Are You A Get Real Graduate? Are you searching for the next level?


Before Get Real, you knew that you were getting in your own way around women.

But you didn’t really know how.

During Get Real you learned how to identify the roadblocks which are in the way of you being free.

Those roadblocks have been preventing the amazing, confident guy inside you from coming out around attractive women.

Those roadblocks that were preventing you from experiencing everything life had to offer you.

And if you look, you’ll find that those same roadblocks…

…have been also stopping you from getting results in your career, in your family and with friends.

But Get Real is not just about identifying where you’re holding yourself back.

It is about chipping away at the boundaries, so that you begin to see new realms of possibility for yourself.

Realms like being free to be yourself, being at ease, not being limited by nerves and anxiety and being able to form deep, lasting connections with people…

…to name just a few.


What Next?

If you’re reading this, I’m going to guess that you’ve tasted what’s possible in your life. You’ve tasted the freedom, passion, power, and thrill of really living that comes from true self expression.

And you are exited about the thought of being the kind of man who walks through life giving, not taking.

You’re starting to feel what it means to be a man who connects with people easily, who delights in women, who makes them feel special, who is at ease with himself, a man who cannot be shaken off his track by something that someone else says…

…and you want more of it.

And this is what Be Powerful is about. It’s a private program which is available only to graduates of Get Real.


In Be Powerful You Will:

– expereince the power that comes from living life on your edge

– form deep and real connections with anyone you desire

– experience yourself (not just logically know) as the sole creator of your expereince of life

– develop the ability to create any experience you want, whenever you want to

– learn to live your life on your terms

– expereince the freedom to be yourself in every situation


You Will Do That By…

– diving deeper into your image of your perfect life

– being challenged to live on your edge

– being supported by the group of Men who’re on the Be Powerful journey with you

– attending weekly coaching calls where we’ll help you see your barriers and create ways for you to overcome them

– taking full responsibility for where you life is, right now, and then taking action to transform it


Sound Too Good To Be True? Here’s A Second Opinion…

Listen to a few of our past Be Powerful students share their expereince:



How Long Is Be Powerful?

The program takes 13 weeks (3 months) to complete. On the other side of those 13 weeks you will not recognise yourself. Even your friends will not recognise you.

For that transformation you will need to invest approximately half an hour per day, for 5 days each week, for the 13 weeks.

At this point you may notice that your brain says to you “that’s way too long”, or “I don’t have enough time”.

And let me tell you – I get it.

You’re a busy man who is living life. And you have things on your plate. How can you squeeze another thing into your schedule?

Well, look. This program is not designed for couch potatoes. If you’re wondering how you’re going to fit in half an hour extra into each day, then this program is for you.

Consider that this half an hour is your elite training for the rest of your day.

And this half an hour will leave you enabled in making sure that you spend the rest of your day in the most powerful and effective way possible.

In fact, I’ll guarantee that you’ll find having more time in your day to do the things you want by participating in Be Powerful.


How Much Is This Elite Training?

The cost of three months of personal coaching and guidance in a structured and supportive environment, that will give you the drive, motivation, and support to challenge your personal limitations and become the kind of Man that you’ve always dreamed of becoming is only $2990.


When Do I Start?

The time is now. Your next opportunity to be guided through the process of transforming every aspect of your life starts… WHENEVER I DECIDE IT STARTS!!!

But seriously, Be Powerful runs roughly every 3 months. There’s no strict schedule because it’s a program that requires the right group mix and it will only be run when we have that right group mix. As soon as we have 4 – 6 guys who’re right for it, we kick it off.

If you want to secure one of the limited spots in each class, then click on the button below to place your $499 holding deposit.

That will secure your spot so that you don’t miss out on the support, guidance, and drive that you’re looking for.

Secure your spot now!


Become Powerful



Have A Question?

I’m standing by. If you have a question about program content, payment schedule, or my personal hygiene levels, just flick an email through to leigh at attraction institute dot com and I’ll get back to you asap.

Come on. You remember how much fun we had last time. Let’s do it again.