Thought of the day #3 and #4 (How to be free around women)

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the blog posts…

…I have reminders in my phone that go off EVERY DAY to make sure I’m directing my attention in productive directions.

Years and years and years of being stuck in my head wondering what other people are thinking of me can be hard to shake…

I call them my ‘Thought of the day’.

Now for the next installment of my ‘Thought of the day!”

The two I’m about to give you are very similar and GREAT for helping you deal with the voices in your head that can prevent you from taking action and being totally free around women.

If you struggle with taking action when you know you need to (approaching, sexual escalation, leading, whatever) then these two should help you out.

#3 – This one isn’t so much a ‘Thought of the day’. It’s more of a Koan (hell yeah, Taoism!)

The thought is:

“I wonder what my next thought is going to be…”

Simply ask yourself that and sit there and ponder. Wait for something to come up.

I find this is great for helping me clear my head and bring myself back to the present moment.

Apparently it’s from The Power of Now but I can’t confirm that.

If you’re ever having one of those nights where you can’t seem to get out of your head…

…take a second, chill out, relax, and try this one out.

It’ll help you clear the thoughts so you can get back to being totally free around women.

And if that doesn’t help, this one might just do the trick.


#4 – Now, if you really want to take this to the next level, there’s a small adjustment you can make to it.

I LOVE this one. I use it all the time.

And when I do, I usually end up on crazy adventures doing ridiculous and scary stuff without ever thinking twice.

It’s: “I wonder what my next action will be…”

Try it out. Seriously. You’ll be surprised what your body is capable of doing without any need for conscious direction.

All you need to do is ask this question and wait for something to happen.

When something does happen, just roll with it.

This is what’s normally going through my head when I’m having one of those nights where everything just flows.

I just let my unconscious take over and run the show.

The freedom that I get through this is amazing. Try it out.

Challenge: Next time you go out, try these two. See what happens and what crazy shit you get up to.

The person who posts the best adventure in the comments below will win a lollipop.


**Note: my legal team has jut advised me that I have to declare that I’m not going to actually give a lollipop to anyone. It’s just a TRAP to make sure you guys have crazy, stupid and fun nights.



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11 Responses

  1. Ben

    Could you do a post on creating an exciting life, L? I’m having trouble with that. Very frustrating.

  2. Liederlich

    Logun, eu sou brasileiro, de Angra dos Reis – RJ. Há pelo menos um ano tomei conhecimento do Seduction Community Sucks e é incrível como suas palavras foram revolucionárias para mim. Hoje sou capaz de ler materiais de outros ‘artistas da sedução’ e compreender como as mensagens deles são capazes de fazer uma lavagem cerebral e lentamente se infiltrarem em seu organismo como um vírus destruíndo-lhe de dentro para fora… Filosofia positiva, programação neurolinguistica e psicologia não funcional para pessoas que sofrem de depressão e que estão passando por um período de crise. Dependendo do caso, elas presisam sim de ajuda médica e elas podem sim, após tratamente, terem suas vidas de volta. Um dos transtornos mais ‘mortais’ na minha opnião para quem deseja ter uma vida saudável em todos os sentindo é o Transtorno Dismorfico Corporal. Nem para aquelas que desejam ter suas vidas fora da dicotomia social são livres desse mal em momentos de crise. Achei seu post muito interessante e certamente vou colocalo em prática. E me perguntar qual será o meu próximo pensamento, quando estiver preso ao meu pensamento negativo. Certamente vou lembrar que sempre me arrependo de não ter feito aquilo que acrediva ser o certo. E me perguntar, qual será minha próxima ação, e certamente vou me lembrar de fazer as coisas, a partir de um ponto de autenticidade, a partir de um ponto de amor. Gostaria de saber se você pode estudar sobre esse transtorno – Transtorno Dismorfico Corporal e trazer suas palavras sobre isso. Palavras de solução e de alento para pessoas que amam a vida e que tem fome de viver. Agradeço a Deus por sua vida. E perdoe-me pelo inglês. Na verdade, eu não falo sua língua e estou traduzindo através de um site. Ficaria muito feliz se você pudesse responder meu e-mail. Atenciosamente, desde já lhe agradeço. Obrigado!

    Logun, I am Brazilian, Angra dos Reis – RJ. I am a student of Business Administration and have 25 years of age. There are at least a year I became aware of Al and Seduction Community Sucks and it’s amazing how his words were revolutionary to me. Today I am able to read material from other “artists of seduction ‘and understand how their messages are able to brainwash and slowly infiltrate your body like a virus destroying it from within … Positive philosophy, psychology and neurolinguistic programming does not work for people who suffer from depression and who are going through a crisis period. Depending on the case, but they presisam medical help and they really can, after treatment, have their lives back. One of the disorders over ‘deadly’ in my opinion for those who want a healthy life in every way and the Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Not for those who wish to have their lives outside the social dichotomy are free of this evil in times of crisis. I found your post very interesting and I will certainly putting them into practice. And I wonder what will be my next thought, when attached to my negative thinking. I will certainly remember that I always regret not having done it who believe to be right. And I wonder what will be my next action, and surely I will remember to do things, from a point of authenticity, from a point of love … I wonder if you can study about this disorder – Body Dysmorphic Disorder and bring your words about it. Solution and words of encouragement for people who love life and is hungry to live. People suffered so souls!?. I thank God for your life. And forgive me for my English. In fact, I do not speak their language and I am translating through a website. I would be very happy if you could answer my e-mail. Sincerely, thank you now. Thank you!

    • LoGun

      Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Not because I’m an arsehole, but because I’m going to deliver something even better. It wont be available for a few weeks but you’ll see when it is 🙂

      Trust me…

  3. tomek

    Thanks Logun, I’ll try it. Last days I tried everyday, but sth blocked me and with this advice I think will be easier.

  4. Mariano

    I can confirm that the thought thing is in The Power of Now.

    I hadn’t even thought about an action one…I just did it once and it felt awesome, thanks for sharing it L. Oh and I second what Ben said, I’m in the same situation right now.

  5. Tomasoares

    Wow, it`s usual I getting myself trapped in those thoughtsand voices in my head. Next time when this occur, I will use those 2 thoughts and see what will happen haha

    Thanks, one more time, for this article!

  6. Jude

    I tried out non-premeditated action for a date with my girlfriend once. We had no plans so after dinner just walked out onto the street with a camera and the hope to get some cool photos. Ended up making a street-art sculpture, taking a bus a random number of stops, and following the sound of music to discover an italian restaurant designed to look like an underwater cave from little mermaid with an overweight moustached DJ hosting a private birthday party. We joined in the celebration and had a great time. The whole night we we’re forced to stay present and responsive because we both had no idea what would come next.


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