PUA Scam: What the Pick Up Artist Guru’s Don’t Want You To Know

You were promised the world.
You were promised earth shaking, heart breaking, panty loosening tricks to fool even the hottest of women.

You were promised a lifestyle that was normally reserved for rockstars and Hollywood actors.

And what did these PUA Guru’s deliver?

Are you currently suffocating under a sea of naked, writhing, victorias secret models?

Or are you sitting, like the hundreds of thousands of other guys, waiting for all those glorious promises made by your friendly pick up artist to come true?

Sure, it worked for PUA.

It may have also worked for his wingman.

But has it worked for you?

And how are your fellow aspiring PUA’s doing with it?

Sure, you might have gotten a bit of success with it but are you currently living the life you want? Are you the pick up artist poster child yet?

No, I didn’t think so.

Would you like to know why?

All these pick up artist techniques ALWAYS fail on the same two points. The two key points that have been preventing you from getting the success you desire.


1. Not all women want the same thing

According to the PUA guru’s, you just need to follow a series of steps or actions and the woman will be yours. Sounds too good to be true? Well, think about this:

Just in the same way that you’re not attracted to every woman, not every woman is attracted to the same kind of Man.

Some love bad boys. Some love nice, safe guys. Some love nerdy, geeky, intellectuals. Some love jocks. Women’s taste varies as much as the taste between you and your mates does.

If women have different tastes, do you think you’ll just be able to follow one set of rules or techniques to get every woman?

The first key element that the PUA guru’s failed to tell you is that you can never seem attractive to every woman because women are different.

You can’t go in there with your ‘one size fits all’ routine stack and expect her to jump your bones.


2. How she feels will change what she’s looking for

Not only do women want different kinds of guys in general, but the kind of guy they want changes minute by minute as their mood changes.

If she’s feeling strong and confident, she’s going to want a guy who’s a challenge. If she’s feeling a little down and shy then she’s going to want a more gentle and caring guy.

She might be feeling on top of the world one minute, then see another woman wearing the same earrings as her and feel less attractive.

She might be feeling confident and powerful one minute, then eat a piece of birthday cake and feel fat and unattractive.

If you try and pick her up in the same way before and after these things happen, you’re going to fail.

The second key element that the PUA guru’s failed to tell you is that you have to pay constant attention to how she’s feeling and adjust how you’re acting to suit her mood.

If you’re not paying constant and undivided attention to how she’s feeling and the signals she’s looking for, then you have no hope.

It doesn’t matter how many pick up artist techniques you have, it’s not going to make any difference to the outcome.

Sure, you may get lucky and hit the right one accidentally but is that the kind of future you want – one based on luck?

And do you think you can pay her undivided attention when you’re stuck in your head trying to come up with the right thing to say or trying to figure you what stage you’re in?

Do you think you can be totally present with her if you’ve got one method and you’re running it from top to bottom?

There’s only one way to get the true success you desire. You need to get out of your head and into hers.

You need to stop trying to memorise what stage you’re up to, the mindset you’re supposed to embody, the routine you’re supposed to deliver, and start paying attention to the most important part of any pickup – the woman.

But, if you want to be able to pay attention to the woman you’re interacting with whilst being an attractive and seductive man, obviously something has to change.

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