Why You MUST Surround Yourself With The Right People

CAUTION: This may shock you

A lot of guys who read this blog have an image in their heads of me as some mystic guru who floats above the world of pain and suffering dispensing my magic wisdom when I see fit.

I’m sorry if you do because I’m about to shatter your perfect picture.

I’m just like any other guy.

Sometimes, I have amazing times where everything is wonderful and I feel powerful, free, and open.

But, just like every other guy out there, I have my dependent times where I feel lost, confused, and needy.

The two big things that have changed over the last 10 years…

…is that now the powerful, free, and independent times FAR outweigh the lost and confused times, and I’m able to turn things around VERY quickly when I start to drift off track.

There’s still one thing that I’m not great at, and it’s something that I think I will struggle with for a long time:

Noticing when I start to drift off course.

The change is so subtle and so simple that I still find it hard to notice when I’m starting to become dependent again and not being directed and focussed.

This is where I get to the point of the post:


Why You Must Surround Yourself With The Right People

My girlfriend turned to me the other day and with a simple and honest statement, just as if she were stating facts about the shoes I was wearing or the weather outside our apartment, said:

“I don’t feel very in love with you today.”

This might be enough to throw a lot of guys into a bit of a panic, but it was ok.

I’ve built a very incredible relationship with my girlfriend that has one, simple rule: “You just have to tell me exactly what you’re feeling and I’ll take care of the rest.”

She wasn’t in any way saying “I don’t want to be with you” or “You need to get away from me.” she was just saying that in that very moment, at that very specific point in time, she wasn’t feeling the usual draw and pull towards me.

Her saying “I’m not very in love with you today” was her way of saying:

“You’ve drifted off course. I’m not feeling that raw and real magnetism towards you right now. You need to get your shit together and start taking control again because at the moment, you’re being a little boy.”

I couldn’t see the problem before she spoke and she couldn’t explain why she felt like that if I asked her to, but I knew exactly what she meant as soon as she finished talking.

I knew that it was time to stop relying on her to feel good and in control, and it was time to get my arse back in line.

This was the kick in the arse I needed.

I sat down, got back in touch with my vision, set a plan, created a schedule, and within hours, everything was back to normal.

I felt sure, directed, powerful, and in control. I knew where I was heading and I had a plan of how to get there.

My girlfriend was back to giggling, playing, and being that beautiful, feminine, ball of sunshine and energy that I fell in love with.

Taking control of my world and the situation had given her the freedom to let go of all the control, and she could surrender to the girlish delight she has for the world.


In Conclusion…

This is why learning information isn’t enough and you need to surround yourself with the right people –

They’re going to be able to catch you when you’re slipping off track, FAR before you can tell yourself, and help you see that it’s time to change.

And if you still need it, the right kind of people will also be able to give you the direction, feedback, and guidance you need to find the real problem and a solution that’s going to get you back in line.

If you want to surround yourself with guys who’ve committed to this journey of complete personal transformation, have the deep level of awareness necessary to help one of their brothers when he is drifting off track, and have the insight and answers for any potential issues that might come up…

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21 Responses

  1. Mariano

    I assume the way of surrounding yourself with the right people is the same way you find people you connect with? Sharing yourself openly and honestly and completely and seeing who is tuned to that same wavelenght. Yeah?

    • Zach

      You got it man.

      Work with people who help to build you up, not break you down, and who accept you as your authentic YOU.

  2. Marcos

    I love it Leigh!!
    There are times when my GF says something and the really bothers me and it takes a lot of effort to come up with somthing to turn the situation around. However, there are times when she says or does the same things and has no effect on me and I can change the situation with the first thing that comes to my mind with no effort at all. Those moments are incredible. What you’re saying is basically an “awareness practice” to read between the lines she is saying (without having to actually think or read between lines). Being able to do that is incredible empowering and when we’re appart I think “damn, I wish I could be that free and aware everytime and everywhere”

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Patience my friend. It takes time. But you can definitely get there.

      When I was first with my girlfriend, it used to tear me apart trying to work out what was going through her head (we were first together 8 years ago) but after doing so much work with myself, I’m getting FAR better at it.

      I’m actually thinking of writing a quick book about how to create amazing relationships. It’s definitely a skill that’s FAR more challenging than meeting women.

      Do you think you’d be interested in something like that?

      • Marcos

        8 years!! it seems like I have a lot of things to learn and to live!!
        Yeah, I definetly would be interested in a book like that because there is a lot of information out there and most of it talks about “good communication in the relationship”, “do’s and dont’s” but I feel like there is something missing in that advice. Here in AI you go deeper and I feel like without that, the usual advice is not very useful

      • Leigh (LoGun)

        Yeah mate. 8 years ago. We spent almost every waking second together for 6 months and then broke up for the next 5 years.

        We’ve been together for the last 5 years and everything is incredible.

        Not by accident though. We’ve both put a lot of hard work into this relationship but it shows.

        I think I’ll start working on the book. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I think a lot of guys would get a lot out of it.

  3. Mario

    The relationship between you and your girlfriend is awesome, I love how real and honest it is. I also like that simple rule of “You just have to tell me exactly what you’re feeling and I’ll take care of the rest”.
    I think it’s an awesome mantra for anyone who really values honesty and openness in a relationship.

    How did you know that the way your girlfriend was feeling was due to you though? I mean I always get that feeling whenever woman I desire are cold or withdraw etc I usually realize that I’m being needy, dependent and trying to get validation or acceptance.

    However couldn’t it just have been the way she was feeling on that day, due to whatever she was going through on that day and in no way due to the way you’ve been?

    I guess if you’ve been unaware that you’ve been off track, and someone mentions it, you realize instantly that you’ve been moving away from your perfect world and not living that. I guess it brings it to your attention and you realize what you have to do to get back on track.

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      You’re very right there, my relationship between my girlfriend and I is very real and very honest. It’s also very rewarding and very strong. We’ve spent the last 2 1/2 weeks together, nearly 24 hours a day, and things are still amazing.

      The way I knew it had to do with me was because she said that she didn’t feel very in love with me.

      If she’s sad, she’ll be sad be look to me for support.

      If she’s happy, she’ll be happy and look to me to share her happiness.

      Her mood fluctuates all the time but there’s a big difference between mood fluctuations and whether or not she’s in love with me.

      This is more of a long conversation that I can get into in here so maybe I’ll put this all in the book. I hope it makes sense.

      • Mario

        Yup I got ya!

        Yeah an article series/book on creating amazing relationships with woman would be really appreciated among a lot of guys here, I’m sure. Looking forward to it.

      • Leigh (LoGun)

        No worries mate. It’ll take some time to put together but I’ll definitely get stuck into it.

        Does this mean you’re in a relationship?

      • Mario

        Haha nah not at the moment, maybe sometime soon? who knows, but looking at present relationships, even a look at past relationships or things I could do better in future relationships, I’m sure I would be better of for it 🙂

      • Leigh (LoGun)

        Ahhh… Ok. I thought you might have one locked born but it turns out I was wrong.

        I’ll let you know when I get something together.

        Don’t expect anything within the next few months as I’ll get it to you soon.

  4. e man

    Dear L,

    Is your girlfriend hot?
    Not hot in the “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” sense, but is she HOT?

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      You wouldn’t see her on the cover of any Men’s magazine but she is the simple most attractive women I have ever met. She would have to be because I wouldn’t settle for anything less.

      She’ll also the strongest, most open, most real, and most powerful woman I’ve ever met.

      Why do you ask?

  5. e man

    Dear L,

    Because you deserve the best. 🙂

    I’ve been rereading end game, and in it you say that if you are act a certain way or do a certain thing just because you think that it will get you something in return then are are still following the getting path. I want to use some tips and advice from very intelligent men on success, because I think the insight will help be become who I want to be and help me get to where I want to be, either financially or geographically or professionally, but does it mean that if I use the information and knowledge to help me than I’m inevitably stuck on the getting pathway?

    Does that make any sense? Maybe I’m over thinking? Idk. I want to be sure about what I want and why I want it.

  6. J. martinez

    Great article! What I took away from it was how much more important “response” is to “outcome.” When a powerful, smart, sincerely confident woman turns to you and says: “I don’t feel in love with you, today” or “I’m not in to you, like that” or “I don’t see you as more than a friend”…you could focus on these as “outcomes” OR you can take them as opportunities to work out how you might have falling off your path, how you have failed to live up to your own truth.

    We can do nothing about “outcomes” but, responses are completely under our control. Every outcome is an signpost for a fitting response…

    Being response focused rather than outcome focused…awesome.

  7. e man

    Dear L,

    Thanks man. I’m going to bridge the gap on my terms.

    Once I’m ready to move onto creating, how will I know? Or will the change the happen naturally and unconsciously?

    • Leigh (LoGun)

      Forget Doing, forget Creating, ever forget Getting. Where am I? Where do I want to be? How do I bridge that gap in a way that puts me in control?

      That’s all you need to remember.


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