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Are you giving away your power?


Are you handing over your ability to take control of your life and leaving yourself feeling like a little boy: weak and ineffective?

It’s ok to say “I don’t know…”

It’s ok to shake your head and say “No.”

Because, if you’re anything like me, you probably aren’t even aware of what you’re doing and how much more challenging and frustrating you’re making your life.


Let me show you what I mean:


Imagine yourself standing on the sidewalk.

It’s 5 in the afternoon and after a long day, the Sunday sun is starting to sink behind the upthrust buildings of the city that dominate the skyline; their long shadows reaching out across the sidewalks leaving only tiny pockets of sun.

You slowly saunter along the pavement, casually dancing and jostling with people flowing in the opposite direction, feeling like a salmon trying to swim upstream.

There’s nothing really to do. The afternoon air is warm, the day’s chores are completed, and it’s nice to be amongst the happy and relaxed smiles of the shoppers around you.

Then, as you finish absentmindedly scanning over the latest season’s fashions in the window of a prohibitively overpriced and pretentiously trendy Men’s clothing store, your eyes catch a glimpse of something remarkable on the other side of the road… A dream half-forgotten.

At first, all you can make out is the halo of glimmering gold highlighting her delicate features as the last fingers of the setting sun ruffle her hair.

Then, as a group of teenage boys, proudly clutching their skateboards and all donning the baseball caps of the various teams they have never watched but like to be associated with, scamper on their way, you catch a glimpse of her smile for the first time.

She’s not smiling at anyone in particular, just smiling… without weight or bother or hurry. It’s not the kind of smile you’d see scanning through your ex-girlfriend’s photo albums where everyone is forced to pose around the sour aunt they all hate but as they know she’ll be dead in a couple years, join in anyway.

It’s an effortless smile.

It’s the kind of smile that can only spontaneously erupt from within when you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the world is a beautiful place filled with love, excitement and wonder.

It’s like the scene from a B-Grade Hollywood movie, where the protagonist, a nerdy 16-year old boy, struggling to find his identity in a new school, meets and seduces the woman of his dreams in awkward but comical circumstances and wins the respect of the jocks who tormented his poor social skills.


But at this point in time, you’re barely through the opening credits so keep your pants on 😉


You blink – your brain is struggling to comprehend what has just wandered into your world.

You know you should look up again, just to get a second opinion that she is indeed as captivating as you believe, but you also know you don’t need to.

In the same way you can unconsciously tell the difference between a beautifully designed Mazaretti and a cheap Korean rip-off without intimately studying the fine details, you know this this woman is inconceivably beautiful.


But you look anyway.

becoming powerfulAs you lift your head, you realise that you must have been fantasizing about how impressed your friends would be if you turned up to the annual Christmas party with her on your arm, because despite the fact that she’s on the other side of the road, she’s only 10 metres away from you.

You watch, transfixed, as she almost glides along the pavement. Her summer dress swaying in time with her hips, mockingly displaying her relaxed effortlessness as she moves unfased through the world. By her sides, her slender arms effortlessly support the weight of the designer label shopping bags in each hand.

It’s not until she’s standing still, beaming a radiant smile, that you realise that she’s stopped on the other side of the street, at the same traffic lights you’ve missed three times because of her. That’s when you first realise that she’s looking directly at you. Her quiet confidence and inner radiance are hypnotic.

You look down, then away to your left.

All of a sudden you’re conscious of the people around you, their thoughts, their judgments…


…the fact that this woman is smiling at you and that this could go very, very
in a very public way.



The only thing that’s able to break through your negative spiral, stream of consciousness, internal dialogue, is the sudden surge in the crowd around you as the lights change from stop to go.

You know what this means – she’s walking towards you.

Despite the desperate urge in your body to turn and flee in the other direction and escape the possible very public failure and very public judgment that comes with it, something inside you forces you to lift your eyes to the oncoming crowd.

There she is, just taking her first steps onto the road, joking and laughing with an old couple who’re heading home for the afternoon after spending an enjoyable day watching the life and movement of the world.


It’s then that you realise that you’re still standing on the pavement at the lights. Everyone else has made it half way and the two groups are passing through each other like the front lines of two charging armies, though their chosen weaponry of brightly coloured shopping bags and sequenced clutch purses are somewhat less deadly.

She momentarily disappears behind an unhappy, large man in a dark grey suit, clearly upset by having to come into work on his day off, but then she appears, only two metres away from you and she’s looking you dead in the eyes.

There’s something remarkable about the way she’s looking at you.

There’s no anger or disappointment, she’s not trying to sell you anything or convince you that she’s right, there’s no quiet pleading or frustrated disdain, there’s just happiness, and unconditional acceptance, and care.

You know this is your chance. You know that this is as easy as it’s going to get. You know you just need to open your mouth, say “Hi”, and the wheels will be set in motion.

But as your mind turns furiously in an attempt to find something funny and clever and alpha and caring and honest and cool…


…all you do is smile awkwardly, look away, and then nervously look down at your phone pretending to check something that you really didn’t even care about.


All the while, another amazing opportunity passes you by.

Not exactly how it plays out in the B-Grade movies…

In the movies, she would have dropped one of her bags just as she got near you and as you both reached down to pick it up, you would have bumped heads and laughed, whilst kindly old ladies smiled at you and made embarrassing comments about how cute your kids would be.

Or an out of control, drunk driver would have come screeching around the corner, giving you just enough time to tackle her and two old ladies out of the way whilst a suspiciously placed newspaper reporter snapped a photo of you that made it onto every newspaper, making you an instant celebrity and catapulting both of you onto an unexpected celebrity roller coaster.

But instead, you quickly scan through your Facebook feed looking for anything you can use to justify the fact that you’re staring at your phone whilst the opportunity of a lifetime walks past you and into the arms of some guy who has the balls to grab opportunities when they land in his lap.

As you realise that everything in your Facebook feed is just as unimpressive at it was when you checked it 5 minutes ago, you continue on your way, wasting the rest of the day thinking about how badly you screwed that up and promising yourself, again, that next time is DEFINITELY going to be different.

The only problem is that this is the same promise you’ve made 20 times over and still nothing has changed.

You still don’t take action. You still watch opportunity after opportunity pass you by. You still use the same old excuses. And because you haven’t done anything different, you still get the same old results.


Why? Because you haven’t dealt with what’s really in the way.


Making empty promises to yourself can only help you take action if the only reason you’re not taking action is because of your lack of promises.

If your lack of promises isn’t the one thing that’s stopping you, then no amount of promising is ever going to help you change. It’s straight forward and simple.

Your solution has to address the exact problem you’re facing otherwise it’s not going to work.

– A hammer and 6 nails will never help you put out a fire.
– A new timing belt will never help you heal your broken arm.
– 2 old goats and 3 medium sized packets of dried fish can’t mend the hole in your football.

And making promise after promise to yourself that next time will be different won’t help you approach if your lack of promises isn’t the reason you’re not approaching in the first place.

If you’re going to stop wasting opportunity after opportunity, you need to find the real problem.

So what is stopping you? What is the real problem?

– Why are your feet stuck to the ground, despite the fact that you know you just need to walk forward?
– Why does your tongue get heavy in your mouth, the very second you try and introduce yourself?


This was the exact question I asked myself, night after frustrating night.


I’d head out to bars and clubs with grand hopes that this would be my night.

That this would be the night that I change everything. That this would be the night where I set myself free and change my life forever. That this would be the night where I Man up, take action, and finally unleash that charming, charismatic, and confident guy inside me.

I would stare at myself in the mirror with fierce determination – This is my time…

How do you think that went?

Yeah, just the same as yours.

Great intentions destroyed by poor execution.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t lack for dedication – night after night after night after night. Banging my head up against that same imaginary wall made of anxiety, confusion, doubt, the odd bit of embarrassment, all held together with a spectacular array of excuses and blame.

– “She’s not my type…”
– “She probably has a boyfriend…”
– “My parents didn’t raise me right…”
– “Society had conditioned me…”

And sometimes, the honest truth would scrape out:

– “I’m just a pussy.”

But that wasn’t the whole story. It wasn’t just the fact that I was a pussy that was in my way.

I knew this because there were other areas of my life where fear wasn’t a barrier. There were other places where I could be anxious, I could see a challenge, and I could move towards it despite these fears.

But there was something about approaching, flirting with, and seducing women that I couldn’t make work.

So this is where I started to go deeper.

This is where I started to dig in and see what I could find beneath the layers.

If it wasn’t just the fact that I was a pussy, and there weren’t physical barriers in my way, there had to be some psychological wall that was keeping me stuck in one spot.

But what was it?

This is when I started asking some questions:

– “What’s different about being able to jump out of a plane at 2000m and walking towards that cute blonde at the bus stop?”
– “Why can I rack a fully loaded weight bar across my shoulders without a second thought but can’t open my mouth to say “Hi” as soon as a great pair of tits passes in front of me?”
– “How come I can do a presentation in front of my entire class but can’t tell the checkout chick that I see twice a week how beautiful her smile is?”

I sat on these questions for a long time.

I went out to bars and listened to my internal dialogue, I strolled down the street and noticed what happened in my body every time I passed a beautiful woman, I watched guys who just had that natural knack for being able to flirt and play with women and asked: “What is different about me?”


After months of working through the most complex and confusing theories I could possibly
wrap my head around, I arrived at a suspiciously simple realisation.


The simple reason that I couldn’t approach and flirt and play with the multitude of beautiful women who pass me every day was that in my heart of hearts, I didn’t believe I could affect the outcome.

– I didn’t think I could get the result I wanted.
– I didn’t think that I had the power to get her smiling and laughing.
– I didn’t think that I was able to turn the inevitable “No…” into a “Maybe” or even a “Yes”.

To put it simply I didn’t feel like I had control of my destiny.

I felt weak.

I felt exposed.

I felt powerless.

This was the word that got me: powerless.

I didn’t feel like I could change the situation. I didn’t feel like I was in control. I didn’t think that there was any way I could turn her radiant smile into an expression of quiet intrigue, into “Oh, well thank you. I bet you say that to all the ladies. You’re such a charmer…”

– There was no point in crossing the bar and sitting at the empty stool next to the hot blonde in the black miniskirt because I didn’t think I could get her laughing.
– There was no point in flirting with the sales assistant in the jeans store because she was just going to turn me down anyway.
– There was no point in approaching the nerdy looking office girl in the park and interrupting her lunch time reading because I couldn’t affect the outcome.

This was why I didn’t approach. This was why I didn’t ask for phone numbers. This was why I let opportunity after opportunity pass me by.


This led to a very interesting question: How do I get the power?


If feeling powerless is the reason that I’m not taking action, all I need to do is get that sense that I’m in control of my life and I’ll be free to approach, to flirt, to laugh, to play.

It sounded so simple.

If I felt like I was in control, I would approach.

If I felt like I had the power, I would say ‘Hi’.

If I felt like I was the Man, I would have no hesitation about crossing the street to catch the cute brunette with the great legs.

So I began a journey asking one question: How do I feel powerful?

This was what I had to answer.

I scoured eBooks. I watched DVD’s. I trawled through forums, but the funny thing was that no one was talking about this. I couldn’t find one, single reference to it.

There were no blog posts to memorise or podcasts to internalise. It was strange. In an industry that has become so niche specific that you can find information on how to approach black, amputee, midgets on the third Sunday in June, I couldn’t find one single piece of information on how to feel stronger, more in control, and more powerful.

It took me a while to work out why, but when I did, it was obvious.

No one was talking about it because there was already a solution.

An obvious and easy solution at that.

No one was talking about it because everyone on every forum was already practicing it.

The solution was called: Blame.

If things don’t go the way you want them to, the simple answer is to get on a forum and find someone to blame.

– “My parents didn’t raise me right…”
– “She was a bitch…”
– “The ebook / method / structure was wrong.”
– “It wasn’t me. It’s never me. I’m not wrong, the world has wronged me.”

The formula is simple: If you feel powerless, then the easiest way to feel powerful is to shift the responsibility for your life situation into the hands of others.

If it’s not your fault, if you’re not to blame, if you can’t help it and someone else is responsible, then all of a sudden you don’t feel so pathetic. You don’t feel so weak. There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s the world that’s wrong.

Blaming feminist, man-hating, uber-dykes allowed the guys on the forums and in the chat rooms to feel strong and powerful. They had their solution and they were loving it. They didn’t need to try and find a way to feel powerful because blaming others gave them the shot of power that they wanted.

I thought about what they were doing… I even spoke up a few times about how it wasn’t completely the fault of other people and that they were ignoring what they were bringing to the situation, but it didn’t get through.

So I just sat back and thought about what they were doing and how they were living their lives and whether this was the right thing for me – and considered it for a long time.


Sure, it feels great to blame other people. It stops you feeling powerless and worthless in
the short term. But is it really a long term solution?


Was it really the solution I needed?

I remember sitting outside a bar in the cool autumn air, down by Sydney harbour one evening, listening to the sound of the waves lapping against the piers, contemplating this very idea.

And as I sat there, thinking, I realised something very, very important – whilst blaming people might make me feel less powerless in that moment, it could NEVER be the long term solution that I needed. Ever.


And here’s why:


The times in my life when I’ve felt the most powerful was when I was able to create change. When I was in control, continuously powering towards my dreams and goals, I felt strong, unstoppable, and powerful.

Whilst blaming other people might temporarily make me feel less powerless, it can never help me feel truly powerful because it takes away my ability to take control and direct my destiny.

If I’m just focussing on what other people contribute and never what I contribute, as I can’t control how other people behave or respond to me, I can never experience the power that comes from directing my future.

By blaming other people, by choosing to focus on what they contribute to the situation, I take away my ability to ever feel in control because I’m only focussing on things that I can’t control.

I can’t make people like me. I can’t make them attracted to me. I can’t make them follow me. And because I’m just focussing on what they’re doing and not what I contribute, I can never feel in control because I can never change the situation.

And even if I could, it would be temporary at best because soon enough, someone is going to come along that I can’t control, and I’ll feel powerless again.

So to find the answer, I started looking elsewhere.

– I started looking at guys who were strong and capable, despite the fact that they got shot down.
– I started to look at guys who were able to take action, regardless of whether people liked them or not.
– I started to look at guys who were strong and free, without needing any approval from anyone else around them.

And as I was talking to them, I started noticing something very real and very different about them.

They didn’t talk like other people… They weren’t like the guys on the forum.

They weren’t sitting around, blaming others for the quality of their life or what they’d been through. They took responsibility, FULL responsibility, and were constantly moving towards a solution.

– Instead of saying “She was such a bitch”, they were saying “I approached her at a bad time.”

– Instead of saying “She shouldn’t have made me feel bad”, they were saying “I shouldn’t have tried to use her to feel good.”

– Instead of saying “She shouldn’t have rejected me”, they were saying “I shouldn’t have tried to get her acceptance.”

At first, this didn’t make sense to me.

“Yeah, you were being needy, but she still could have been nice to you” I would respond when they came back to the group.

“Sure, that’s right. She could have. But trying to control her or blame her is never going to make me any better. If I just sit around saying that ‘she should act differently’ then all I’m ever going to do is get better at telling people how to live their lives. And because of that, nothing about my life is ever going to change. I’m going to keep running up against the same problems, over and over again and all that’s going to be different is how well I can whinge about it. But, if I take control, change what I can change, and leave the world to do what it wants to, at least I know that I’m not the problem and she’s just not the woman for me.”

Logically, it made sense.

If you just focus on what other people should change, then all you’ll ever get better at is demanding that other people change.

But by focussing on what you contribute, you can always be moving towards your goals and making a difference to your life.


And all of a sudden, it was obvious.


The secret to feeling powerful, strong, in control, and being able to do what I wanted, when I wanted, wasn’t some theory or structure or piece of knowledge that I needed, it was letting go of everything that other people were doing, turning my attention to everything I could change, and then working, every day, towards becoming the kind of Man I wanted to be.

That was where my strength was. That was where my power was.

And by focussing externally, I was giving away my power.

By taking the responsibility off my shoulders and blaming everyone else for my life situation, I was putting my ability to feel powerful and strong in their hands. I was undermining my own sense of control and strength by making them responsible for whether or not I felt like I was moving forward.

The power I wanted was right in front of me and I’d just been handing it over blindly to people I didn’t know, had never met, and would probably never meet again.


Realising this was a huge shift.


All of a sudden, there were an incredible amount of pathways I could use to feel powerful.

Doors opened wide, angels started to sing, people started showering me with gold and frankincense and myrrh…

Well, not really, but it felt like it, because all of a sudden, everything felt easy.

The pain and frustration I’d gone through by blaming other people and giving away my power was replaced with effortless ease.

– I could pay attention to what I was contributing, I could work out how that affected the outcome, and I could work to eliminate it for good.
– I could work on being less needy.
– I could work on being less outcome dependent.
– I could work on finding more appropriate times and places to approach women.
– I could work on being more real, genuine, powerful, and free.
– I could always find something to work on and something that was going to take me closer to my goals, and therefore, always feel powerful.

The ‘me’ that was stuck to the walls and ‘just not in the mood tonight’ became powerful and directed.

I started taking action. LOTS of action. I started approaching, powerfully and authentically. I started sharing and opening up. And I started to feel strong and powerful, regardless of how women responded to me because regardless of how they responded, I always had something I could do to keep moving towards the life I wanted.

I always had a way to feel more powerful and strong.


I had spent FAR too long, giving away my power by blaming other people for what
happened to me. Now I was taking it back.


I’m not going to lie and say all of a sudden, women were throwing themselves to the ground and begging to be allowed to undo my fly and suck away my troubles, but by taking control and finding my power, I was able to feel strong and in-control, regardless of how they responded.

The more I did this, the more powerful I felt. And the more powerful I felt, the more women responded to me.

And so this is where we take it back to you and I ask you the very same question I asked at the start of this article:


Are you giving away your power?


Are you blaming other people for what you’ve gone through, what you’re going through, or what you expect to experience in the future?

Are you ignoring what you can control, focussing on what you can’t control, and giving away your ability to make any changes to your life and move towards your goal?

Are you making yourself feel weak, helpless, and pathetic, all by shifting the responsibility to people outside yourself?

If you are, don’t be ashamed. You’re not alone. In today’s society, it seems to be more the norm than the exception.

But it’s also the fastest and easiest way to make sure you spend the rest of your life in the same holding patterns that you’ve been circling in without ever bringing that jet in to land.

– It’s the fastest way to make sure you always struggle to approach.
– It’s the simplest way to make sure you never express yourself and continually end up in the friend zone.
– It’s the easiest way to watch opportunity after opportunity slip through your fingers without ever being able step up to the plate.


So how do you make this change? How do you make the switch?


If you just focus on what you contribute to any situation will everything start to transform?

Technically yes. But also no.

You see, what you contribute to any situation isn’t just the actions you perform.

The actions are the surface level.

When you approach a woman, it’s not just the fact that you’re approaching and the words you’re using that determines whether or not she’s excited to have you in her life or wanting to run from you as fast as possible.

That’s all determined by your sub-communication. 

You can say and do all the right things – you could compliment her and tell her how attractive you find her – but it’s what’s going on behind the layers that is telling so much more of the story.

When you were talking, were your eyes begging for approval?

Could she feel the neediness behind your smile?

Were you standing in a way that gave away just how much you wanted her to like you?

Was it obvious that you just wanted her because of how other people would respond when they saw her with you?

You sub-communication is what gives your words their real meaning.

“I think you’re cute and want to get to know you” can, depending on your sub-communication, mean anything from “Please don’t reject me” to  “You’re my last hope” to “I’m interested to see what you’ve got” to “I’m going to tear your clothes off as soon as it’s legal”.

This, unfortunately, doesn’t mean you can just practice new sub-communication.

Your sub-communication is controlled by something far deeper and far more real than just learned habits and bad experiences from the past.

Things like:

– The thoughts running through your head
– Where you’re directing your attention
– What you’re really trying to achieve
– How you’re trying to achieve it

…and until you’re aware of these, the same needy, desperate, sub-communication will continue to creep out.

This is why, if you just stay on the surface level of actions, then you’re not going to be aware of the most important and powerful elements that you contribute.

Also, knowing what you contribute is never enough.

Once you have the knowledge of what you’re contributing and how you’re contributing it, you have to take action to transform these challenges.


Thinking, discussing, theorising and debating is never enough…


If you’re going to change the way you interact with women, you have to be interacting with women. There’s no short cut, there’s no easy way out.

Your old habits and sub-communication occur in the field and you’re going to find it VERY difficult to change them without getting out in the field.

But taking any action isn’t enough. You can take action that reinforces bad habits, you can take action that keeps you in the same place, you can take new action that doesn’t get you closer to your dreams, and you can take action that sets you free.

You have to know what action to take and how to take it to eliminate your limiting barriers, otherwise, you’re just wasting time.

Also, taking action once or twice is never going to undo years and years of disempowering habits.

You can’t just walk into a supermarket once, take action, and then think that everything’s going to be ok.

You can’t make one great approach and then let old habits rule your life again.

You have to consciously and consistently use what you learn to change the way you interact with your world. 

Without the consciousness, awareness, and consistency, you’ll just be wasting your time.

And this only happens when you have a game plan.

You have to have a game plan for how you’re going to deal with situations when they arise in the future and stick to it. If you don’t, it’s FAR too easy to slip back into old habits when things start to feel like they’re working for you.

It’s in the moments when you’ve finally cracked the big barriers, when everything feels like it’s flowing, that it’s the easiest to let your attention wander and let those old habits creep back in.

And most importantly, all of this is only going to happen if you learn how to consciously and consistently control your focus.

Your ability to take conscious and new action only starts when you can control your focus.

If you just allow your focus to wander all over the shop, your actions, motivations, and thoughts will be all over the shop.

To be able to transform your life, and feel the strength and power that you’re looking for, you need to be able to control your focus.

So as you can see, there’s more to this than just changing your focus to what you contribute.

There’s so much more to it than it seems.

I tried to put this all into one blog post but it just doesn’t work. There’s too much content and too much structuring that goes into it.


This is why I created EmpowerMen.


EmpowerMen is a 7 module online training program designed to help you unlock the inner-strength necessary to get out of your own way, drop the excuses, take control, and consciously and consistently transform your life.

It will give you the understanding, skills, and tools necessary to build the life you want, despite your limiting belief, past experiences, habits, upbringing, ethnicity, age, body shape, or hairstyle and set you on your own journey with solid foundations.

EmpowerMen is specifically designed to help you:

– Understand exactly how and why you’re giving away your power
– Experience the clarity of being able to see the 4 levels of contributions you make to any situation and experience in life
– Start taking action to not only rectify past situations but also develop new and empowering habits
– Develop the direct and powerful focus necessary to be able to consistently take action
– Develop a progression plan to help you make these changes a permanent feature of your life

Through EmpowerMen, you will discover…

– Why you’re stuck on the sidelines watching the world pass you by
– The first step in making your limiting beliefs a thing of the past
– How and where you’re giving away your power
– Why you’re really getting rejected
– What’s really responsible for your frustrating lack of success
– Why you keep running into the same problems, over and over again
– What it really means to be fully in control of your life
– What you’re really bringing to the table and how it’s pushing women away
– The inner-strength required to transform your inner limitations
– The ability to pinpoint what was really happening in the background which was leaving you feeling empty and frustrated
– How to get off the wall and into the thick of life
– What you’re really sub-communicating when you approach a woman
– How to stop having the course of your life be determined by other people
– The strength to be honest and real, even when it’s scary
– How to stop letting resentment and anger rule your life
– Why your relationships with women leave you feeling empty and hollow
– Stop letting other people’s opinions dictate how you feel about your life
– How to make sure you grow through every experience
– How to stop using women to feel good about yourself
– What’s putting you in the friend zone and how to get out of it
– Why you’re blaming other people for your life situation
– How to stop needing women to touch you back
– The strength to express your real feelings
– Why your relationships with friends aren’t clicking like they should
– The strength to be able to decide where your life is leading
– The first and most important step in overcoming your neediness
– How to be able to give to people without needing things in return
– The freedom to do what you want, when you want, regardless of what other people think

And so much more…

If you’re want to hear what other guys have gotten from it, here’s a few completely biased testimonials from some of the guys who tested the program.


“It’s incredible, you just feel so much more empowered. It’s such a huge difference between feeling like a victim and feeling like you’re in control of how things work.”

– Shawn (9:09)


“I feel like I can decide where my life is leading instead of being influenced by external factors
like ‘Oh shit, she doesn’t like me, now my life is miserable’…”

– Nils (9:23)


How do I get the results?


The EmpowerMen transformation process is simple.

All you need to do is log in to your EmpowerMen online training portal and when you finish your module you’ll get access to your next step.

The transformation process you undergo in EmpowerMen is achieved through EmpowerMen’s not-so-unique (if you’ve read about any other of AI’s coaching programs, you’ll know that this structure is consistent across all of them) structure. Each of the 7 modules in EmpowerMen contain:


Element 1: Articles

Each of the 7 EmpowerMen modules starts with a quick article designed to help you understand what’s going on behind the layers.

Progress is never made by learning something new, but getting the right information sets the foundation that makes real change possible.

But only if you get the right information.

Each article will help you get the right information so that you can move forward in the right direction without wasting time and energy with band-aid solutions.


Element 2: Written Exercises

If having the right knowledge sets the foundation, then your written exercises are the first building block to transforming your life.

Each of the written exercises will help you take the new information you’ve learned and do the one thing that 90% of guys fail to do: apply their new information to their personal challenges.

There’s no point in having information if you don’t stop and consider what it really means for you and the challenges you’re facing.

These exercises will make sure you don’t fall into that trap.


Element 3: Action

The only time you will ever experience change is when you take action.

That’s it.

That’s the only time.

You can read, think, discuss, and debate till your heart’s content, but nothing will change until you take action.

But, as with information, it needs to be the right action.

To make sure you’re not only taking action, but also taking the right action, each module of EmpowerMen has a physical activity component designed to train the most important elements in finding your internal strength and power.


Element 4: Concentration and Awareness Training

Taking conscious and consistent action whilst building on the essential elements for finding your personal power and strength only happens when you have conscious and consistent focus.

No training program would be complete without a development schedule designed specifically to help you harness your ability to consciously and consistently direct your attention and focus where you need to.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that learning to direct your attention and focus in different areas of your body can be powerful enough to help you find your internal strength.

The purposely designed concentration and awareness development schedule inside EmpowerMen will not only help you develop the skill of concentration and deep self-awareness, but develop it in a way that helps you find your internal strength.

NOTE: I’m not sure I can accurately convey what I really mean by ‘finding your internal strength’ so here is what some guys had to say after thier first experience with it:


“Oh btw,I ABSOLUTELY F*ING LOVE THE NEW MEDITATION!!!! It’s so f*ing sick! It gives me the relaxation, the ability to map out all of dirtiest desires with girls I fantasize about and it ends with the LETS F*ING GO MAN feeling that I implement in my life with stuff I do and whenever I feel beaten.

“THIS is some shit I’m willing to lose sleep over. F*ing brilliant man, absolute genius.”

– Shawn


“Just wanted to let you know: The meditation is really holyyyy fucking sickkkkkkkkk. I got 3 of your meditations, one from the get real prep and one from endgame, but this one just blows, it’s the best and really makes you feel like a man and take action!”

– Stefan


How much does it cost?


A good question, and an important one: How much does it cost?

I thought about this for a long time. There’s a lot to weigh up.

The price has got to be  cheap enough to make it affordable for people to participate but also expensive enough to motivate them to work though all the challenges they’ll face on the way through.

It also has to cover the cost of hosting the program and keeping the website up a running.

So I asked myself: How much does this program need to be to motivate guys who sign up to work through all the content and challenges whilst still making it affordable?

7 modules, each containing an article, a written exercise, an activity, and a concentration and awareness exercise, all structured together to help guys become powerful, free, and confident…

What is the right price for that?

$30 per module?

$25 per module?

$20 per module?

With 7 modules, that made it $140.

If I knew that I was wasting $140 every time I chickened out and didn’t follow the instructions, would that motivate me to push through?


Is $140 too much to pay for take a big step towards feeling the kind of personal power and strength I was looking for?

Is it too much to pay to stop watching life pass me by?

Is it too much to pay to be able to finally overcome my limiting beliefs?

Is it too much to pay to be able to break free from my self-imposed limitations and start living my life on my terms?

I don’t think so.

So that’s where I started with this – $20 per module for 7 modules.

Enough so that when you pass that cute blonde that lives on your street, that you’ve been DYING to talk to but haven’t found the balls to yet, you’ll think twice and even get your feet moving in the right direction.

But not enough to put it out of the reach of the big student population that hangs out around AI.

But I also know that to help guys see that this is the right program for them, I need more testimonials.

You want to know that what you’re paying for works. I understand that, I’m the same.

Three testimonials from 3 guys is never enough. You want more. I need to get more.

And to get more testimonials, I need more guys to try EmpowerMen.

So, that’s why, for a VERY limited time, until I can collect enough testimonials to prove that EmpowerMen can do what I’m claiming it can, I’ve dropped the price.

If you sign up today, and promise to give me feedback once you’re done, you can start your Empowermen journey for only $68.

I need more guys going through EmpowerMen because I need more feedback and testimonials.

And that means that for a very limited time, you get over 50% off.

If you’re ready to start living your life on your terms and setting the solid and powerful foundations necessary to become the Man of YOUR dreams, start your journey today.

Join now:
EmpowerMen foundations big 2v2
How do I get access?

EmpowerMen is hosted within the Attraction Institute Online training portal that allows you to get the articles, exercises, activities from anywhere in the world and start changing your life today.

You don’t need to fly anywhere, you don’t need to take time off work, you don’t need to commit huge blocks of time.

All you need to do is log in to our online training portal once a day, click on the relevant module, and start taking action.


How much time will it take each day?

From experience, most guys take 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes during the day, and then 15 minutes in the evening.

Some guys like to stretch it out and take their time but 3 x 15 minute blocks throughout the day is fine.


What if I don’t finish it in the 7 days?

That’s fine. You’ve paid for the product and you own it.

As long as you have an internet connection, then you will have access.

On top of this, because the program is hosted in our online training portal, you will have access to any updates and upgrades that are made in the future.


Can I just do this program and expect everything to transform magically?

No. And I’m sorry if I’ve given you that impression. It’s mentioned at the end of Nil’s testimonial and I’m reaffirming it here.

There is no program you can do that will magically make you into a different person. You’ve spent years developing the habits that are responsible for where you are right now and they take time to transform.

But if you work through EmpowerMen and follow the instructions and exercises, what you will get is the solid and powerful foundations that will cut months, if not years off your progress.

It’s not going to magically transform your purpose and actions and have naked women clawing at each other just to get in your pants, but it will give you the solid vision and understanding of how and why you currently feel powerless to change the world around you and how to become an unstoppable powerhouse.


Is there a guarantee?

Always. I don’t want your time or your money if you’re not getting anything in return. As with everything AI, there is a full, 12 month guarantee.

If you work through EmpowerMen, completing the written exercises, physical activities, and concentration and awareness exercises, and still can’t see exactly what you need to do to feel strong and empowered, then you will get a full, no questions asked, immediate, refund.


If you’re ready to stop wasting your life away behind limiting beliefs and excuses, now is the time to act.


You’re invited to taste what is really possible.

To glimpse your true potential.

To set the solid foundations necessary for complete transformation.

To find your core strength, to become powerful, free, and strong.

To break free from your limiting beliefs, to shatter your self-imposed limitations, to step forward, through the glass walls you’ve been stuck behind and be able to confidently and powerfully bring your authentic self to the world without shame or doubt.

If that sounds like the life you want and what you’ve been looking for all this time, then the only thing left for you to do is…

…join EmpowerMen today:
EmpowerMen foundations big 1v2


And in case you’re still on the fence, here are a few pieces of feedback…


Today was a really enlightening day. Like I knew I got all the information but it really peeled it back a layer for me. It just feels good taking this stuff on into my shoulders rather than dumping it and I think part of that comes with doing all of these things for myself but more importantly looking towards myself whether I believe this is right/wrong/good for me instead of referencing an article each time for confirmation. I really feel like I can write my own life now because I really think I get it now. I got bigger fish to fry now and I’m the one who picks to become a champion or to be a chump.

– Sean




…the program is well done. With the help of your written exercises, I could analyse my past experiences very well. Made me realize that I was responsible for the mishaps that happened to me. I have to be honest. I was extremely needy and still am rather so. I always considered myself to be giving but in reality I only gave to get back. It’s true.

With the help of your program I realized this and am on the way to become more truly giving and less needy. I will keep on working at it till I am as free of neediness as humanly possible. I am sure this will be an ongoing process and that is perfectly fine. 🙂

The program is worth the money. Thanks for the great work, dude! I found it very helpful in teaching me how to apply the theory I learn in it to my life…. EmpowerMen really taught me a lot and I’m getting closer to what I want…

– Nils




I’m still on day 3 of it. I wanted to make completely sure I’m not half-assing any of the physical activities, even though I haven’t been pushing as hard as I should be through it.

I’ve been able to see a lot in terms of where I’m creating problems. While I knew getting was the cause of my issues, I’ve been paying increased attention to my focus and realizing that I’m ‘Getting’ in situations where I previously thought I wasn’t, such as waiting for the “right moment” to take actions, waiting til there’s no one I know around, and in general focusing on outcomes. The concentration/awareness has helped a lot with this, as I can feel in my body more and more when I’m outcome oriented. I even noticed it when I’m walking places, how my walk would be forced and hurried because I was focusing on getting to point b, not enjoying the experience of walking.

The actions, as I mentioned, I haven’t been pushing through as hard as I should. I’ve not let myself go on until I’ve completely finished them though, so I’ve still been gaining from them. In the last few days I’ve become more aware of some of the excuses I was using that’ve caused me to go slow, and I’m going to work tomorrow on pushing through those.

So far, it’s going great! I’ll let you know when I’m finished how it all went.

– Grant




EmpowerMen is very enlightening, it helped me to realize that the most of my problems were because of trying to control the external enviroment and outcomes. Now I can see things from another perspective, in which I can realize my own life. I feel much freer, more real and motivated than before, because now there are NO excuses and everything depends on me, I am responsible for what I do.

The meditation is really amazing, it relaxes you, it takes the fears away and helps you feel like a man ready to take action.

As forthe actions, I think the difficulty progression is excellent, each of which involves a challenge just for that moment, and they really help to understand the deeper theory and understand that each of us are able to do what we want. I had no problems in overcoming them.

In conclusion, I found EmpowerMen very useful and interesting, it taught me a lot and now I know I’m on the right track.


– Ramiro




Overall I’ve enjoyed the program so far (I got caught up with other things and haven’t finished the last exercise). Well put together and straightforward. I am happy I signed up, because if anything it’s helped me understand more fully some of the theoretical stuff and in a more real-world way. I’ve been listening to the guided meditation almost every day and it definitely gets me stoked to go out and accomplish the things I want to get done.

– Connor

EmpowerMen foundations big 3v2