Every philosophy is based off a series of assumptions. They’re inherent to any ideological foundation.

The Attraction Institute is no different.Everything you read on AI is based off a series of assumptions I call ‘The 11 Truths of AI’.

Despite the fact that I call them the 11 truths, I don’t actually believe they’re objectively ‘true’. Why? Because it is almost impossible to undeniably prove any of these things. They’ree just the pieces of information that I’ve based my ideas off. They’re my ‘subjective’ truth.

Feel free to disagree. Feel free to agree. It’s up to you.

The point of this article isn’t to try and convince you that the way I see the world is right, it’s to show you what’s going on behind the layers of the articles.

If you have comments, thoughts, ideas, or see anything you think I missed and would like to see it added to the list, please leave a comment below.

Without further ado, I present ‘The 11 Truths of The Attraction Institute’


Truth 1. You want more

You want more than a polite smile, more than an average girl, more than being an average guy. You want to create powerful responses in incredible women because you’re the kind of Man they’ve only dreamed about.

You don’t want some plastic celebrity barbie doll on your arm or a self-conscious and needy stripper draped across the front seat of your convertible Saab.

You want a real woman – confident, powerful, and feminine. You want a woman that brings passion, fire, challenge, and beauty to your world. You want the best of the best. The top 1%. The complete package.

Every article on AI is written for the guy who wants to be incredible, to live an extraordinary life, to touch, challenge, and inspire others, and to eventually be able to give back to the people and the world around him.

The information here won’t help you get a more comfortable 9 – 5, a less stressful woman, or a more accommodating group of friends.

It will help you shed your 9 – 5, find a woman who pushes you to the extreme of your comfort level and is always challenging you to be better, and find a group of people who push and inspire you.


Truth 2. You want more because you can afford to want more

If you’re focussing on attracting women and becoming the Man of your dreams, it means you’ve got a few of the basics sorted. This includes:
– Easy access to fresh water
– Easy access to food
– Shelter to protect you from the heat and the cold
– An environment free from the threat of physical violence or actual physical violence
– And enough money to purchase more of life’s essentials if you ever ran into trouble.

The AI philosophy of being able to taking removing the core of your pain and suffering doesn’t include being able to magically wish you hunger pains away or pretend that your father doesn’t beat you.

Our focus is on helping guys who live in a safe environment, with life’s essentials taken care of, and who can afford to focus on the more pleasurable experiences in life.

Whilst we would love to help those in less prosperous situations, unfortunately, we’re not able to provide you with the kind of help you need.

Hopefully, we will sooner than later.


Truth 3. Everything you do, you do for a reason

You don’t just focus on what other people are thinking, just out of habit.

You don’t require the approval of others before you start taking action because someone told you to.

You don’t lean in and laugh politely at jokes that aren’t even funny, for no particular reason.

Everything you do, you do for a reason. There’s a deep-seeded motivation that underlies every action, movement, and thought.

You politely laugh at her jokes because you want something from her.

You focus on what everyone else is thinking because on some level, it matters.

You wait for permission from everyone around you before you live your life because there’s something in it for you.

Your life is purpose driven and people are inherently selfish. Everything you do, you do because you get something out of it.

Nothing happens by accident.


Truth 4. It’s not about knowledge

Your lack of success with women or in any other area of your life has nothing to do with your lack of information.

You don’t fail because you haven’t read enough. You don’t come in second place because you didn’t have the right collection of routines or ideas. Your lack of success can’t be attributed to your inadequate education.

(or lack of money, or lack of social status, or lack of shiny watches and fast cars)

Your lack of success can only be attributed to one thing – you.

Specifically, the kind of Man you’re being.

If you’re not getting the success you want, in just about any area of your life, it’s because you’re being needy, demanding, and dependent. That’s it.


Truth 5. They’re all skills

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken, dysfunctional, or stupid. You’re not beyond help. You weren’t just born this way.

Everything that’s holding you back is a skill you’ve learned.

You’ve learned to be needy. You’ve learned to be dependent. You’ve learned to care what other people think. And if you can learn all that, then you can learn other skills.

You can learn to be independent. You can learn to be inspiring. You can learn to follow your vision and passion, regardless of what other people say.

It’s never too late. You’re never too far gone. You’re not ‘just this way’. Everything is a skill and everything can be changed.

You just have to know where to start and put the time and energy into it.


Truth 6. There is no one method

Attraction is not a logical thought process based on your ancestors’ ancestors’ desires to live more harmoniously in bigger and shinier caves. Attraction is an experience.

Attraction happens when you make a woman feel the way she wants to feel and she wants more of it. When you do that, she will be attracted to you.

Does that make sense? When you have something that someone else wants, they will be drawn to you.

The specific ‘want’ is experience. The specific name we have for this is ‘attraction’.

There is no progression for this. There are no steps you need to use.

Why? Because for there to be specific method for you to use in every situation, all women would need to be exactly the same.

They would need to currently feel the same way, desire to feel the same way, have the exact same responses to different situations and actions, and have the same cognitive framework interpreting sensory input as it came in.

This isn’t true for guys and this isn’t true for women.

There is no set of steps or lines or methods and anyone who says there is, is trying to convince you of a complete lie – that all women are the same.


Truth 7. You can’t give something you don’t have

You can’t make a woman feel the way she wants to feel if you can’t feel that way yourself.

You can’t make a woman feel safe and protected if you don’t feel safe and protected.

You can’t make a woman feel alive and excited if you don’t feel alive and excited.

You can’t make a woman feel deeply connected if you don’t feel deeply connected.

You can’t make a woman feel valuable and appreciated if you don’t feel valuable and appreciated.

You can’t give something you don’t have.

The journey of being able to make women feel loved / appreciated / sexy / secure / excited / alive starts with helping yourself feel that way.


Truth 8. Giving when you need something in return is not giving

If you need a woman’s smile / laugh / approval before you feel safe, strong, and in control, then you can never give to her freely. You’re coming to her in deficient and will forever be looking for something in return for your efforts.

Whilst you may be able to make her feel safe and secure temporarily, you will always make her feel pressured and dependent upon.

Some women may like this. Some women may be looking for a needy little boy to look after. The real women you want, won’t.


Truth 9. She knows

You might think she’s falling for it, but she’s not.

The kind of women you really want – the confident, strong, beautiful women – can see straight through fake and phony personas.

They can smell your neediness, despite your Alpha Male body language.

They can sense your desperation, despite your finely polished routines.

They can feel your fakeness, regardless of how many affirmations you repeated to yourself in the mirror this morning.

Sure, there are women who can’t. There are some women who are gullible enough to fall for your deceptions.

This might be because they’re drunk. This might be because they’re so stuck in their head worrying about what other people are thinking of them that they don’t notice how insincere you are. This might be because they’re so starved of attention that they’ll take whoever comes along.

But regardless of what it is, the ones who fall for it aren’t going to be the ones you really want.

Because the ones you really want, know.


Truth 10. Fingers pointing at the moon

The thoughts and ideas you’ll read at The Attraction Institute are not a set of rules to live your life by.

My visions and dreams are not a blueprint for how you should live your life.

Everything on AI is designed to help you find YOUR truth.

Every article is pointing to something deep within you.

AI is not trying to create an army of clones who all think, feel, and desire exactly what they’re told to.

AI is about helping you find your own dreams, your own rules, your own passion, and your own desires. Everything on AI is a signpost, designed to help you find who you are, what you desire, and where you’re going.

If you’re using it any differently, then you’re missing out on the most rewarding and incredible journey possible.


Truth 11. Women are never the answer

Bringing some / more / different / women into your life is never the answer. Ever. For anything.

Being able to convince women to come and spend time with you will never fill that nagging hole of loneliness in your life.

Waking up in the morning with a gullible trashbag curled up next to you will never give you the long term sense of control that you crave.

Having a blonde bombshell hanging from your arm and getting the nodding approval of everyone in the bar will never give you the sense of freedom you crave.

Women are never the answer.

If you need to cram your life with more and more people, just to feel like the surface level connections you’re making are real and genuine, then you’ll never feel like you’re really connected to someone.

If you need to be able to make people do what you want them to do, just so you can feel that tiny sense of control in your otherwise chaotic and disjointed life, then you’ll always be at the mercy of other people’s reactions.

If you need to get the approval of everyone around you before you start to live your life on your terms, then you’ll forever be waiting for the last polite smile and courteous nod.

Women are never the answer.


That’s all folks…


So there you have it. They’re the 11 assumptions that underlie everything you read on AI.

What are your thoughts on it?

Does knowing them make things clearer? Has it just made everything more confusing? Is my grammar so poor that you didn’t make it through?

Share your thoughts below.