly psychotic! 🙂 Well here’s to it! Personally, I’ll do almost anything to escape my own rut…I found escaping into the middle of nowhere was a rather wonderful delight and it works wonders! But being back amongst it all, well, if this is one thing to entertain my mind with and escape my fears with then I’m trying it! Something has to work! Maybe…Well, it’s worth a go! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Hey mate, seeing as you’re so committed to this journey, have you checked out Endgame yet? I’m sure it’s going to simplify everything for you and give you a great platform to work from.

      Have a read of the details here and let me know what you think: Endgame

  7. phoenix

    Hey Leigh,
    Thanks! I’m now on day 7 of my 365 challenge and to be honest it’s a tough, crazy, fun adventure! 🙂 I’ve finally begun to approach women! It’s hard and I still freak out, but heck, today I got my first great conversation from a gorgeous blonde girl who I met in a shop I would never have normally gone in! I have a long way to go but having read so much useful, positive stuff on your site I’ve begun going to a Buddhist centre and joined a martial arts club, both to help me with my confidence and to get me out of my house! 🙂
    I heard from my ex on my birthday last week, but otherwise I can’t get her to want to get in touch and that really bugs me. I think she is seeing someone now which breaks my heart. I still love her madly. I know we have something great to enjoy between us. I feel it! To be honest I feel like she hates me, but we have been so so close on and off since we broke. I just want to see her.
    Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that your site is creating some smiles and positive energy in this world! Cheers.

  8. Josh

    I did this for a month, then I had the craziest dream- I was being touched all over by a spirit of some sort and it finished with a hard kiss. I told my brother about it and he thought it sounded like a rape-dream.

    Unsatisfied w his response, I do what all normal people do when they look for some kind of half-witted answer- I looked it up online.

    The boring scientific explanation is that a sexual dream of this nature is normal for a deprived sexual state.

    In mythology though, I got a visit from a succubus! A seriously sexy female-demon who pries on men with high sexual virility. Weirdest shit.

    After the dream itself, I awoke feeling so peaceful and happy. I was so energetic!

    In general concerning the no-PMO challenge:
    I’ve noticed that girls tend to respond to me better when I do it (or maybe I just notice the one’s that do more). Only prob is I come so much quicker when I finally do get a girl beneath the sheets!

    Caution: this challenge will, at first, make you supremely horny, so take up regular exercise or you’re just gonna fail.

  9. Kingmaker

    Ya. Day 9 myself.

    Damn, I’m feeling very eager to flirt with random women. Hopefully I feel this way when going out because somehow I turn into an asexual drone while outside and have a “get on with your life, women are distractions” mindset which messes me up.

  10. Kevin

    Leigh, the PMO thing could’ve done wrong, and it surprises me you didn’t know that, since u talk about neuroscience… I will explain
    First of all if you watch porn, theres a great chance that you are addict, and secondly if you are addict, you don’t know how long it takes to heal from it. (it means people addict in pmo face withdraw symptoms, so you could interpretate withdraw as “no fap sucks”, withdraw phase is called ”flatline”)
    Scientfically what happens is that your neurotransmitters doesn’t get enough dopamine, so you will get ur reward system fucked up, and also your prefrontal cortex
    Just said this that if someone wanna get rid of this addiction, you should try 2-6 months without, and also know about everything, including withdraw.

    • phoenix

      2015. end of. Life is simpler. travel. hobbies. riches. experiences. but relationships? nada on that one. it’s like the whole of the ocean just dried up. life consists of hard work & needed rest or burnout. 3 years on since i saw this site. prison sentence or monkhood? – i cant tell. i’m more scared that this will last forever. i certainly cant see how it’ll change. it shouldn’t have to be an impossible game surely?


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