Should You Learn To "Game" Women?

Well, of course you should.

There are definitely things that you need to learn in order to attract women.

And without them, you’re never going to get the success you’re looking for.


You’re going to relegated to her “let’s just be friends” zone for the rest of your life with all the other AFC’s.

The first thing you should learn is how to “open” women.

Because without that, you can’t start a conversation with them.

You must learn opinion openers.

(To show that you don’t find her attractive without knowing anything about her).

This one is very necessary.

Without this, you wont be able to demonstrate to her that you have standards in your life that run beyond the superficial elements of how she looks.

But you should also learn some direct openers. To show women that you’re attracted to them and have the balls to say what you think.

Then, once you’ve done that, you should learn high-octane attraction material.

Especially DHV’s.

(To show that you’re the kind of guy who goes after what he wants in life and therefore lives an exciting life filled with passion and adventure).

Oh, and don’t forget to learn some Alpha Male characteristics – to demonstrate that you’re willing to stand up for what you believe in.

Then, you need to learn qualification.

NEED. This one is crucial.

You need to learn this to convince her that you have standards in your life and that you’re only going to accept people who live up to them.

Once you’ve made your way through qualification, you should probably learn a couple of routine stacks.

This way, even if she’s the kind of woman you have nothing in common with and really have nothing to talk about with, you can continue the conversation.

Then, after you’ve made your way through that, you should learn how to close women properly.

If you don’t, there’s no way you’re going to be able to ask her for her phone number. It’s just faaaaaarrrrr too complicated to do without learning some powerful closing techniques.

So, to quickly recap:

– You should learn indirect openers to prove that you’re not attracted to her without knowing something deeper about her

– You should learn direct openers to show her you have the balls to go after what you want in life

– You should learn DHV’s to convince her that you lead an exciting life that she wants to be part of

– You should learn Alpha Male characteristics to show her that you stand up for what you believe in

– You should learn qualification to prove to her that you have standards for the people you bring into you life

– You should learn closing to make sure she doesn’t “slip away” after you spent all that time “gaming” her.

You should learn all these skills…

…one by one.

…So that you can pretend to be the kind of guy that does all these things naturally.

You should devote months and months, or even years, to sitting behind a computer screen, reading and reading, and then going out in field to implement these concepts…

…one at a time.

Until you do all these things without thinking, just so you can convince her that all these attractive elements are part of who you really are.

It’s obviously the easiest and most fun way. And the most authentic. That’s how a real man behaves, isn’t it?

Because you couldn’t just become the guy who actually has standards.

You couldn’t just get rid of the roadblocks that are preventing you from going after what you want in life.

You couldn’t just get rid of the excuses that you’re using to prevent yourself from actually BEING the kind of guy who does these things naturally…

…who knows what he wants in life and unashamedly goes after it.

That would be far too simple, quick, and easy.

You NEED to just pretend to do these things and hope that she doesn’t see through your thin facade.

You need to spend your life, changing who you are, just so that women who you don’t actually have anything in common with will hang out with you.

If you just hide the fact that you would be the kind of guy that she’s naturally drawn to if you didn’t use all these mental barriers to hold yourself back…

…she’ll definitely want to spend lots of time with you.

And that time will be rewarding and fulfilling because she’ll like you for who you pretend to be, rather than who you actually are.



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