Some Pick Up Gurus will try to convince you that the reason you don’t attract the women you want is because you lack the necessary skills, talents, techniques, and methods.

This is incorrect.

It might seem like this on the outside, but as soon as you start to scratch the surface, you’ll see just how wrong this is.

Your lack of knowledge is not your problem.

You don’t lack information. You don’t lack tactics. You don’t lack methods. You don’t lack techniques.

The reason you don’t attract the women you want is because of something much simpler.


I learned this the hard way…


When I first decided that I wanted to be better with women, I found the Seduction Community.

I found the structures, I found the techniques, and I found the tactics.

But I also found something else: I found frustration.

The tactics, techniques, methods, structures, and routines that were supposed to help me be freer and more open around women…

…only got me more stuck in my head.

Instead of being more relaxed, more open, and more of myself, I was more analytical, more deceptive, and not even close to being the kind of Man I wanted to be.

I didn’t want to be the kind of Man who lies to women.

I didn’t want to be the kind of Man who pretends to be someone else.

I didn’t want to be the kind of Man who manipulates women into liking him.

And most importantly, I didn’t want to have women attracted to me for the kind of guy I pretended to be.

Constantly stuck in my head, pretending to be someone I wasn’t, and continually worrying about whether or not I could keep up this thin façade wasn’t the future I dreamed of.

I wanted to be more of my real self, I wanted to be more free, I wanted to be more open…

…and I wanted women to be attracted to me for who I really was.


After 3 months of painful, stilted, and forced conversations
with women, I dropped the lines, techniques, tactics, PUA
routines, and started looking deeper.


I started asking some important questions:

–       If I could have fun and interesting conversations when I felt relaxed and comfortable, is it better to learn more things to talk about, or learn to be more relaxed and comfortable?

–       If women are attracted to me when I’m being free, open, and really myself, is it better to learn tactics to attract women or to learn to be more free and open?

–       If I lead naturally as soon as I stopped worrying about what other people are thinking of me, is it going to be easier to learn to lead or to learn to stop worrying about what other people are thinking of me?

–       If I can start conversations easily and effortlessly when I’m just doing what I want, is it better to learn complex opening routines, or to get better at doing what I want?

–       If I naturally qualify every time I know what I really want, is it better to learn the steps, timing, and structures for qualification, or is it going to be easier to work out what I’m really looking for in a woman?

–       If the most alpha males I’ve ever met are the ones who do what they want, when they want, is it going to be easier to be an alpha male by learning rules from an alpha male rule book, or to work out what I want and go after it?

After a lot of time spent trying to understand what I was really asking, I realised they could all be condensed into one core question:

If I can attract women when I live my life on my terms, making myself happy, rewarded and fulfilled, doing what I want, when I want to, is it going to be easier to attract women by learning how to:

  1. Add more rules, more techniques, more structures, and burying the real me under more layers of crap?
  2. Or is it going to be easier, simpler, and more fulfilling to get rid of the extra layers and let the naturally attractive ‘me’ come out from under the layers?

I took option 2.

But in doing that, I had to admit some tough stuff:

–       I was not being real with women

–       I was hiding what I really thought

–       I was holding back on what I really wanted to do

–       I was the one that was preventing women from seeing the attractive parts of myself and therefore, responsible for my lack of success

This went further than just my interactions with women:

–       I was not being real with my family, friends, or work mates

–       I held back what I really thought with everyone in my life

–       I rarely spent my time doing exactly what I wanted

–       I was responsible for my lack of satisfaction and fulfilment in my entire life

This was pretty tough. It’s hard to look at your life and say “It’s all my fault.”

But it’s also incredibly liberating.

If you blame the world around you for your problems then you can only ever manage these problems when the world throws them at you

If you take full responsibility for your problems then you can eliminate the core of these barriers so you never have to face them again.

You don’t have to work out ways to get everyone to like you, you simply stop caring whether or not people like you.

You don’t have to work out ways to pretend to be an alpha male, you actually stop caring whether or not you’re an alpha male.

You don’t have to work out ways to get people to do what you want, you simply stop caring whether or not people do what you want.

It was the most eye opening journey I’d ever been on.

I went from:

–       Having stilted, awkward conversations to having fluid, open, and real connections

–       Being frozen with anxiety to doing what I wanted to, regardless of the anxiety

–       Holding myself back because I was worried about what everyone thought, to doing what I wanted, regardless of what everyone thought

–       Trying to meet the standards of the women around me to seeing whether or not they meet my standards

–       A frustrated, shut down, closed off, creepy and manipulative little boy that women ran from, to an open, free, powerful Man that women ran towards.

I went from being a 21 year old virgin who hadn’t kissed a girl in 7 years to having 3somes, 4somes, multiple long term relationships, and eventually moving in with the girl of my dreams.

…and all because I decided to remove the barriers preventing me from letting out the naturally attractive Man within.


This is the AI difference…

Despite being voted one of the top mens dating advice websites, you won’t find structures, you won’t find techniques, you won’t find tactics, and you won’t find lines.

Instead, you will find ways of stripping back the structures, techniques, rules, and all the other barriers that have been preventing you from living your life on your terms…

…so you can let out the naturally attractive man you have inside.

You already have the ability to attract women.

You already have all the knowledge you need to get the women you want.

Your problem isn’t that you’re not attractive, it’s that you’re not letting the women you want see the attractive parts of you.

They’re there, right now. You already have all the qualities that a woman could ever hope to find in a Man.

The only problem is that you’re holding them back around women you’re attracted to (and probably the rest of your life.)

So, if this is what you’re looking for…

If you’re looking for a way to be MORE real, MORE open, MORE honest, and have MORE women attracted to you for it…

…then the Attraction Institute is the place for you.

To start what I promise will be a rewarding and fulfilling journey…

…download your free copy of Seduction Community Sucks form the home page.

In it, you’ll find why the seduction community techniques, methods, and tactics will struggle to give you the results you want, and the only thing you need to change to effortlessly attract women.

Download your copy now and start the journey towards becoming the kind of Man that women are naturally attracted to.

Some Kind Words About The Attraction Institute…


All I want to say is Thank You. You’re incredible. You really are making men’s lives more beautiful.

Leigh, I am becoming a real man. That’s because I kicked my ass. But also, it’s because of you. Thank you, again. You’re a brother-in-arms.

Enough with the petty emotions. Cheers! 🙂


– Iulian




You have created an amazing source of knowledge to all men that are lost.

Congratulations on your success on making a difference in many people’s life.

–  Derrick




Thank you Leigh.

Through Get Real and Endgame and this forum my life has become filled with
pleasure, and I am living a life now that I can be proud of.

I am just feeling really grateful that I found you and your teachings 1½
years ago. I am so happy that I did.

You are an inspiration Leigh.

Thank you
-Andreas from Denmark, 18 years old




I want to say thank you. I’ve only been following this advice for like 4 days, and I already feel so much more secure and confident in the direction I’m going than I ever have in the 4 months of PUA prior.

A few days ago, I was sitting next to a model on the airplane, and for whatever reason I started a conversation with her and we talked for 4 hours straight, and this chick was a 9/9.5




Hey Guys,

Just wanted to offer a sincere word of thanks.

I’m a 45 year old man, suffering from a loss of direction, and purpose.. Life has pretty much sucked for me lately.  Anyway, I jumped on my computer one day and noticed a link my son had put on it to your website, so naturally out of curiosity I checked it out (what can I say? every little bit of advice when it comes to women helps)

But soon realized that your website is about anything but picking up women, the truth of the matter is it’s really about self improvement and becoming a better person in general (something I had forgotten how to do, hence my life becoming a dismal piece of shit).

That’s why I wanted to thank you for creating this web site. I’ve read tons of your articles and man they have helped me more than I could ever express through an email. I will buy Endgame as soon as I can afford it and am looking forward to reading it, as your advice is priceless.

So once again I sincerely Thank You All at Attraction Institute for your awesome contribution to my life,

– Briz




Your website, the articles, newsletters, podcasts etc. are great. I get so much out of them. Thanks to the Attraction Institute and End Game I am in recovery from the effects the PUA community had on me.


– Michael




thanks again for your much appreciated contributions to the betterment of my life. Endgame has been a true blessing for me.

I wish you the best life has to offer my friend,


– Brian.




Dear L,

The PUA community is not a community at all. It is a society. The definition of society is a group of people that gather together to move towards a common goal. The society of PUAs use a system. A system, by definition, is an assemblage of facts, principles, and doctrines, or the like in a particular field. Gathering this information and the claims that you make towards the Seduction Community, I undoubtedly believe in your statements. The way you point out how the PUAs contradict their very teachings and methods. The way that the PUAs gauge their success on the reactions of women.

It all became very clear to me when I started doing more research into the PUA society, just for fun. I wanted to go back and resurrect some of the information I used to hold so dear. After just an hour or so, I started to notice all that I looked right over so blindly in the past. It was surprising how right in plain view the contradictions were. I felt like such a dunce.

I decided to write this so that you know that I am not now a supporter of the Attraction Institute, just for the sole reason that I want to have women. The purpose of the AI is so much deeper than what lies on the surface. It goes beyond just changing your lifestyle, in my opinion that is of course.

I used to believe that it was possible to have the “best of both worlds.” However, now I see that it is not possible if you want to be truly and undoubtedly free.
On the other hand, I do also believe that the Seduction Society has SOME information that can be quite useful for men in need of help and tips that are proven to be accurate.

This letter in total is entirely my opinion.
I wanted to type with some conviction and purpose, and realization. How blind I was in the past, and blurry eyed as I stumbled upon the AI. Now, my eyes are clear and I can see a bright tomorrow full of, as you say, certainty and uncertainty.






Recently, curiosity has led me to trawl the net looking at advice for
men who seek greater success with the ladies.

I have found some of it amusing, some of it disturbing and most of
it woefully inadequate.

Your site is something completely different. It is obvious your advice
comes from a place of wisdom and integrity. The most unique thing
about your site is that it has a positive impact not only on men, but
on women too.

Where men are encouraged to approach themselves and
women with more respect, the quality of interaction  can only improve.
Congratulations on inspiring others to become better men and enjoy the
wide-ranging benefits of doing so.

– Carla




I must say the way in which you write your articles cutting straight to the point is truly remarkable.

I am particularly impressed with (and can relate to) your ideas about not sacrificing your core self/values for the sake of making it in the world.We are in a time where everyone is trying to be like everyone else. Nobody is satisfied with themselves anymore.

If you forget the point about getting the girl and focus on the life lessons you cover, i think your writing is quite profound.

– Dr N




Leigh, I know you’re a busy man, so I’ll keep this relatively brief.

I’ve been reading your articles and emails for about a year and a half now, and I feel like I finally get it. I finally behave in a strong confident manner and feel strong, powerful, and free (and yes, I do get laid more often). When I first started reading, I was the typical average frustrated chump living in his shell who thought that he could gain personal validation through sex. But as I read, I gradually improved until about three months ago I had what felt like an epiphany.

Now I’m not saying I know everything, but thanks to a supportive group of friends, some therapy sessions, Fight Club, and of course, your lessons and writing, I finally feel happy and content (A thought I had is that I’m finally happy and satisfied enough with my life to put it at serious risk. I still have a healthy aversion to death because I love living, but I’m no longer existentially fearful).

You’ve made a sizable contribution to a young man’s quality of life, and I would like to thank you as well as help other men learn what I have learned.

– William




Hey man, this is Roni.

I don’t know what happened, but in the past week I’ve had an incredible spurt of self-awareness, I’ve started to understand how I’ve lived the last 21 years of my life in a complete daze, how I’ve been living in my head instead of living in the real world.

Connection makes much more sense, power makes much more sense, freedom makes much more sense. As all of this stuff is starting to finally come together, I just wanted to say thank you. Honestly. From AI to Get Real to Endgame, all the concepts that I’ve picked up from you have exposed me to a new world that I never knew existed.

I’m so so grateful towards you and all this information you’ve provided me. Thanks a bunch Leigh, seriously. My eyes have never been so open and life has never made so much sense. Thank you.

– Roni




Hey Leigh,

I asked this girl out the other day, and told her how she made me feel and completely openned up. It was amazing because It was only then that I truly had a slight glimpse at the thing about “Creating a little world for us to play in” and after we’d played a little, we went deeper and I talked about things I felt insecure about (In a non-depressive way of course) Like being an 18 year old virgin, and then she openned up about her inescurities as well. It was such an awesome experience, It’s so much better and easier then trying to be cool.

I just wanna say thanks for all you’ve done for the guys on AI and myself, and I’m going to keep trying to achieve my goals and push through fear as much as I can.

So thanks again mate. 🙂

– Craig




You guys are the first dating site I’ve come across that actually offers free and real advice. You are the first site I’ve seen that doesn’t give me a feeling of self-loathing and disgust at manipulative tactics.

You guys actually have integrity, which seems to be a rare thing with all of the scummy dating advice out there now. This site is for people who really want to do better and are willing to work at it and change some core ideas/values.

Anyway, thanks for being a light in the murky waters of the dating advice world. I’ll pass this website along to anyone I see struggling.

– Dylan




I’m quite taken back thinking about the last three days… Three weeks ago, when I initially started reading the articles on AI and applying the principles taught in said articles to my life, it was quite a struggle. I kept reading about the big changes everyone reading the articles would experience and have experienced, but my results were very up-down. Feeling good one moment, and having it crash down because of external things. Since the day before yesterday I’ve been on cloud nine. Expressing who I am as a person, expressing what I feel and doing WHAT I WANT, not what I think everyone else wants me to do. I’m happy, I feel fulfilled, I’m gaining self respect as each day goes by and I’m learning a great deal about myself in the process. It’s a blast. Finally, the piece of the puzzle that lead me to find AI – Women.

It’s funny how my interactions, results and how much I care about the reactions I get (Next to nothing) with women have changed over such a short period of time. Even more so is how EVERYTHING I’ve read on AI thus far has become apparent in real life in the last three days. One key thing being that, success with women is only a by-product of living your life passionately and truthfully. (Or something along those lines.) I’ve had more consistent, and a greater deal of success with girls I interact with over the last three days, and NOTHING I did was focused on getting results with them. I was just being me, expressing myself and what I feel truthfully and they responded with honest attraction. I’m replaying interactions in my head going over why they were attracted to me, and it became clear that I was actually doing things taught in PUA. The difference is, I didn’t do these things intentionally. They were a by-product of my self expression. Of me just being.

I also went for coffee with one of my mentors and close friends today. I clued him up to what I’ve learned and how I’ve been attacking the problems over the last few weeks instead of the symptoms. He found it quite interesting, he said he never even realized how intense my problem was. (Relying on others for happiness.) I didn’t even realize what was wrong until AI came along. After our coffee-meeting he told me that something was different this time. I seemed more adult-like to him.

I know you must be busy as hell, so if you made it till this point, thanks for reading. Thanks for all the help. There really is a lot of change, good change. My mentor even wants to start reading AI after today’s meeting. I’m more determined than ever to spread the word that is AI, and change the world.

Peace & Love

– Christian




Hey guys it’s been a while,

Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly and updating you on how I’ve been killing it in the past 3 months. Truth is I’ve just been having too much fun, learning and growing, and after 2 hours of solid thinking (today) I came to find what my current purpose is in life, so I thought I’d share how I managed to get to this point and also let Leigh, Zach and all the other guys on the forum know how grateful I am for their help and how much of a positive impact they have had on my life. This might be a long one

After doing Get Real I definately struggled for a few months, not being able to be who I wanted to be around girls or make them feel the way they wanted to feel. Then I chucked myself in the deep-end and organised to work at a ski resort in Canada in the time before I started university again. It was a scary endeavour, but I made every effort at attempting to the funnest job, in a ski resort with sick riding. I secured a Lift Operating position (most social job on the mountain and department is full of extraverts) at a resort in British Columbia (I’m from South Australia btw).

I made it to the ski resort, using all the time from when I left my family up until when I arrived at my staff accommodation, trying to express myself and even if it was a bad interaction I made an effort to not put myself down, because I’m only learning/getting better at self expression. And I was definately getting better, I remember flirting with the hostel girl and also another girl on the bus here, something I had never really been able to do:)

Then training for Lift Operations started, and I was SCARED. A room full of about 50 people of which 90% were older than me (I’m 19) and about 30% were returning employees. I knew I had 2 choices, to do what I usually do and play it safe until I got to know everyone then start making friends or, the scary option and start putting myself out there right then and there. So only logical to go with the scary option so I introduced myself to the person next to me, who since then has become kind of a mentor to me in the field of trying to set up an open relationship, because I don’t want a girlfriend over here.

Anyways I did all that stuff, always made myself go with the scary option, making an effort to get to know anyone and everyone and doing my best to be the person I wanted to be with everyone. Soon I was hanging out with a small group of girls and guys, but I didn’t just let myself get comfortable with this group, I continued just meeting people and working on being the person I wanted to be.

Over time I’ve gotten much better at expressing myself all the time, and find it pretty natural to do now, only caring the slightest tiniest bit (if that) what people think of me.

There have been a few romances, each one better than the last and now I am sort of with this girl, who is the funnest/funniest girl I’ve ever met (very very similar to myself and my sense of humour) and I am attracted to her more than any other girl I’ve met/been with. But it’s completely different attraction to what I used to feel for girls as I’m sure many of the guys already gone through this have also found. And still I feel I could be as happy as I am now with her, without her.

I could go on for ages about how she says she has never liked as much like she likes me (loves) and whatever, but I’m sure you guys at AI have experienced this same “result” from the girls you have shared relationships with, and yea it’s pretty awesome that I can make her this happy. It’s going to have to end someday but until then I’ll learn from her and she’ll learn from me and we’ll have the most fun possible.

So I’ve had a blast. doing whatever I want to do. Sometimes stuffing up but always making myself come back to what I know is right.

Now, how I came to find my purpose in life right now from which I’ve only been able to realise from fully expressing myself/doing what I want to do/taking control of my own happiness. This is the best I can put it into words, “share with the world how beautiful I am inside, and give love to all the people I come into contact with”. It’s pretty cool how I just know this.

The way in which I discovered this was feeling that I wanted to work in a summer camp with children after hearing the impact they have on their lives and also the warm fuzzies (written expressions of what you like/love about a person) that play a part in building self-confidence and work as a very profound way of showing your love for other people. I want this experience. At the moment I’m applying for jobs but having a bit of trouble cause I left it a bit too late, but hopefully something comes up that I’m meant to do.

It feels good to let you guys know how much Get Real, End Game and everyone at AI especially Leigh and Zach have helped me to get to where I am today. So I guess this is just a warm fuzzy I felt like writing you guys and yea I don’t know how to express in words how much happier I am, how much more I love people, and how beautiful the effort you guys give everyday to help guys like me. Cheers.

– Damien




Leigh, I am so grateful man. I appreciate all you have done and all you have sacrificed for us, the men outside. I begin to have a clearer purpose of what I want to do with my life and who I want to be. Your products and information have helped tremendously. Continue doing what you are doing and inspiring people to have the courage and achieve their dreams.

– Zapryan




I have to say, a lot of your articles don’t just apply to men. By just changing some pronouns, this article specifically can apply to women encountering many of the same issues that cause men to fail with attraction. It seems like you label your organization “attraction institute” because failure to attract women is the most noticeable symptom of the deeper issues you want to help people address and men encountering these issues want to attract women as a patch for the deeper issues because they think that will fix everything. Therefore, you purposely use an inaccurate name for your organization so you can lure people in and help them better themselves. Your organization isn’t about attraction; it’s about total self-improvement. Attraction is just a side-effect. It’s a brilliant strategy to help men because “self-help blah blah whatever” in a title sounds like a load of bollocks. Keep up the good work, man, but there are plenty of women out there that would benefit from your words as well. I’m sure you’re aware that self-empowerment and determination is not a positive trait exclusive to men.

– William




I’d like to thank you, your work has been such an inspiration to me, you’ve made my life much much more valuable to myself and other people around me. I really can’t find the words to appreciate your contribution to me and the rest of the world.

– Gerardo





It’s definitely going to get cheesy up in here, but I’d like to thank you for doing all that you do. I was not happy with my life and I’ve been going through a ton of family (life) issues and I always thought that keeping my dating life wouldn’t suffer so long as I kept it separate.

Because of this thought, I would go into dates not knowing that I subconsciously hoped that the women I date would make me truly happy… I was only able to truly understand this looking back after the last woman I dated.

I would hang on every text, line, and comment that she would make and it drove me crazy… A million thoughts would go through my head such as “does she like me?” “what else can I do to show her how awesome I am?”.. as you can see, it was pretty pathetic. I did do a good job of not blowing her up with text messages and phone calls, but it was definitely killing me inside… I was not a confident man.

Because of this obsession, I turned to the infamous “seduction community” and it was probably one of the worst decisions that I made. Rather than improve my experience, it made it worse… I tried using the tricks and gimmicks that they provided but they truly did not work, in fact, it threw her off completely and she’s pretty much not interested in me anymore.

Maybe its because I’m a terrible liar that none of these “techniques” worked, but I’m glad it didn’t because I did not want to live the life of lying to women just to get them to like me.

Then one day, after being desperate and very, very close to purchasing another one of the seduction community programs, I stumbled upon the Attraction Institute website.

The website offered a free “Seduction Community Sucks” ebook, and at first I was skeptical, but after reading the introduction, I knew that this book spoke the TRUTH. And after reading the whole book, EVERYTHING finally made sense! I identified with this book more than any other “seduction community” book/article I had ever read.

Long story short (I know, its already long as hell), this book taught me that I needed to become happy with myself, my life and of course, become the MAN of MY dreams.. in order to be successful and happy with the women that I date.

It’s literally only been a couple of days and the book has definitely become a life changer. It has helped me take another look at my life and identify exactly what I need to do in order to become truly happy and be a man that I want to be. I now have a totally new and healthy mindset now….

You’re awesome for inspiring me and a ton of other people realize what truly makes us happy and to become the man that not only women desire, but we (ourselves) desire as well. I can go on and on, but you get the point. After all of this rambling I’d like to thank you again… especially for saving me 47 US dollars that I would’ve spent on another pointless program.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to all the great tips and advice you come up with!

– Kevin




The world need more people like you, no money could pay what you are doing for the men around the world.

I really hope that you don’t stop do it.

Good Luck.

– Uniberges


I cried when I first discovered AI. I literally, i cried. i did not shed tears of sorrow, but tears of joy. you guys helped me look inside and see that everything that i felt was wrong, WAS WRONG, and everything that i felt was right, WAS RIGHT. i shed a lot of tears, and i had never felt my heart so light… so at ease… the next day i felt so happy, i started SMILING (first time in a lot of months) girls started checking me out, smiling at me, looking at me differently… just because i felt at ease with myself. Thank you. THANK YOU! Ever since i was about 5 years old (i’m now 21) i felt underappreciated. years and years of anger and sorrow. girls never liked me through junior high and high school. and even though i was pushed aside, i kept giving love and hoped for something better. the first years of college i started practicing seduction (no reults, of course; just a short flirt from time to time). i started repressing even more my calm and gentle nature thinking it was not good enough and i tried being someone else. After going to therapy, i started noticing all the misconceptions of the pick-up community and after the universe sent me directions to your site, my heart filled with love and happiness. knowing that i was not alone. Thank you! THANK YOU!

– Florin


My name is K. I am Thai. I studied Psychology and Philosophy at the Australian National University in Canberra. I have been a huge follower of your (Leigh) articles and any stuff on A.I. website for more than a year now.

Every single article you wrote and every email you sent to me changed me little by little. I slowly became who I was meant to be – a happy, confident, radiant, strong, courageous and, most of all, a free MAN.

It is hard for me to put everything it into words, but to sum it all up, you saved me. You saved my life. You stripped all the essential shell covering me to make me who I was born to be. Things that you taught resonated with my core being and touched my very soul. I used those teachings. I practised to become a man. I failed. And I got back up again and again. It didn’t matter how many times I fell, for I picked myself up every single time because of all those things that you taught me were my motivation.

When I read “Endgame”, I cried a few time. Especially at the part where I realized that I have been using other people all along. But it was a good kind of crying, for those tears did help me see things clearer, especially my own feeble heart.

I wouldn’t be where I am right now without you guys. So thank you guys. Thank you Leigh and Steve. You guys not only taught me how to love, but you taught me how to LIVE. I am and forever will be grateful for that.