Thought of the Day #5 – Follow your fear…

And now for the next installment…

‘Follow your fear.’

How would your life be different today if you decided to move towards the things that scare you, rather than running and hiding from them?

What would ‘ve been different when you saw that cute girl that you decided not to approach?

What would’ve been different when you disagreed with what you heard, but were too afraid to say anything?

What would’ve been different when you knew you should have made that phone call, but didn’t?

What would’ve been different when that amazing opportunity presented itself, but you hid from it?

How would your life have been different today if you chose to move towards fear rather running and hiding from it?

And how would that affect your future?

People often ask me what the key goals of Get Real are. One of the most important one is getting you to decide to move towards fear rather than away from it.

When you can do that, three quarters of the issues you face in forming amazing relationships with incredible women disappear.

– Approach anxiety becomes a signal to move forward rather than to stand still

– You don’t run out of things to say because you’re not afraid to say what you really think.

– ‘Leading’ is the way you live your life.

– Sexual escalation becomes the most natural thing in the entire world.

– ‘Closing’ becomes second nature.

When you step towards fear, you’ll discover that you already know everything you’ve been trying to learn.

My guarantee.

So, next time you experience fear, what are you going to do?


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10 Responses

  1. Kaylos

    So true. I think this has one of the biggest of my small revelations. I even look forward to my fear now, because each time things do not go as I expect, it is an opportunity to stand strong, be flexible, and demonstrate to myself that I have what it takes to be open and vulnerable.

    • LoGun

      That’s great to hear mate. Life takes on a whole new flavor when you look forward to it rather than running from it.

  2. Andres Cm

    This article is awesome, but it let me thinking …

    For example on monday I wanted to approach this girl and tell her that she’s very attractive and that I want to know her and that stuff, this is a big deal for me because to be real or to tell her what i really am thinking … Hell to even do the approach,that’s not something I usually do o at least in the past, so I read this article and I’m like FAQ YES this is so easy and stuff like that but when I’m actually there it’s like … D: Damm I mean I intellectually know that really there’s nothing to be afraid of but in the moment i was like D::::::: haha i did approach her but i didn’t was able like to really express myself because she was leaving (she’s from my school) so it wasn’t bad i mean i really don’t care that much for the outcome or well not as much as i use to do, but what advice can you give me ? Take baby steps ? Thank you 🙂

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      You got it mate, baby steps. Lean just over your edge, to the point where you’re nervous but still able to go through with it.

      Once you do that a couple of times, you’ll see just how easy it is that your edge will have moved a bit. When that happens, find your new edge and lean over that. Step by step my friend.

      • Andres Cm

        Ohh ok, and one more question.
        You see I read Endgame and it’s awesome but the thought that first came into my mind was … “Ok so you create your world your life and logically if you do that you shouldn’t be afraid anymore right ? ” but i mean i picture my world with women, friends, smiles, fun, laughter and people that i really can care about and share with them. But when i go out I’m still afraid … So is this normal ? Or i haven’t really get Endgame yet ?
        It’s really annoying because i read Endgame and I’m very excited to go out and create that reality but when I’m out there all these thoughts appear in my mind and i really end up doing nothing.
        So, could you please tell me what can i do ? Should i push trough those fears or … Re-read Endgame ? Haha I’m really confused and like desperate because i really want to start doing something.
        Thanks again.

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