What are you willing to do?

The quality of your life isn’t dictated by what happens to you.

Your happiness, fulfillment, and sense of personal empowerment is determined by what you choose to do once things happen to you.

Here’s what Chad Jones chose to do:

It would have been easy for him to sit down and say “It’s too hard…”

It would have been simple for him to give up and spend the rest of his life thinking “Poor me…”

But he didn’t.

He chose to take the cards he’d been dealt and create the life he wanted, regardless of them. He chose to do what other people said couldn’t be done and make it a reality. He chose to be the master of his reality.

The question I have for you is:

What would change about your life if you took this attitude and applied it to just one area of your life?

What would change if you took it into two?

How about your entire life?

What would change if instead of asking “Why me?”, you started asking “What do I need to do to change this?”

What would change if instead of asking “Who’s fault is this?”, you started asking “What can I do to fix this?”

What would change if instead of lumping this into the ‘too hard’ basket, you took your life into your own hands and made a difference?

Life is always going to throw unexpected things in your way. There are always going to be challenges and roadblocks.

What are you going to do when they arrive?





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