Test Your Self Esteem: The 1-Minute Self Esteem Test.

Want to know how good your self esteem is? Would you like a little self esteem test to see exactly how you shape up?

Imagine you’re sitting at work and your boss comes up to you.

She (I’m just going to fly in the face of gender stereotypes – and pretend your boss is a woman) leans over your desk and in her sweetest and most soothing voice says:

“You’re lazy and you’re work is shit.”

How do you respond to this self esteem test?

There’s two different ways that most people respond. And your response will be shaped by your amount of self esteem.

The first one is to get scared, apologise, and promise to do better next time.

If this is your natural response then there’s a good chance your self esteem could do with some work. You’re being tested and you’re unable to stand up for yourself. And this says that you value other peoples opinions more than you value your own.

The second response to this self esteem test is to get angry, get defensive, and start an argument about how wrong she is.

If this is your natural response then there’s also a good chance that your self esteem could be improved. Yes, this is a step up from just apologizing to do better next time but it also shows that there’s deeper insecurities at play.

Do you think that someone with high self esteem would get angry in response to the boss’ self esteem test?

Do you think someone with high self esteem would need to argue and defend their position?

Do you think someone with high self esteem would need to prove to their boss and those around them that they’re valuable and worthy?

If your natural response is to try and prove yourself, in any way, to anyone, in any situation, then you could transform your life by improving your self esteem.

A person with high self esteem, who doesn’t feel the need to prove themselves to anyone, who lives by their standards, their rules, and their principles, will naturally respond to this self esteem test with nothing more than genuine curiosity.

They will be secure in the fact that they’ve given everything they can and worked a hard as possible.

They will know that they’re a valuable asset and that if someone is making these kinds of statements, then they must have some kind of misinformation that’s fueling these ideas.

How much easier do you think your life would be if you were able to respond to test of your self esteem like that?

How much simpler do you think your world would be if anytime anyone challenged you, you were able to remain calm, collected, and poised?

Want to know how? Read my article on Building Self-Esteem.



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One Response

  1. Harold

    I think if I ever have the opportunity to be in a similar situation I’d probably be real with her and say something like “You’re right, I wasn’t feeling very motivated/energised/inspired (or whatever) which might have led my work to be the way it is now but at least I gave it my best regardless.” How about you??? Oh, by the way, Leigh, I’ve finished reading it. 🙂


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