The Reason She’s Not Attracted To You…

Working out why you’re not getting the women you want…

…can be confusing and difficult.

Today, I’m going to make it really simple for you.

There are three simple steps you can follow to get the answer.

1. Read this post:

2. Then answer this question: How do attractive women feel when they’re around you? I realise that it’s going to change from woman to woman, but on average, how do they feel when they’re around you? Do you make them feel excited, passionate, challenged, as well as safe, accepted, and protected? Or confused, nervous, or even depended upon?

3. And how is this different to how she feels around the guys she is attracted to?

If you’re having problems answering these questions, think about this:

How do YOU feel around attractive women?

Do you feel excited, passionate, challenged but in control or nervous, confused, and needy?

If you’re feeling that, what do you think she’s feeling?

How is this different to the guys she is attracted to?

Wonder why she’s not attracted to you?


Think about it.

The most obvious question that follows this is ‘Well, how can I be attractive to women?’. I’ve just finished writing a post on that. You can check it out here:

How To Be Attractive to Women



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One Response

  1. bob

    nice nice, but i always feel this anxiety around women ive learnt from your work that i should stop ‘clamping down’ and leave it which has worked now i can focus on her. but your saying here that i should be feeling challenged ?


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