The ‘Right’ Way to Act Around Women


Yes, you’re not alone. Women can be confusing.

They can seem like they want one thing, then change their mind a second later.

How is a guy supposed to know what to do when everything is so unstable?

To end your confusion, here’s a quick guide to working out exactly what you need to do in every situation.


The ‘Right’ Way to Act Around Women


If I asked you the right way to play the guitar, could you tell me?

If you’ve played for a while, I’m sure you could give me some pointers on a few different techniques, and maybe even teach me a song or two.

But would that be the ‘right’ way?

Could be… But it’d be more luck than skill.


It’s impossible to tell what’s right and wrong without a bigger picture context.

To teach me the ‘right’ way, you need to know what I’m trying to achieve.

The ‘right’ way for a guy who wants to shred Vanhalen’s Eruption is different from a guy who wants to emulate Steve Smythe (my new favourite singer – definitely worth checking out).

Just in the same way that the ‘right’ way to cook chicken changes depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

This principle holds true for EVERY situation in your life…

…including meeting, attracting, connecting with, and seducing women.

If you want to know the ‘right’ thing to do in every situation…

…you first have to work out what you’re trying to achieve.

– If you were trying to keep a woman talking at all costs, then the ‘right’ thing to do would be to learn provocative questions and engaging stories.

– If you were trying to find women you enjoyed talking to, then the ‘right’ thing to do would work out the kind of person you really enjoy talking to and then keep moving from woman to woman until you found the right one.

– If you were trying to build sexual tension and chemistry, then the ‘right’ thing to do would be to find a woman who was strong, confident, loved to play, and liked having her buttons pushed, regardless of what you had in common.

The ‘right’ action is determined by the desired outcome.

To work out what the ‘right’ thing to do in every situation is, all you need to do is work out what you really want to achieve in every situation.

I know, I know… “But there’s so many possible different situations! I don’t want to have to think through all of that!”

Of course you don’t. So let me make it easier for you.

There’s a simple question you can ask that will cover every possible situation and every possible outcome:

“What kind of Man do I want to be?”

If you can answer this question, then you will know the ‘right’ thing to do in every situation.

It’ll give you the broadest possible context you can then use to work out the small details.

Here’s a few questions to get you started:

– Do you want to be a giver or a taker?

– Do you want to be fair and just or do you want to be cruel and evil?

– Do you want to be manipulative or do you want to be real?

– Do you want to be open or do you want to be closed down?

– Do you want to be compassionate or do you want to be judgemental?

– Do you want to be free or do you want to be restricted?

– Do you want to be dependent or do you want to be independent?

– Do you want to be focussed or do you want to be scattered?

– Do you want to be internally fulfilled or do you want to rely on others to feel good?

– Do you want to be a ‘doer’ or a ‘waiter’?

– Do you want to strong or do you want to be weak?

– Do you want to step towards fear or do you want to run from it?

– Do you want to be courageous or do you want to be timid?

– Do you want to be analytical or do you want to be expressive?

– Do you want to be real or do you want to be fake?

Good. Now you have your answer, you can apply that to any situation and know the ‘right’ thing to do.

Here’s a few scenarios to play with:

1. You walk into a bar and see an alluring blonde with inviting blue eyes sitting on a couch with two beautiful lady friends. The target of your affection radiates energy and life, and all the love in the world seems to shine from her smile. You feel drawn to her. What’s the ‘right’ thing to do?

2. You’re chilling out with a few mates and one starts being racist towards the latest ethnic minority that the world has decided to blame for it’s problems. You disagree with what he’s saying but the other 6 guys you’re with all agree with him. What’s the ‘right’ thing to do?

3. You finally get the balls to talk to the hottest girl in the bar and it turns out she’s needy, volatile, and demanding. What’s the ‘right’ thing to do?

4. It’s 10am on a Tuesday morning. You’ve been studiously working away for an hour already when your boss dumps an urgent task on your desk. He needs it done by 3pm. You know you can get it done if you push yourself but you’re feeling a little tired. What’s the ‘right’ thing to do?

5. The short and bubbly brunette from the book store that you’ve been flirting with for a few weeks has finally come home with you and things are getting hot and heavy in the bedroom. You’re both naked and about to have sex when she freezes up and tells you that you have to stop. What’s the right thing to do?

6. It’s Saturday afternoon and you’ve finished all your weekend chores. You’re itching to do something fun, exciting, and challenging. You call all your mates to see what they’re up to but all they want to do is lie around in front of the TV. What’s the ‘right’ thing to do?

7. You’re currently dissatisfied with a specific area of your life (your relationships with women, for example). You’ve been reading and reading as much information as you can possibly get your hands on but you still haven’t started taking the action you know you need to take to make the big differences you want. What’s the ‘right’ thing to do?

Yes, I kind of led you into a trap there.

But not because I’m some a*^ehole who wants to try and make you feel bad.

I did it because I want to see you reach your potential.

– I know what it feels like to sit and watch the women you want, walk straight past you and into the arms of some guy who has half as much to offer but actually takes action.

– And I also know how it feels to be the guy she walked to.

– I know what it feels like to wish listen to the door slam as the girl of your dreams walks into a bedroom with your best mate.

– And I know what it feels like to be the guy in the bedroom.

I know how tough life can feel and I also know just how incredible it can be.

I want you to experience the same.

So, to help you get up off your arse and start making a difference…

…I’ve put a little challenge for you together.

It’s simple. It only runs for 7 days. And if you get up off your arse and actually start doing it, I personally guarantee that the difference you’ll seee, not only with women but every other area of your life, will be far beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

Check it out here:






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14 Responses

  1. Leir

    Something bloomed on my mind yesterday.

    I was with my friends, in the Bus terminal, when this cute photographer I met before walked on and took the next bus. My friends didn’t wanted to go in that one. I wanted to go and talk to her, but I didn’t.

    You know what? I’m taking this challenge.

  2. e man

    Dear L,

    When I feel powerful and great because I have all the responsibility for my world, the women I seem to attract are sluts and lady players. Because those types of women are powerful and in control of their life just like I am. Guys look at those types of girls in a very lusty way, and I would think to myself “Yea, she’s beautiful and powerful isn’t she, she doesn’t’ need anyone to make her feel good.” But then I see that they look at her differently than I do. They see her like a slut and I see her as a powerful woman. What are your thoughts?

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      I know that when I’m feeling strong and powerful, I tend to attract strong and powerful women as well.

      They seem to gravitate to the power because they can’t find it in other guys.

      I don’t know how other people see them but I like them 🙂

    • Mario

      Really? The type of women that I see as powerful and in control are those women that seem to be at ease with themselves. They’re comfortable being who they are, dressing the way they are, and they project this sort of energy.
      In essence they’re completely free and seem to not need or want anything. They gravitate towards fun and exciting, but each has their own way of doing things and they’re very comfortable and at easy and focused with what they’re doing.
      Most of them are very cute but that’s not the defining feature, overall they’re just really attractive.

  3. e man

    Dear L,

    LMFAO! haha I know what you mean. I don’t want to get played though. I don’t want to change who she is because who she is, is what attracts me in the first place. Other less powerful women will tell me out of concern to be careful and to watch myself. It’s difficult to explain that I am strong enough to handle it. I really am afraid though of becoming a dumb idiot that gives a girl what she needs when she really doesn’t need it, because she is already so strong and powerful. You know what I mean? I’ve seen guys just be a little puppy dog poodle for women, telling them what they want to hear and taking them where they want to go, ect, and that’s what it seems like I’m doing, because I’m secure in my own rite.
    And what if she has another guy who doesn’t do jack shit that she wants and doesn’t even pay her attention and is just an asshole. Because he’s more of a challenge, she will go with him. Am I making any sense?

    Please,, your thoughts??

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      It seems as though the problem is that you’re thinking about what could happen or what someone might think of you rather than just thinking about how you want to live your life.

      If you were just focussed on being the kind of Man that you want to be, in the present moment, would any of this matter?

  4. e man

    Dear L,

    It sounds so right when I first think about it, like when I first read EndGame. But as I continue to read AIarticles and ask you questions, it gets more and more confusing. Focusing on what kind of man I want to be, making her feel how she wants to feel, not focusing on what i should be doing but what I want to be doing, it seems so difficult.

    For example:If I do whatever it is I want to do, then in essence I “should” do whatever that is. So I’ll tell myself, “You should do what you want to do.” But if I think I should do it, then I really shouldn’t be doing it, because I’m thinking should and not want.

    Am I making any sense? I feel like i hit a roadblock or something in my journey?

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      You are making sense, so let me make this easy for you. Go back to the last chapter of Endgame – The Script.

      Read that, follow that. It’s everything you need to know for creating the kind of life you want.

  5. e man

    Dear L,
    You’re right man. I don’t want to focus on what other people are thinking. And yes, you’re right , if I was focused on being the kind of man I want to be in the present moment then no, I wouldn’t be worrying about it either….
    I don’t know where to go except for doing what I want to do.

  6. e man

    Dear L,

    Thank you. After reading it a few times I think i understand it now. Thanks so much.


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