Realise Your Potential As A Man.

If you’re reading this, then I’m going to guess that you’re aware of your potential.

You’re aware that there’s something powerful, something strong, something amazing inside you and you’re looking for a way to let it out.

That’s a great place to be.

It’s far easier to work with someone who realises that they have a great wealth of potential inside themselves and are looking for a way to let it out then to work with someone who can’t see their potential and you have to help them find it first.

So, how to realise your potential…

The first step in realizing your potential is finding where you’re holding yourself back. It’s by looking into these areas that you’re going to see the core that’s preventing you from realising your potential.

As you’ve probably come here to improve your relationships with women, lets start there.

You know you have potential. You know you can be funny. You know you can be charming. You know you can be exciting.

You also know that you’re not doing it all the time. If you’re anything like most guys who’re looking to realise their potential around women, you can probably be the cool, charming, exciting guy around women you’re not attracted to but fall apart around the ones you really want.

Am I right? Yeah, I’ve been there as well…

To see what’s preventing you from unleashing the powerful guy you have inside you on these amazing women, you need to have a look deeper. To do this, we’re going to use a progression we use in our workshops to help you get to the core.

When you are being the cool, suave, exciting guy you know you have inside you, how are you acting?

Are you holding things back or are you saying what you want?
Are you expressing how you feel, not just through your words but through your body as well?
Are you trying to change people’s perceptions of you?

Your actions are driven by your focus. What do your actions say about your focus?

Are you focussing on what you are experiencing or are you focussing on what other people could be thinking of you?

Your focus is driven by your purpose. What does your focus say about what you’re trying to achieve?

Are you trying to make people like you or are you trying to express yourself openly and freely?

Now, just for a bit of contrast, answer the same questions for when you’re around beautiful women. Did you come up with different results?

The reason you’re only realising a fraction of your potential around the beautiful women you desire is your purpose. It’s what’s preventing you from having the life you desire.

If you want to fully realise your potential, you need to transform your purpose. You could spend years and years trying to treat the symptoms but until that core changes, your potential is going to remain locked away underneath the layers.

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