Number 1 Thing That Women Desperately Want.

Everyone wants more pleasure. Some people try and pretend they don’t, but they’re getting secret pleasure from that denial.


I’m sitting with a friend in the food court under Myers in the City and I was watching everyone walking around choosing which pleasure they were going to consume today.


We went up to Pitt Street Mall and I watched everyone walk around with their shopping bags full of their pleasure.


The big shift this has made in my life is that I know I can provide pleasure to people. It’s the gift that I can give them.

One of the greatest gifts you can give a woman if a gift of your desire.

Next time you walk past a woman, give her that gift through a smile.

The big shift that happens is your issues start to melt away.

Approach anxiety becomes a thing of the past because you’re not focussed on what you can get – you’re focussed on what you can give.

Attachment to the outcome disappears because you’re not trying to take anything from her – you’re just offering your gift.

You have much less issue leading, qualifying and escalating – because you’re not going to be devastated if she doesn’t follow.

When you’re walking around thinking about meeting new women, stop focussing on what you can gain and what you have to receive. Rather, focus on the things you can offer this creature of beauty.

Try it out. If it has even a fraction of the effect it had on my life, you’re in for a whole new world of fun.

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4 Responses

  1. jeremy thompson

    Total b.s. The real fact is women look at a way a man is dressed, the hair and the car. If it looks like money, then your in, if not, your a scrub.

  2. vineet

    logun i am doing this for past one week..looking at beautiful womens and then smiling..i was smiling like idiot but then slowly i felt relaxed and first my shoulders dropped without even trying anything nor relaxing consciously or changing body first i felt bad of rejection when turn their faces it’s almost like rejection but then i accepted and then having real smile in my face.


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