Overcoming Frustration

Do you know what 4:45am on a Monday looks like?

Apparently it’s dark. Very dark. And not so warm either. It makes you yawn a lot and you are also overcome with burning desires to crawl back into bed.

Funny that…

I know this because I got to taste 4:45am on a Monday this morning.

Yes, I understand that you’re jealous but please try and control it. Jealously is a curse.

The reason I know this is that one of the key elements of Get Real is the weekly live coaching calls.

At the end of each of the 4 weeks of the program, all the students from around the world get together and we talk about the issues they’re facing and what they can do to deal with them.

To make sure that everyone around the world can make it to the calls, there’s 4 different call times scheduled with one scheduled for 6am Monday morning. This is normally fine. I can crawl out of bed at 5:45am and be ready for the call.

This fine on every weekend except the one where daylight savings ends…

…when daylight savings ends, I have to do everything an hour earlier to make sure that everyone around the world can log in at the same time.

Instead of getting up at 5:45am, it was 4:45am

It’s only an hour but that’s a killer of an hour…

Now, I’m not telling you this because I want hugs and / or candy (Although it would be nice…). I’m telling you because it’s a prefect lead in to the MAJOR lesson I’ve learnt since Steven left AI.

There are a lot of pretty ordinary things happening at 4:45am. Cold. Sleep deprivation. Crawling out of bed, away from your beautiful, warm girlfriend sleeping soundly beside you.

But there are also some amazing things happening at 4:45am.

There’s the start of a new day.

There’s the start of a new possibility to create something amazing.

There’s 10 dedicated and passionate guys to help on their path to transforming their life sitting somewhere around the world.

There’s also some very indifferent things happening at 4:45am.

My folded clothes were still sitting on the chest of drawers.

My chair was pushed neatly under my desk.

The refrigerator hummed quietly to itself.

What’s the magic lesson here?

At any one point in time, there are literally millions and millions of things happening everywhere around you.

Some you could perceive as positive.

Some you could perceive as negative.

And others you could perceive as indifferent.

The ones you direct your attention towards will determine your experience of any moment.

I could have woken up at 4:45am and focussed on how cold it was, how much I wanted to be in bed, and how it’s unfair that I have to be up right now, but what would I have achieved through doing that?

Would my morning be amazing? Would my interactions with the guys be rewarding and fulfilling? Would I have had a great time laughing and joking with the guys?


This morning, 4:45am was amazing. I got to spend 3 hours helping guys take the next step in transforming their life.

I got to make a difference to the world. It also gave me a great head start on the day.

By the time my girlfriend left for work, I’d already completed 3 hours worth of work and was pumped to do more.

This is the same situation with what’s going on at AI.

I could focus on all the things I don’t know.

I could focus on all the extra work I’ve had to take on board. I could focus on how all the pressure is on me right now.

Or, I could focus on something else completely.

I could focus on how much of an amazing opportunity this is to really create something the way I want it to be created.

I could focus on how much more control I’m and self determination I’m going to have.

Does this mean that everything negative doesn’t exist any more?

Of course not.

Does this mean that all the extra work I have to do is going to magically get itself done? Definitely not.

Does this mean I’m going to enjoy myself much, much more as I’m doing it? For sure.

The big lesson that I learnt is that I am the creator of my experience of life.

I can create happiness or sadness. I can create frustration or ease.

I can create any experience I want through the way I choose to direct my attention.

Now, I want you to apply this to your life.

How are you feeling right now? And what’s really causing this? Where are you directing your attention and what experience of life are you creating through that focus?

Is that experience serving you?

If so, great. Run with it. If it’s not, change your focus and create a new experience.

If it’s not serving you, what experience would serve you in this moment and why aren’t you choosing that?

For the next 24 hours, I want you to take conscious control of your experience of life. When you notice that you’re not feeling the way you want to feel, I want you to notice where you’re directing your attention and the experience of life it’s creating.

When you’ve found the creator of your experience of life, decide if that’s the experience you want. If it’s not, then change your focus and allow the experience to change with it.

See how much you can transform your experience of life by taking control of your focus.





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6 Responses

  1. Josef

    Really interesting!!… And these information becomes better cause now im reading Tao the three treasure volume 1, opinion from Osho, and the point is, kill the ego, and flow like a river, and be you in the maximus expression!! add to these info, damn, is so incredible, i will become insane of happines or evilness, haha, Ying Yang bro, I really start to understand life litle bye litle… God bless you insane guys!

  2. Mariano

    Awesome article, it resonates with me today ’cause I had a minor dissapointment today and a minor set back last night and I wasn’t (and I’m not right now in this moment) going 110%, being happy, appreciating the present moment. I’m gonna have this in mind. Thanks!

  3. Grant

    This is really amazing, and HIGHLY needed right now. In the past 2 days my iPod, Guitar, and phone have broken, and I may have totaled my car Saturday in an accident. I’d been focusing on those things, and it was proving for a pretty crap experience, but now I’m to focus on all the opportunities all around me!

  4. Eugene

    Amazing. I find myself asking ‘is this the future I want to create?’ all the time now and it brings my focus back to what is important. So powerful

  5. Dennis

    Logun what I do not understand is, when you say that to change the approach you have to work at a deeper layer. But then one can begin to shift our focus just realizing the approach found in every action we do?

  6. Ion

    good i’ve read this article now ) i have to work on something very hard 😀 thx


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