Never Run Out Of Things To Say (To A Woman).

I used to run out of thing to say, all the time. It used to kill me.

I’d do OK with the girls I wasn’t that interested in, but as soon as you put me in front of a woman who I REALLY wanted, it’d all go to shit.

My mouth would go dry, my palms would go sweaty, it’ll feel like I had blinkers on, and my mind would go totally blank.

I searched around trying to find an answer to this for a long time and always came up with the same response: develop a bigger routine stack!

Sure, that sounds great in theory..


..I needed quite a few things to talk about to make sure I have every situation covered so I settled on 40 routines.

According to popular theory at the time, it takes 20 sets to internalise each routine. So, by simple maths, I needed to approach 800 women just to develop my routine stack!

Before I’d worked on any other part of my game, at 20 sets per week on a BIG week, I was going to have to spend 40 weeks on this???

You’ve got to be kidding me… there had to be a faster and easier way…

And then I found it…

Guys usually learn pickup as a sequential process. They focus on approaching. They work and work until they get good and then, they hit their next road block – running out of things to say.

I’ve shown what I’m about to share with you to over a hundred guys through this ‘problem’ – and 99% of them stopped running out of things to say.

(The other 1% was Steven, but he is tone deaf, so it’s not relevant to him – he talks to women in Braille).

So, what is this silver bullet that I’m about to share with you?

Well.. to never run out of things to say you focus NOT on learning on more things to talk about. Not on learning reframing, disqualification, or anything else.

You focus on something that no-one seems to pay attention to. Which means you’re about to have a very unfair advantage over any other guy in the seduction community.

Ok, enough suspense.

After patiently listening to thousands of conversations, I developed this revolutionary, one-step model that will transformed the reactions from women, forever.

This is the most powerful technique available.

A technique that will not only ensure that you’ll never run out of things to talk about – ever again – but you’ll never have to even worry that this will ever be an issue.

Want to know what it is?



That’s it.


It’s the single biggest issue preventing guys from having conversations that just flow.

They’re so caught up in their head, trying to come up with the next amazing thing to say that they’re not even listening to the woman right in front of them.

I’m not talking about building that chemistry or pushing her buttons, I’m just talking about having fun conversations. That other stuff can come later. Learn to walk before you try to run.

In my experience, learning that higher level stuff can actually be very detrimental. Guys get so caught up trying to do those intricate games and structures that they forget to listen to what she’s actually giving them.

When you were running around the football field, or in the playground at school, rough housing with your mates, she wasn’t.

She was sitting with her girls friends learning this ancient art of ‘having a conversation’.

She was learning to listen to her girlfriends, she was learning to listen for their clues, she was learning to be present in the conversation rather than trying to come up with the next killer thing to impress the girls.

She knows how to give you leads.

She knows how to give you tangents.

She’s been doing it for years! The only thing that’s stopping you from having those flowing conversations isn’t that you don’t have enough things to say, it’s that you’re not listening to her clues.

If you don’t believe me, try this: head out to a bar, and I want you to eaves drop on a conversation between two women.

I want you to sit there and listen to the flow of the conversation and for all clues and hints and possible tangents that you could take if you were part of that conversation.

Take note of just how many different things you come up with.



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